The Cursed One (part 2)

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!!!! I'm really mad right now and it's kinda making me wish that I actually DID run away when I was in fourth grade....

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!!!! I'm really mad right now and it's kinda making me wish that I actually DID run away when I was in fourth grade....

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. I looked out my left window and saw that the car was stopped by a tree. I couldn't see the bottom of the mountain. I looked out the other window and saw that Jason was making his way down towards the car. I now realized that we were on a mountain.  I felt the car being picked up and I felt my seat belt being un-buckled.  'Oh crap.' I thought as the Minotaur threw down the half of the car that I was in and I felt it rolling.  Broken glass started cutting my arms, legs, and face. The car was stopped on another tree and I saw the Minotaur rushing towards me.  I quickly crawled out of the broken window and as soon as I stood up, the Minotaur was on the other side of the half car. I looked up and saw Jason running down towards us. 
  2. 'Something isn't right.' I thought to myself as I noticed that the Minotaur hasn't charged at me yet.  I then realized what it was doing.  "It's a distraction! Go back and make the electric fence!" I yelled at Jason and then the Minotaur charged at me while I was yelling. Jason never heard me because he kept on running.  The Minotaur slammed me up against the tree, which made my back hurt really bad, and made me dazed.  Before I knew it, he roared in triumph and lifted me above his head. He then slammed me into the ground and stomped on my stomach, knocking the wind out of me and creating pain in my stomach. He stood on me and slowly pushed the air out of my body.  I reached for Nekros and gripped the handle. I pulled it out of it's sheath and threw it at the Minotaur's head. As soon as it made contact, the Minotaur burst into black flames and Nekros appeared back in it's sheath. 
  3. I rolled over onto my forearms and knees and started coughing, trying to get my breath back.  "Hey, Megan, are you okay?" Jason asked me as he knelt beside me.  "Oh yeah, I'm completely fine. Just a little scratch that's all." I sarcastically told him.  "Still as sarcastic as ever." Jason commented as he helped me up.  "The Minotaur was a distraction. The other monsters are close." I told him when we started walking back up the mountain.  "Well then, let's hurry up and get to the road." Jason said and then picked me up and flew in the air before I could protest.  When he set me down I gave him the death stare.  "Come on, let's hurry up and get to where I need to be." Jason told me, ignoring my stare, and started walking down the road.  After about 10 minutes of walking, I saw headlights coming from behind us. 
  4. "Aren't cha cold, sweetheart?" I heard a guys voice ask me.  "Nope. It's like I have a built in heater inside of me." I replied and kept walking, not even bothering to turn and look at him.  "Are you sure? You can take my jacket if you want." Another guy asked me.  "She said she's not cold." Jason told them.  I heard a car door slide open and heard footsteps coming towards us. I turned around and saw four guys standing there. One had black hair and brown eyes, another had blonde hair and green eyes, another had brown hair and blue eyes, and the last one had brown hair and grey eyes. They all looked about 18 years old.  "I think you want this jacket." Grey eyes told me harshly and held out a jacket towards me.  It gave off a horrible aroma that made me dizzy. I stumbled back a little with my right hand in front of me and my left hand covering my nose and mouth, trying to block the smell. 
  5. "What is it?" Jason asked me.  "It's drugged." I told him and I coughed.  "How can you tell?" Green eyes asked me.  "I can smell it." I told them with an edge in my voice.  "How?" Jason asked.  'Wolf senses.' I thought to him while I looked at him.  "Come on, let's get moving." Jason told me and then I walked towards him.  "What about this jacket?" I heard one of the guys say.  "Keep it." I harshly told him.  "No. Now you see, we don't take things back from people who we gave it to." Another guy said.  "I never took it." I retorted as I turned back around towards them.  "Fine. Let's get her boys." Brown eyes said to the other guys and they all rushed towards me. 
  6. When brown eyes was close to me, I punched him in the face and then high kicked him in the chin. Grey eyes came up behind me and shoved the jacket in my face.  I started thrashing my head around and was trying to get his arms off of me while I held my breath as long as I could. His left arm went around my waist while his right hand still had the jacket shoved in my face. About 30 seconds of holding my breath, my lungs were crying for air and I started to inhale the drugs.  All of my fight left me and my head started to feel like it was going to explode. I became really dizzy and I had to stumble a little to keep my balance.  Grey eyes then took the jacket off my face and let go of me. I fell and my head hit the road and I started rolling. I stopped rolling when my back hit a tree. 
  7. I forced my eyes opened and saw that Jason was fighting grey eyes and green eyes while brown eyes was coming towards me.  I stood up and my head started pounding and everything seemed like it was swirling. When brown eyes reached for me, I punched him in the face, and pulled out Areto. I slashed him across the face and he screamed in pain, making Jason, grey eyes, and green eyes look down at us. I threw the knife at his shoulder and it sank into his skin. Areto appeared back in its sheath and I collapsed again.  Everything slowly started to go dark and I used the last of my energy to hit the sun on my necklace. I vaguely remember brown eyes standing over me and putting handcuffs on me. He then threw the jacket on my face and I blacked out. 
  8. * * * *VISION* * * *  I saw Jason waking up on the edge of the road that I was taken on. He had a black eye and he was bleeding on the side of his head. He slowly stood up and looked around.  There was a drinking fountain nearby and it gave off mist. It started to shimmer and Jason walked over to it. 3 faces appeared: Alaina's, Annabeth's, and Dylan's. Alaina and Annabeth were closer to the mist and Dylan was more in the background.  "That bad?" Alaina asked when she saw Jason's face.  "What do you mean?" Jason asked.  "Was it that difficult to put up the electric fence?" Alaina asked.  "Crap. I never put it up. Hold on." Jason said and then ran off down a path. 
  9. 10 minutes later, he returned.  "Got it just when the monsters came into view." Jason said.  "Then what happened to your face?" Annabeth asked.  "Well, once the car dropped me off, a Minotaur t-boned the car and made it roll down a mountain side. It stopped on a tree and then it broke the car in half and made the half of the car that Megan was in, roll even further down the mountain side." Jason explained and Dylan came a little closer to the mist.  "Is she okay?" Dylan asked, concern in his voice.  "I don't know. But she ended up killing the Minotaur." Jason replied.  "What do you mean you don't know? Isn't she with you?" Dylan asked.  "No, she's not with me right now." Jason answered.  "Where is she then?" Alaina asked.  "I don't know. She was kidnapped by 5 guys that drugged her." Jason told them.  "How?" Annabeth asked.  Jason explained what happened to them and Dylan looked even more worried and mad.  "So she was drugged and taken away while you were knocked out?" Annabeth asked.  "Yeah." Jason responded.  "Where are you at?" Dylan asked.  "Denver." Jason replied.  "I'm coming." Dylan said and then started walking out of the Athena cabin.  "No you're not. It's dangerous." Annabeth said.  "Well Megan is in danger right now so I'm going after her." Dylan said and then walked out and I woke up. 
  10. CLIFFHANGER!! Sorry if this one was a little short, chapter five is pretty long since I still can't find a place for a good cliffhanger. Anyways, please comment and rate. Bye.

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