Nothing Normal

Well,first of all i'd like to thank fireysoul and xxblutixx for inspiring me to write a quiz series.I would also like to thank DaughterOf Apollo and singin234,and xxblutixx for giving me advice.Extra thanks to DOA for giving me the character jason.

So ,this is my first quiz series i hope you like it (i tried),and if you hate it then i am so sorry (i should've never tried to do this i know that i'm a terrible writer.) But if you like it,comment and rate please. Characters:Jason:short black hair,bluegreen eyes.Taylor:black hair, brown eyes.Simon:Dirty blonde hair,grey eyes.

Created by: jjjcutie
  1. "You're insecure, Don't know what for." Ugh,you pick up you alarm clock and throw it at the wall and slide deeper into your bedsheets. 6:00 on monday morning.An hour later you crawl out of bed.
  2. You do you morning routine and go to your closet to find something to wear.What do you choose?
  3. You dress in the outfit you chose and looked at the corner where you threw the clock,to your surprise it isn't broken.You picked it up looked at the time and dropped it again.It was 8:00."Crap i'm late." You say panicky. (me:is panicky a word?)You ran down stairs and into the kitchen,then started eating cereal. (kinda the way Greg did on diary of a wimpy kid.) You ran outside and down the sidewalk to the bus stop ,but as soon as you got there it pulled of.
  4. "oh come the hell on ,now i have to walk a half a mile to school!" You shouted Feeling pissed."Well i have to get to school somehow"you say to yourself as you started walking."Hey ________ wait up", You span around quickly to see who was talking to you.It's your best friend Jaeda,she's running to catch you up.The only reason you know it's her and not her twin sister Hallie is because she always wears a chain with a diamond encrusted j charm on it ,the same chain that is on her neck right now.(Also because Hallie hates you and jaeda's guts.) "Hey...did...we...miss...the...bus?"She asked out of breath."Yeah we did" You replied, still pissed that you missed the bus."s**t"she cursed."Yeah i know walking sucks but that's what we get for waking up late,speaking of late we should get going before we're late"You said as you started walking.
  5. You and Jaeda arrive at school right when the bell rang thirty minutes later."I can't believe we missed the bus,my legs are killing me"jaeda said as you walked into the building heading towards your lockers."Well believe it cause we did" you said as you approached your lockers" But your locker was stubborn as usual.You tried your combination a bunch of times but your locker wouldn't budge."Come on locker i'm going to be late for english and it's the first day."You said shaking the lock as if it would magically unlock."Need help with that _________?"You look up to see jason your best guy friend and Hallie's ex standing there staring at you with his pulsing blue-green eyes "Yeah ,sure jason" You said with a smile "umm i'm not psychic,i need your combination"he laughs "Oh yeah, its ________________,if you use it again i will kill you"you say half serious half joking.
  6. He opens your locker in 5 seconds."Wow"you say with your mouth hanging open."You totally beat your record jace" jaeda said playfully punching jason in the arm."Thanks jace"You said,while grabbing the books you need."your welcome _________,now lets go to class please."he smiled. You walk to english with your friends and found seats at the back.The second bell rang and your teacher walked in.She was wearing a ugly yellow sweat suit and had her hair in a ponytail.Jaeda leaned over to you and whispered "Did she just come from her morning jog."Probably" you whispered back."No talking"the teacher said as she walked over to the board and wrote Mrs.weatherford in neat handwriting."Jaeda do you want to text"you whispered to her.She shook her head yes, so you got out your phone."You would think she'd know that we Knew her name"You wrote.As soon as you wrote that Mrs.weatherford said "We Have a new student class"A guy walked in the class,your phone buzzed "i guess that answers your ? ."it read ,it was from jaeda."oh shutup"i sent back."We put our phones in our pockets when the teacher glared at us."Introduce yourself to the class young man"said mrs. teacher lady."I'm taylor"he said, ignoring the teacher's protesting for a longer introduction, he sat down across from you.You turned to the side to look at him to scope out his appearance.He has black hair and big brown eyes.He's really cute.He looks like logan from btr,you thought as you turn back around.
  7. You felt your pocket buzz,so you took out your phone and read your text it's from jaeda, "Hey,doesn't the new guy look like logan from btr." "I thought the exact same thing, he's super cute."you replied." "Yeah ok ,i'll keep that in mind.But I think we should stop texting soon because we might get caught." Jaeda wrote back ."Yeah ok" you wrote, ending the conversation."Jaeda and _________ are you texting in my class." your teacher asked."No" you and jade lie ,but she wasn't buying it."Do you know the penalty for texting in my class and lying about it?" she asked angrily."Yes Mrs. weatherford"You both say dryly as you stood up with your Phone and walked to the front of the class.
  8. You and jaeda read the whole conversation to the class,then return to your seats.When you sat down your friend jason burst out laughing his blue-green eyes saprkled"Well that was interesting" he giggled."Oh shut up jace"you stuck your tongue out at him."______"You span around to see who called you,it was taylor."Yeah" You replied."I think your super cute too"he winked.You blush instantly. The bell rang 10 minutes later."Arggg jason do we have to go to math."Jaeda growled."Yes,yes we do"he grinned.So you went to your lockers to get your math books,and to your surprise your locker opened on the first try."Wow my day is getting better thought"
  9. ****Time forward**** It's lunch time so you and your friends headed to the cafeteria. (Did i spell that right?)You guys got in line to buy your food. you reach the front of the line.What do you buy?
  10. You and your friends took your food and sat at your usual spot and talked about random and funny things.Somehow the subject changed to the new boy.But you didn't get to say much because they changed the topic."I wonder why they changed the topic so fast"You wondered to yourself. The bell ran to end lunch,so you and you and your friends left the caf to get your science books from your lockers.
  11. You guys walk in the science lab 3 minutes before the bell rang.Jaeda and jason sat at a lab table."Sorry"they Simultaneously apologized.(it's 2 to a table)So you have to sit some place else.All of the seats are taken except for one,but you never saw the boy sitting there before,ever."He must be new" you said in your head.Then He turn around like he heard your thought or something and said "HI i'm Simon ,I just transferred hear."He smiled.You introduced yourself,and he said "Nice to meet you ______."You look at him for a moment and noticed that he has dirty blonde hair and gray eyes,also he is really cute.
  12. CLIFFHANGER !!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys like this it's my first attempt at writing a story series.Comment and rate please. So who do you like so far?

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