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  • Oh boy, that song is going to be stuck in my head now *quickly puts other music on to distract mind music* Missing the bus sucks x.x Ohlala, Jason is cute ^^ maybe the reason Hallie hates me is because Jason broke up with her because he liked me, and I just don't know yet? Okay, yes, I'm evil, already thinking up things like this for the guy XD Hm, something's fishy with my friends... and the new people. I think you did a great job for this first part! Can't wait to see part 2, and thank you for the thank yous! ^^

  • OMg,you guys like it !!!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!! *pats self on the back* I am going to start writing part 2 as quickly as i can , but beware cause i have a problem with laziness and procrastination.

    And please excuse me as i do a fan girl scream because three of the writers from my list of my top 15 favorites actually read and liked my quiz series.

    *fangirl scream*

    And I apologize to DOA,because i just remember she gave me hallie.Sorry DOA *gives you my puppy dog look*.

    @xxblut ixx so you like jason I'll try to add a Shirtless seen just for you.@MyteriousEntit y so you like jason interesting. I read it and i think it's flippin awesome and I love daniel.

  • This is great! I got Jason. I like Jason so far and I have a feeling he and Jaeda know something... I like where this is going. Please try out my quiz Supernatural: Eerie Beginnings Part 1. Thanks ^__^

  • Thanks for the shout-out :D. It was pretty good for your first time writing a story. :). Well, it was a hack of a lot better than when I wrote the first part in my one of my stories. Keep on writing :).

  • yeah the quiz was so flippin awesome!i liked jason cuz we can surely be more than just friend:)i am like new here shout out to my BFF jjjcutie for intoducing me to this.1D is going all flippin out!(LUV THEM TO DEATH).Hey while your at it why dont you check out my quiz,its not actually a story but i did my best...forgive me if it stinks:p



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