How Normal Are You?

There are many normal people out there. Are YOU normal. Do you qualify to be classified normal or weird? LET US HAVE FATE DECIDE SHALL WE! CHECK IT OUT!

Are YOU normal? That's all i feel like putting down. I really don't know why we have to have at least 150 letters/characters. ITS SO FREAKING STUPID!!!

Created by: Fire_Fairy

  1. GIRLS: What pattern would you put on a skirt?
  2. BOYS: What kind of suit would you wear?
  3. Do you like reading?
  4. Do you get emotional once in a while?
  5. What do you think is the proper age to date?
  6. Describe how hyper you are right now on a rate to 1-10.
  7. Have you ever been caught talking to yourself?
  8. Are you afraid of leeches?
  9. Do you share feelings with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  10. What do you think of this: /\/ / /\/ _/ /\?
  11. "your stare was holding - ripped jeans, skin was showing!"
  13. (Back 2 Normal) What's your element?

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Quiz topic: How Normal am I?