Are you a normal kid?

Hey you kids out there. Ever thought you were normal? Ever though about the TRUE meaning of normal? Find out with this quiz of only ten questions to see if you may be in the norm or not. Remember, this quiz may not be 100% accurate.

Are you a NORMAL kid? Yes or No? After this quiz, I found out that I was DEFINITELY not normal at all. Maybe you could be, but I bet you would be really surprised of the results. Remember, this quiz may not be 100% accurate.

Created by: Sherri
  1. In the morning, when do you wake up during the week?
  2. What type of transportation do you take to school?
  3. What classes do you not like at school?
  4. What is your main elective(s)?
  5. Do you know what "LMNO" means?
  6. What is your school "stat?"
  7. a...
  8. Which Sherri do you know?
  9. Are you crazy?
  10. Do you eat pizza?

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Quiz topic: Am I a normal kid?