The Curse Forgotten (part 1)

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it. :D. **READ ME**. Okay, if you haven't read "Apollo's Curse" and "The Cursed One", you might be a little confused. Well, not that much, actually. But I suggest reading them.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! Okay, the tittle may or may not have given away what has happened. (But I probably just did.... Oh well). Please comment and rate. Thanks. ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. I woke up and bolted upright. I looked around me and sighed in relief.  'It was just a dream.' I told myself as I laid back down. My nightmare of me meeting these people and me crashing into the ground, were now fading away, to be forever forgotten.  I glanced over at my clock that was next to my bed. 9:40am.  "s---!" I exclaimed as I quickly got up. It was Friday and school started at 7:15am.  I got ready as fast as I could. I was wearing my favorite pair of jean shorts, a red cami, and a see through yellow long-sleeved shirt. I was also wearing my brown sandals that had feathers on them.  I grabbed my school bag and ran out the door.  'Chris probably thought that I took the bus.' I thought as I realized that I was going to have to run to school.  I slung my bag over my shoulder and started running to school. It was three miles away and I figured that if I tried my hardest, I could be at school in 21 minutes and 42 seconds. Right in the middle of 4th period. But then again, if I didn't want to be sweaty, then I could be there in 30 minutes. At the end of 4th period. I decided to run at the 30 minute pace because 4th period was History, and I sucked at History.  I started jogging down the road and got distracted as I passed the beach. The waves looked awesome, right here in L.A. today, and I was now debating on whether I should just ditch school and surf.  My parents wouldn't mind. They don't care about me anyway. I'm adopted and then they had a baby girl, who they love, and give all their attention to her. I became the forgotten child.  I quickly shook off the thought of skipping school because I wanted to go to the football game tonight, which meant I had to be at school for at least half of the day. I started jogging towards my school again. 
  2. "Late again, miss Megan, I see." The person at the front counter said as I was trying to sneak my way into the school.  'Damn it. Since when have I been caught?' I thought.  "No point in hiding. I can see you." She said and I automatically closed my eyes.  "Just because you can't see me, doesn't mean that I can't see you." She said and then I opened up my eyes and stood up.  "There. Now, what's your excuse for coming in late?" She asked.  "Well, I was standing at the edge of my driveway, waiting for the bus to come by, and then it just completely drove past me without even stopping, even after I ran after it. Then, I had to walk here. Which, after a while, a car tried to drive over me, and then some tourists pushed me on to a bus. I had to tell the bus driver to stop and then he finally let me off. But I had no idea where to go, so I had to get a map. And then I had to use my sense of direction and follow the map. And then I made it back here." I easily lied and the women's face looked stunned.  "That doesn't fit in the box." She said as she pointed to the admit slip on the counter.  "Oh, then just put 'Was pushed on bus by tourists and taken across town'." I told her and she wrote it down and handed it to me.  "Thank you." I said and smiled at her as I pushed open the doors to get into the hallway. 
  3. I looked at the time and saw that it was five minutes till the bell rang to go to lunch.  'Eh, five minutes of History can't kill me.' I thought as I started walking towards my class.  I opened up the classroom door and was met by my classmates faces looking at me.  "Sorry I'm late. The bus left me and some tourists pushed me on a tour bus." I explained as I handed the note to my teacher.  Just then, the bell rang for A lunch. The lunch period that I have. I walked down to the cafeteria and sat down at my table.  None of my friends had the same lunch period as me, so I was completely alone.  As I was dozing off, I didn't notice that the crowd of people became more talkative as someone walked into the cafeteria. Then, everyone hushed, and I scanned the cafeteria to see who it was. 
  4. It was Justine: the school bully. She was standing on a table, looking out in the crowd, searching for someone. She was dressed out in cowboy boots, a camouflage jacket, black shirt, and jeans. She was a little bit chunky and had some power behind her punch.  As she scanned the crowd, her gaze rested on a new girl this year: Lila. Justine's face turned hard and she pointed at Lila.  "You. Get over here!" She bellowed and I saw the color drain out of Lila's face.  "W-why?" Lila asked once when she found her voice.  "You need to learn what happens here. I point out a weakling like you and beat you up in front of everyone." Justine replied. She does this at least once a month.  "B-but what did I do?" Lila asked, fear rising into her voice.  "You're in my eyesight. Now, get over here!" Justine yelled again and then snapped her fingers once when Lila didn't move. Justine's two friends walked over to Lila, pulled her out of her seat, and started walking her towards Justine.  'Damn it, Megan.' I thought as I found myself standing on top of my table.  "Stop!" I yelled and my brave act made them stop and made everyone turn their heads towards me.  "What did you say, little miss popular?" Justine sneered, her tone told me to sit down, but I don't take orders too well. 
  5. "I obviously said stop. Can you not hear?" I said sarcastically and saw shocked faces among everyone in the crowd.  "Why should I listen to you?" Justine asked.  "You tell me. You're the one who stopped when I said stop." I said and some people went "oooo".  "Whatever. Bring that girl over here, now!" Justine said again and her friends started dragging Lila up the table.  Reacting on instinct, I hopped off the table and forced my way through everyone to get to the table that they're on. I took a step on to the table as Justine drew her arm back to punch Lila in the face.  I quickly grabbed Lila and pulled her back at the last second and grabbed Justine's fist as she was about to punch me instead. I then kicked her in the stomach and flipped her off the table. I looked up and saw Justine's friends hopping on the table.  I didn't know how I was going to beat them and protect Lila at the same time, but I knew that I was going to have to try.  I kicked the first one in the face and flipped the second one off the table. The first one grabbed my hair as soon as I released the second one from my grasp. She quickly threw me down on the table and banged my head on the table once, before I pushed her off of me. I stood back up and became instantly dizzy. 
  6. 'Crap.' I thought as I turned around to face Lila. It looked like her eye was starting to bruise up and her nose was bleeding a little. But other than that, she looked fine.  "Are you okay?" I asked her.  "Yes. Thank you." She said shakily and then the principle pulled us both down from the table.  "What is the meaning of all of this?" He demanded.  "Why don't you look at the security tapes and find out?" I suggested and then he, Lila, and I went to his office.  We watched the tape and it turns out that Lila got punched before I made it up to the table. When it was over, the principle looked confused.  "Well, as seeing that this was self defense, Megan, as punishment, you'll not be allowed to go to the football game tonight. If anyone sees you there, you'll be suspended. Do I make myself clear?" He said.  "Yep." I said, which was okay with me. I could just go out and party.  "And you, Lila, you'll get no punishment. However, you do have to go to the nurses office and get your eye and nose looked at." He said and she nodded and then we all walked out of his office.  As soon as we walked out of the office, the bell rang, and it was the end of the school day.  I grabbed my bag and headed out the door, deciding to walk home.  Taking the scenic route, I found myself gazing out into the ocean. The surf was good and I decided that I would surf once when I got home. 
  7.    * * * * * * * *  As soon as I reached my house, I ran up into my room, and changed into my black, pink, and yellow bikini. I then grabbed my white surf board with pink around the edge. I waxed it and then grabbed my black towel skirt thing and my pink off the shoulder top. I then grabbed a pair of white flip-flops, got my board, and headed out the door and down to the beach.  While I was walking to the beach, I heard several cars beep at me, and about ten guys whistled at me.  Once I reached the beach, I kicked off my flip-flops, untied the towel-skirt from my waist and threw it next to my shoes, pulled off my shirt, and ran to the water with my board in my right hand.  I dove into the water with my board out in front of me and started paddling to where the waves formed. There were a couple people out surfing already and I spotted one of my friends out there. She had blonde, wavy hair and an L.A. tan. She was wearing her bright pink bikini and was shredding the wave she was riding.  I duck-dived under the wave she was riding and paddled further out. I waited for her to paddle back out here.  "Hey, Megan. Why weren't you at school today?" She asked once when she was beside me.  "I actually was there, Jen. I just got in a fight with Justine and her minions." I replied.  "Oh gosh, what happened?" She asked and I told her what happened. 
  8. "So, you're not allowed to go to the football game? But it's the last home one." She objected.  "I know. And I promised Chris that I would try to make it to this one." I said. Chris was our other friend along with Dean and Jordyn.   I met Jennifer while I was surfing when I was eight. It was both our first time surfing and we instantly clicked as becoming best friends. I met Jordyn in gymnastics when we were both four and we've been best friends ever since. Then, we all met Dean and Chris at school, and ever since fourth grade, we've all been really close friends. We even started a tradition of going up to a lake once every six months. We started that tradition in sixth grade, which is why we do it every six months. We're now all sophomores.  "Well, no time to sulk. Come on, Meg, let's go show these amateurs who runs this part of the ocean." Jen said then we started paddling out to them.  There were four guys and two girls and they were all looking for their next wave.  "Hey, beat it. We were here first." One of the guys told us once when we reached them.  "Um, excuse me, but I don't think I've ever seen you before." Jen said.  "That's because we just moved here." One of them said.  "Oh, great, new people." I said with fake enthusiasm.  "Now, let us show you how it's really done. Why don't you go to the shore, and we'll show you." Jen said. They all came to a silent agreement and started paddling back to shore.  "So, which move should we do? The Twister?"I asked.  "No. Let's go with the Jumping Frog." Jen said and we both smiled. The Jumping Frog was something we made up and it was very difficult to perform. But with the right wave, it shouldn't be a problem. 
  9. We saw that they all made it to shore and were watching us. Just then, the perfect wave started to form.  "Sweet." Jen said and then we both started paddling to get into position.  We both stood up on our boards and moved away from each other. Then, when we were far enough away, we turned inward and started going towards each other. Jen got into position by squatting down and I moved on the back of my board. When we were two feet away from each other, I made my board jump in the air, and over Jen. I landed perfectly balanced and we rode the wave back to shore.  "Now, if you don't mind, we would love it if you could leave." Jen told them and they reluctantly left.  Jen and I high-fived.  "Last one in the water is a dead fish." I said and then ran towards the ocean.  "Dead fish my ass." Jen replied and then ran after me.  Jen and I surfed until it was sunset and she had to leave for the football game.  "Tell Chris I said sorry for not coming, but I'm not risking getting suspended." I told Jen.   "Will do." She said and then we both left the beach. 
  10.        * * * * * * * *  I walked into my room, throwing my surf board on my bed, not caring if it got my sheets wet. I walked to my walk-in closet and opened the door.  It was a pretty big closet. I had a couch and a tv in there along with thousands of cloths and shoes. I guess that's an upside to having rich parents. My dad was a doctor and my mom was a surgeon. They each made about a million dollars a year.  I walked over to the back of my closet towards my party/club cloths. (Yes, I was that organized. Shocker, right?). I scanned them and decided to pull out a my black glittery, skin tight, pants. And a bright red, off-the-shoulder, shirt. I walked over to my shoes and grabbed my red and black high-heels.  I took a shower, changed, walked back into my closet, and towards the make-up part of it. I put on black mascara, black sparkly eyeliner, and red eyeshadow.  I examined myself in the mirror and then added a necklace that had a crescent moon on it.  "Perfect." I whispered and then walked out of my room, down the stairs, and outside. 
  11. Cliffhanger!!!! Tell me what you thought, thanks. ~Meg.

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