Premonitions (part 11)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. This better show up on the newest quizzes list, or I'm gonna flip a table. Well, anyways, thanks for reading this :). ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! SoccerTomboy13: I would imagine that death smells really bad.... Maybe like a ladybug or something XD. Do those colors really blend in with the shadows more? I did not know that.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. Kaylee: "Can you do something for me?" I asked the nearest figure. It turned and looked at me, giving a faint nod. "Do what?" Kelly asked. "I'm not talking to you." I replied. "Who are you talking to then?" Jason asked and I ignored them. "Can you get a key from the guard outside of the door?" I asked it. "What does it look like?" It whispered, its voice sounding like it hasn't been used in decades. "What does the key to the Controllers look like?" I asked. "It has a snake pattern on it and it's small." Jason replied. "It has a snake pattern on it and it's small. Can you get it?" I asked the figure. "Yes." It whispered and it went to the door. A minute later, it returned, and it had the key in its hand. I held out my hand and it dropped the key in it. "Thank you." I told it and it nodded its head while floating away.
  2. "How did you do that?" Kelly asked in awe. "I asked the figure." I replied. "What figure?" Jason asked. "There's lots of them. They're just floating around here. Some of them are talking to each other and others are just wandering around." I explained and I saw Skye looking at me weirdly. "And you can talk to these figures?" Skye asked. "Yeah. And I asked one of them to get this key." I replied and he narrowed his eyes like he was trying to figure something out. "Well, I would say that you're a Ghost Whisperer, but a Whisperer can't ask the spirits to do something, they can just hear them talking and a Whisperer can occasionally talk back, but you'd have to be really advanced. So, maybe you're something else." He seemed to talk more to himself than to me. "Must be. Now we need to hurry up." I impatiently said and then grabbed Jason's wrist since he was the closest to me. I unlocked the Controller, and it fell to the ground. I did the same to Skye. A hand, from the cell next to us, flashed out and grabbed my wrist, spinning me towards him. He was a scrawny old man who looked like he hasn't eaten in a week. He was missing a couple of teeth, but his eyes were full of color. They seemed to swirl in blues, purples, greens, blacks, pinks, yellows, reds, and oranges. When I looked deep into them, I was thrown in memories.
  3. I saw more figures, but from a kid's eyes. I saw the figures talking to whoever's eyes I was looking through. It changed and I saw Shades raiding a house and I saw them killing anyone in the house. But they didn't kill the kid. It changed again and I saw a teen learning how to shoot a gun. It changed and I saw the same teen, but he was a little bit older, and he was standing in front of Skye's dad-no. It couldn't have been Skye's dad. Maybe Skye's grandpa. It changed and the man was much older and was standing in front of Jason. He had a gun pointed at Jason, and when he pulled the trigger, it sucked away Jason's soul. "He's your apprentice now. Train him well." Skye's dad told the man. It changed and I was staring at Jason and the man in front of a house. "Burn it down." The man commanded Jason. "Why? What did they do?" Jason asked. "They disobeyed. Now burn down their house." The man said again, more fierce this time. "No! I'm not gonna kill someone." Jason told the man. "Burn it down!" The man yelled and then he hit Jason until he started bleeding. "Burn down this house now, or I shoot you." He pointed his gun at Jason, and then Jason reluctantly set the house on fire.
  4. It changed and it seemed to go back in time to when Kelly's parents died in a car accident. I saw the man speeding down the road to where Kelly and I were playing, at the end of the road. Kelly's parents came down the street and the man hit them, killing them on impact. It changed and I saw the man talking to Skye's dad. "You missed?" Skye's dad yelled. "One of the girl's parents got in the way." The man replied. "We need them to be killed! We can't let them get too powerful or we'll be destroyed. Especially by her." Skye's dad said. "We could make her turn." The man suggested. It changed and I saw the man talking to Kyle. "He'll never be able to kill her, so you'll have to do it." The man said. "How do I do that?" Kyle asked. "Poison her." The man simply said. It changed again and this time, I was staring at nothing but black. "Tell Jason I'm sorry. Don't let this gift be used in the wrong hands." A voice whispered, and I realized that it was the same voice in my dream.
  5. Someone pulled me away and the images stopped. The man's arm flopped down, and I saw the vibrant colors drain from his eyes. "Are you okay, Kaylee?" Jason asked me, and I realized that he was the one who pulled me away. "We were suppose to die." I whispered. "What are you talking about?" Jason asked. "That car accident." Is all I could say as I kept on reliving the scene in my head. I saw Kelly look away and stare at the ground. "Kaylee, what car accident?" Jason asked me. "And you burned down a house." I looked up into his eyes. "H-how did you know that?" Jason asked. "But you didn't want to because you didn't know what they did wrong." I told him and he went silent. He looked down at the ground, and I now just saw the scar above his left eye. "And then he made you bleed until you burnt down the house." I said. "Jason, is that true?" Skye asked and Jason looked over at him. "Yes, it's true. My mentor would beat me until I did something cruel." Jason confessed. "Was it him?" I asked as I pointed to the dead old man in the cell next to us. "Yeah." Jason replied when he saw him. Anger filled his voice. "He told me to tell you that he's sorry." I told him. "Saying sorry doesn't make up for all of the people I've killed." Jason retorted. "We need to get out of here while we still can." He walked towards the cell door.
  6. "How do we do that?" Kelly asked. Before Jason could reply, a loud noise came from where the door was, and it sounded like it was opening. Footsteps came and six Shades appeared: five guys and one girl. "Time for you to join us." One of them said and unlocked the door. "I'm sorry, but we can't let that happen." Skye said and stepped in front of Kelly, and the Shades laughed. "What are you going to do about it? You're powerless." The 1st person said. "Then come in here and try to take her." Skye challenged and the Shades looked at each other. All of a sudden, they charged into the small cell. I was shoved into the back, and my back hit the back wall. The girl was in front of me. She was probably about my age and she had dark brown hair and green eyes.
  7. She attempted to punch my face, but I blocked her fist with my arm. I kneed her in the stomach, making her fall back into another Shade. He turned around and shared a look with the girl. She smiled and then he came towards me. He was fast and he quickly pinned my arms behind my back. The girl stared me straight in the eyes, and then her body began to change. Her brown hair turned blonde and her green eyes turned blue. Her face formed into mine, and her clothes looked exactly like how mine were now. I was then staring at a perfect image of myself. "Everyone, back up!" Skye yelled. Fire was in the palm of his hand. The Shades back up, and I was out of sight. "Let her through." Skye demanded and then the guy, who pinned my arms behind my back, covered my mouth. The Shade girl walked forward and stood behind Skye, next to Jason. "Are you okay?" Jason asked her. "Yeah, I'm fine." She even had my voice.
  8. They walked out of the cell, and locked it behind them. I heard their footsteps going towards the door, and then I heard the door closing. The guy let me go and shoved me against the wall, making me face him. He had short black hair and deep blue eyes. He looked like he was eighteen. "Now what do we do with her, Caine?" A Shade asked. "You guys go get the others, I'll stay with her." Caine said and they all nodded their heads, unlocked the cell door, and ran towards the door. Caine walked towards the door and closed it, making chills go down my spine. "What are you doing?" I asked as he came closer to me. "You'll see soon enough. Now, just relax." His voice sounded powerful, and I felt myself relaxing, which made a sickening feeling come to my stomach. "You're a Manipulator." I quickly figured out. "Very good." He smiled and I had to look up at him as he was an inch away from me. "Now, you're going to drift off into darkness, and when you wake up, I'm not gonna be here." "Good." I said and then he touched my cheek, and I drifted off into darkness.
  9. Cliffhanger!!
  10. Please tell me what you thought, and thanks for reading this. :). ~Meg.

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