The Cursed One (part 11)

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Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. It's been two weeks so far. I've learned the guys names. The guy with black hair and brown eyes is named Nick, and the guy with brown hair and grey eyes is named Jack. Nick is seventeen and Jack is eighteen. Jack is a son of Hermes and Nick is a son of Ares.  I was bruised pretty badly and I was dripping blood. They beat me everytime I refused to go with them. They would usually have to torture me by cutting my stomach in order to get my to "willingly" go with them.  I don't know what state we're in, but I think it's Illinois. Their car broke down in Indiana, so we've been on foot. It was difficult for me at first to run with my hands tied behind my back and a chain around my waist, but I adjusted to it.  We were in a motel and I was tied up in between the beds. It was dark out and a knock on the door woke up Nick and Jack. Nick put duck tape over my mouth so I couldn't scream or yell and Jack answered the door. I was hidden from the door so the person couldn't see me.  "Yeah?" Jack asked tiredly as the door opened.  "There has been complaining about your room that their has been a girl yelling a lot and the sounds of someone being beaten. So, we're going to have to take a quick look around to make sure no one else is in here besides the two of you, okay?" The all to familiar voice of Dylan said. 
  2. "I can assure you that no one else is here so that won't be necessary." Nick said and I started spitting and licking the duck tape (which tastes nasty in case you were wondering), and moving my mouth around to get the duck tape off my mouth.  "I'm sure there's nothing here. But, we're just making sure." Dylan said.  "Fine, go ahead. Check the bathroom or whatever. Nothing's here." Jack said, which surprised me a bit, and then I heard footsteps walking towards the bathroom as the duck tape started to come loose.  "I told you, no one is here." Nick said and I heard Dylan sigh.  "I guess you're right. Sorry to disturb you, I'll just be on my way then." Dylan said as I got the duck tape off my mouth and it fell to the ground.  "Dylan!" I screamed.  "Megan?" Dylan asked.  "You just had to say something, didn't you? Now we're going to have to kill this poor guy." Jack told me and then I heard a thud and saw Nick unconscious on the ground. 
  3. Then next thing that I heard was some shuffling and then some swords clashing and I started to untie myself from the beds.  Once I got myself untied from the beds, I moved my tied hands in front of me and started to untie my feet from the beds. I got my left leg untied first and then my right and then I untied my hands.  As I stood up, I saw Dylan stab Jack. He turned around and I saw that he had a cut above his right eyebrow and his left arm was dripping blood. But I didn't care as I ran up to him and threw my arms around his neck. He then kissed me and I kissed back. It was about a twenty second kiss before we broke away and hugged.  "Did they hurt you?" Dylan asked me.  "Just a little bit." I said.  "We need to get out of here before come cops show up." Dylan said.  "Out the back door, there are some trees, but I don't know where they go." I told him.  "Well, looks like we're gonna find out." He said and then we both ran out of the back door.  We burst into the woods and started moving around the trees. 
  4. When we were deep enough into the woods and we reached a clearing, we decided that it was a good place to rest.  "You're bleeding." I said and pointed to Dylan's arm, side, and forehead. Even though it was still dark, I could see the blood dripping from Dylan's wound, from the moonlight shinning down on us.  "So are you." Dylan said and then pointed to my stomach, arms, and legs.  "Can you take this chain off of me?" I asked.  "Does it have a lock on it?" He asked.  "Yes." I replied and then Dylan bent down and picked something up.  He walked over to me, grabbed the lock on the chain, and raised his right arm.  "Woah, woah- wait. What are you doing?" I asked as I took a step back.  "Do you want the chain off, or not." He asked.  "I do, but what are you doing?" I asked.  "You're just gonna have to trust me." Dylan said and extended his left hand out to me.  "I hate the trust game." I mumbled as I walked back towards him.  He grabbed the lock and swung down on it. The rock that was in his hand, hit the lock and broke it. He then took the chain off me and threw it to the ground.  "You can breathe now." Dylan said and I realized that I was holding my breath.  "Thanks. Now, we should really try and get some rest." I said and then walked over to a tree at the edge of the clearing.  Dylan followed me and I laid down. He laid down behind me and put his right arm protectively around my waist.  "Hey, Dylan?" I asked.  "Yeah?" He said.  "Why do you like me? Like, when was the first moment that you knew that you liked me? Because I know that I'm not that easy to like." I said.  "Well, it was in Kansas, and I was being forced to kidnap you. And I told you why and said that you didn't have to help if you didn't want to, and you said 'No, I'm going because I have to. I have to save your sister.' and I knew that there was something different about you than other girls. What about you? What was the first moment that you knew that you like me?" Dylan asked.  "That night at the lake in Camp Half-Blood. Well, the beginning part, not when I was being dragged back in the lake."  I told him and then yawned.  "Get some sleep." Dylan told me and then kissed me on my right cheek and I fell asleep. 
  5. * * * *DREAM* * * *  I saw flashing images on me burning in something and falling. There was definitely falling. I saw myself hit something hard and pain erupted inside of me. But I didn't last long and I felt myself go limp. I saw Gaea looking shocked and then she was laughing.  I remembered that it was the same dream that I had in Colorado. And I knew that somehow, that was how I was going to die. 
  6. I woke up and let out a terrified scream as I shot straight up so I was sitting. It lasted two seconds, but I still woke Dylan up. I curled my kegs up, put my hands on my temples, and squeezed my eyes shut, trying to get the ringing sound out if my ears so I could hear.  Once when the ringing stopped and I could see straight again, I relaxed, and fell back down on my back. I put my right hand to my forehead and closed my eyes.  "I'm fine. It was just a bad dream that I've had before." I told Dylan.  "Do you want to talk about it?" Dylan asked.  I lowed my arm, opened my eyes, and sat back up.  "Dylan, I saw myself die." I said.  "Well, you've died before. So maybe you're just reliving it." He said.  "No, it wasn't the same. I saw myself falling and smashing into the ground. I felt pain in my whole body and then I felt nothing." I explained to him.  "I'm sure that won't happen. It's probably a shock from when you fell out of that window." Dylan said.  "I was pushed." I corrected him.  "Same difference. Just try to get some sleep before we have to leave again." Dylan told me and then we both laid back down and fell asleep.
  7. I had a peaceful sleep that quickly ended when I felt Dylan move to quickly. I flashed my eyes opened and then before I could do anything, I was pulled to my feet, and shoved against a tree.  "I thought I told you that you had to come with us willingly. Or, I would eat Dylan." I heard Lamia say. My vision came into focus and I saw that some sort of monster had me pinned against a tree and Lamia was standing in the middle of the clearing.  "And you do realize that if you eat Dylan, then I won't come willingly, right?" I said and I saw anger flare in Lamia's eyes.  "Then I won't eat him. Just torture him." She said and then smirked.  "No you won't." I told her, making her surprised.  "What do you mean?" She asked.  "I mean that I'm going to kill you." I simply replied.  "And how do you plan on doing that?" Lamia asked.  "Pretty easily. You see, you forgot one crucial thing. I don't have the chain around me." I said and then smiled at the shocked look across her face.  I quickly burned the monster holding me and it screamed in pain as it disintegrated. I then made a fire around Lamia and took a threatening step forward.  "Now, Megan. You should know that if you kill me, then your dying process would start back up again." Lamia said. 
  8. "I don't care." I said, my voice emotionless as I set her on fire.  Lamia screamed in pain as she disintegrated.  "You know, you can look pretty scary at times." Dylan commented and then he walked over to me.  "Yeah, I know." I said and then a sharp pain hit my stomach.  "What's wrong." Dylan asked.  I coughed and felt something warm in my hand. I looked at it and saw what it was. Blood.  "Just coughed up some blood. No big deal." I said and then coughed again as more blood came up and I began to feel dizzy.  "Alright, we need to move. I just remembered that I came here in a car. So let's just go back there." Dylan said.  "What? You now just remembered you drove here?" I yelled at him.  "Yep, let's go." He said and then I coughed again.  As we took our first step, I fell on the ground, and I passed out. 
  9. I woke up and found myself looking at a bunch of nervous faces.  "Jeez. Haven't you guys ever heard of personal space?" I sarcastically said and they all let out a breath of relief.  I looked around and saw that I was back in the infirmary at Camp Half-Blood.  "We all thought you were dead when Dylan brought you back here." Alania said.  "Well, I am obviously alive." I told them as I sat up.  "We know that but still, you looked pretty dead to me." Dakota added.  "What happened to you anyways?" Alania asked.  "Oh, that's right. You guys don't know yet." I said.  "Know what?" Alania asked.  "Well, umm, how do I explain this? Uh, I used a spell so that way none of you guys could die in a battle. But, there's a really bad side effect to it." I said.  "How bad?" Alania asked.  "Um, I could die. And a sign of dying is coughing. And then some days, I am extremely weak and tired. And then other days, I could not know what's going on." I explained to them.  "But you never know what's going on." Dakota joked.  "That is very true." I confessed. 
  10. "Well, we better leave you alone so you can get some rest." Jake said.  "Actually, I feel fine right now." I told them as I started getting out of the bed.  "But, shouldn't you sleep or something?" Alania asked.  "Nope. I think the thing I need most is a shower." I said and then walked out of the infirmary and started going towards the Apollo Cabin.  Once I got inside it, no one was there, and I figured that they all must be practicing archery for the millionth time.  I grabbed my orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, a pair of dark ripped skinny jeans, and I stepped into the bathroom. I took a shower and did everything else and then I walked outside to find Dylan.  I walked towards the Hephaestus Cabin first.  "Hey, Eva, is Dylan here?" I asked Dylan's little sister, Eva.  "No. I think he and the other Hephaestus children went to go do their camp activities for the day." Eva informed me.  "Oh, okay. Thanks." I said and then walked away to the archery range, so I could join my half brothers and sisters in activities for once in my time being here. 
  11. "Well, look who finally decided to join us." Will said as I approached them.  "Yep. Now, what do we even do? I've never done a group activity thingy before." I told them.  "Just take out your bow and stand next to Dre. We're about to have a competition." Will informed me and I did as I was told.  "So, how long have you been here? A couple days?" Dre asked me.  "You're kidding, right? I've almost been here for a year." I told him and then he fired an arrow at a target. It implanted itself in the ring around the bullseye.  "Not bad." I said.  "I'd like to see you do better." Dre said.  "Is that a challenge?" I asked.  "Yes, it is. Loser jumps in the lake?" Dre asked.  "Deal." I said and then drew my arrow back.  I lined it up and let it fly. It implanted itself right in the center of the bullseye.  "I win. Now, go jump in the lake." I demanded.  "Fine." Dre said and then ran over to the lake.  "What's he doing?" Will asked me.  "Jumping in the lake because he thought that I wouldn't be able to hit the bullseye." I explained as Dre ran off the pier and jumped in the lake.  "Well, I'm glad you're feeling better." Will commented and then walked away.  "Next time, don't doubt my accuracy. I've been doing this for a year or so." I told Dre as he came up to me.  "Got it." Dre said as he dripped water everywhere.  "Alright, Apollo Cabin, we're going to have a little contest. The closest and last person on hitting a direct bullseye, gets to do whatever they want for the rest of the day. You only have one shot, so make it count. Now, line up." Will commanded and we all did.  I ended up being the very last person to go. When it was my turn, someone already got their arrow on the bullseye. Right in the center.  I drew my arrow back, took aim, and let it fly. It ended up splitting that arrow in half and left a lot of people's mouths opened.  "Congrats, Megan. You won. You can do whatever you want while everyone else, gets to go with the Hermes Cabin and run around the whole perimeter of the camp." Will said and they all groaned.  "Okay." I said, smiling, as I went to the woods. 
  12.        * * * * * * * *  The woods seem to always calm me. I don't know why I was angry. It might be because I'm basically helpless right now. I can't fight, I'm dying, I can't use any of my powers, not even healing people, and I can't even go two hours without coughing. I knew it was getting bad. I kept on having that dream and seeing Gaea's face at the end of it before I woke up. I didn't know what it meant. The only thing I did know was that I needed to stop Gaea, and soon.  I lost track of time as the black sun was high in the sky. I thought about turning around and heading back, but my feet wanted to keep on going. So, I decided to let them take me where they wanted to go.  They led me to a clearing in the woods that looked oddly familiar. I was sure that I've never been here before, but it seems like I've seen it before. And then, I realized where I've seen it before, and what I had to do. 
  13. Cliffhanger!! Please comment and rate and please take my other series "The Lightning Girl" (yes, I finally got part 7 out) and "Something Weird". Thanks ~Meg.

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