Which kit are you? (part 2)

There are five kits and they all have special powers. There's Lightningkit, Emberkit, Wolfkit, Eaglekit, and Starkit. Lightningkit and Emberkit's parents are Lionstar and Cinderheart. Wolfkit, Eaglekit, and Starkit's parents are Dovewing and Bumblestripe. If you haven't taken Which kit are you? (part 1) then you might be confused so I would suggest taking it.

Are you loyal Wolfkit? Feisty Emberkit? Tough Lightningkit? Shy Starkit? Or brave Eaglekit? Each kit has their own special power (I mean like just look at their parents like hello? Dovewing and Lionstar?) and it will be revealed later on in the quizzes.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Eaglekit's POV: Eaglekit wakes up to the sound of cats fight outside of the nursery. He pokes his head out and sees a bunch of cats fighting. Great StarClan! What's going on? He thinks. Then he sees his sister, Wolfkit, standing in the middle of the battle, looking terrified. But before he can move towards her, he gets pushed back into the nursery by his mother, Dovewing. What do you do?
  2. Eaglekit meows in protest, trying to get back out to help his sister. "Stay here and let the warriors handle it." Dovewing hisses. Before he can reply, Eaglekit sees Lightningkit shoot out of the nursery, distracting Dovewing long enough for Eaglekit to look out the nursery. He sees a big ShadowClan cat pick up Wolfkit and another does the same to Lightningkit. Eaglekit is quickly pushed back into the nursery but this time by his father, Bumblestripe.
  3. "You were told to stay here, Eaglekit." Bumblestripe says at him before flinging himself in the mass of cats. "Where's Wolfkit?" Starkit asks. "Gone," Eaglekit replies sadly, "A big ShawdowClan cat took her and Lightningkit." "What are we going to do?" Emberkit asks. Eaglekit realizes that they were all counting on him to make the decision, the plan, and the rescue. "I don't know." He replies. "But I do know that one day we will get then back. One day we will see them again." Determination filled his voice. Your thoughts on this?
  4. ThunderClan cats are finally able to draw out the last of the WindClan cats from their camp. Lionstar leaps up on the high ledge and calls out, "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather here beneath the High Ledge for a clan meeting." He waited for the cats to gather around before continuing. "Everyone please do not protest when Jayfeather checks your wounds. Hollyleaf, how are the kits?" Lionstar asked his sister. "I can't seem to find Wolfkit and Lightningkit." Hollyleaf replies after looking through the nursery. "They got taken away by some big ShadowClan cats." Eaglekit calls out to Lionstar. "Hollyleaf, Bumblestripe, Jayfeather, and Thornclaw, come with me. We are going to ShadowClan and ask for the kits back. If they don't give then to us then I will declare a battle." Lionstar announced as he leapt down from the High Ledge.
  5. When Lionstar and the others left, Eaglekit quickly runs out of the camp and follows them. As he went through the forest, the trees became a blur and his eyesight became sharper and more accurate. Racing through the forest, he almost ran straight into Thornclaw's rear-end. Eaglekit had to stop at a halt, which made some leaves fly up. Luckily, no cat seemed to notice. How come I caught up with the patrol so quickly? Eaglekit thought. What do you think of his question?
  6. Eaglekit follows the patrol all the way to the ShadowClan camp. When he reaches it, Eaglekit stays by the entrance so he won't be seen.
  7. "We have come to take back Wolfkit and Lightningkit." Eaglekit hears Lionstar say. "Your kits would like to tell you something." The big tom who took Wolfkit said. "We have decided to stay for the good of ShadowClan." Lightningkit says. "How is this for the good of ShadowClan?" Thornclaw asks. "They don't have any kits and Blackstar wouldn't have been leader if he didn't get any." Wolfkit explained. "Is this true?" Bumblestripe demanded to Blackstar. Blackstar sighs heavily before meowing, "Yes, it is true." Your opinions on all of this?
  8. "Your letting your clan rule you?" Hollyleaf says, doubtfully. "It's not like I have a choice here." Blackstar hisses. "You always have a choice, Blackstar. You're just choosing the wrong one." Jayfeather says. "If ShadowClan doesn't get kits, then there will no longer be a ShadowClan." Blackstar meowed. "That's not our problem." Bumblestripe says, sadly. "Daddy, don't be sad." Wolfkit meows as she comes up to Bumblestripe. "Yeah. We will put good into ShadowClan." Lightningkit says as he comes up to Lionstar. "I know you will, my little kit." Lionstar says as he bends down and rests his muzzle on top of Lightningkits small head. Pick a face that is what you are thinking of right now.
  9. The patrol is about to head out of the camp and Eaglekit almost got caught because he was standing there, horrified at what just happened. But luckily, he remembered just in time, and took off sprinting towards the ThunderClan camp. Eaglekit was back long before the patrol arrived. Eaglekit just heads for the nursery with his tail dragging on the floor and his head was bent down. Which kit do you think you are?
  10. Uugghh!! I need to have one more question lol. So umm.... How's it going?

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