Premonitions (part 18)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. Yes, I do realize that this is a couple months late, but the good news is that all I have to do it write one more chapter, and this story shall be over. There are twenty chapters. Anyways, thanks for reading :). ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! AliZoey: you're welcome :). SoccerTomboy13: haha XD. I honestly don't know how to respond to that. MysteryEmoGirl: you're welcome :). And here's the next part for you. Let's see how you like it.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. Kelly: As soon as they came around the corner, I stuck out my foot, tripping someone, and I was about to punch them in the face, but that was before I knew who it was. "Why are you out of the infirmary, Skye?" I demanded as I helped him up. "I felt like you were in trouble." He replied. "Well, I was, but I'm not anymore." I said. "What happened?" Skye asked. "Stuff." I said, my tone telling him to drop it, and I pushed past him. "What happened to your back?" He asked and I ignored him. We reached the balcony, and something flew from the bottom floor, wrapping around my wrist, and pulling me down towards the first floor. I landed on the couch and when I looked up, I saw Caine standing over me. He quickly put a Controller on my wrist, and yanked me to my feet.
  2. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Skye." Caine said as Skye was about to throw fire at him. "And why's that?" Skye asked. "I don't think you'd want Kelly to get hurt." Caine replied as he put a knife to my neck. "What do you want?" Kaylee asked. "I already told you what I want: Kelly." He answered. "Why?" I asked. "There are many reasons why." He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. "You're not gonna kill me." I said. "What makes you think that I won't?" Caine asked. "Because I'm not dying today. Remember? I still have four more days." I said and then elbowed him in the stomach, making enough time for me to run out of the house. I made a beeline for the trees, ignoring the fighting going around me. I could feel the thorns tearing at my jeans as I ran pass some bushes, entering the woods. I heard Caine crashing after me and I tried to shake him off my tail by zig-zagging. As he was gaining ground on me, I burst out of the woods, and saw a lake in front of me. I skidded to a stop and turned around, only to find Caine standing there, blocking my only way to escape.
  3. "You almost got away, Kelly." He took a step towards me and I took a step back, the water lapping against my ankles. "You can't escape now." Caine continued. "But I can try." I said and he pulled out a knife. "You see this knife? This was the knife that I used to Mark Kaylee. You thought you had the right knife at the hospital, but you didn't. Now, I'm going to destroy it." He told me and then shadows appeared around the knife, making it burst into dust. "Why did you do that?" I asked, shoving down the fear trying to creep into my voice. "I think you know why, Kelly." He said. "Now, don't move." I felt something inside of me obeying him, and I stayed completely still as he approached me. "I like how you obey me so easily." He whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine. "Just get it over with already." I said, letting anger come into my voice.
  4. "Oh, I will. But first, I like to have a little fun. And you should know that I do what I want, and I don't care what anyone else thinks." An evil smirk crossed his lips, and before I could reply, he quickly leaned down and kissed me roughly. That caught me off guard, so I didn't have any air. As soon as he pulled away for air, I gasped and tried to move away from him, but he pulled me back. His back was now turned towards the lake. "Don't try to escape again, or you'll get it a lot worse." Caine said and then pushed me to the ground. He pinned my hands over my head and prevented me from fighting back by sitting on my stomach, slowly pushing the air out of my lungs. His mouth was on mine, again, before I could try to resist. Caine's right arm remained to hold down my hands while his left hand went up my shirt, and he started to pull up my shirt. Panic rose inside of me as he stopped kissing me to pull my shirt off. "Stop." I protested, but it didn't work. "Start kissing me back and get into it." Caine demanded, and took off his own shirt, revealing his abs. I instantly started kissing him back when his lips touched mine.
  5. He let go of my hands, to see what I would do, and no matter how hard I tried to shove him off of me and run, I just couldn't do it. I felt him smile when he realized that I couldn't fight back. He stopped kissing me and took out a knife. "Now for the fun part. Say yes to every question that I ask you. Got it?" Caine asked. "Yes." I instantly said. "Will you allow me to Mark you?" He asked. "Yes." I replied, hating myself for saying that. "Will you allow me to have your powers, know where you are, and feel your emotions?" He asked. "Yes, yes, and yes." I answered. "Will you do whatever I say?" He said. "Yes." I choked out, no matter how much I wanted to say no. "Now, when you're Marked, you do realize that you become my property, right? Do you still want me to Mark you?" He asked. "Yes I realize that, and yes, I do still want you to Mark me." I instantly replied and started hating myself for that. He smirked and then carved a "C" into me, covering my whole left side. The knife started glowing white and so did Caine's eyes, but they soon stopped.
  6. Caine got off of me and told me to put my shirt back on. I didn't hesitate to do that, and he did the same thing. My blood started to soak my white shirt, revealing the "C". He walked over to me and unlocked the Controller from my wrist. "I'm not done with you yet. There's something we have to do first. Follow me and don't use your abilities." He said and then led me back through the woods. When we were back at the house, I saw dead bodies everywhere. They were mostly Shades, but some of them were us. I also saw my friends and Drake kneeling on the ground, and Shades were standing over them. There were also Shades standing in front of them with guns pointed at their heads. "What took you so long?" The Shade pointing his gun at Kaylee asked. "It takes a while to Mark someone." Caine replied. "Well, now that you're here. What do you want us to do?" Another Shade asked. "Kill them. But let Kelly be the first to kill one of her friends." Caine replied. "No. I'm not doing that." I instantly blurted out, but Caine put a gun in my hand that had a silencer on it. "Caine, what are you doing?" A Shade cautiously asked. "Don't worry, Kevin. I fully Marked her. She's mine now." Caine replied and then turned towards me. "Point it at Skye." My arm instantly raised and the gun was pointed at Skye, but I turned my head so I wouldn't see him.
  7. "Shoot him." Caine demanded. "I-I can't." I told him. "Yes you can." He persuaded and I almost pulled the trigger. "No." I said and then lowered my arm. "Fine. I'll do it." Caine took the gun out of my hand and took aim at Skye. I saw Skye close his eyes, probably bracing himself for the shot. As I saw Caine about to pull the trigger, I stepped in the way, and slowed down time. I could hear the quietness of the gun going off and that's when I decided to release the built up energy, creating a sonic boom, and making the Shades fly backwards. It didn't stop the bullet though, and it plunged itself into my stomach, making me stumble backwards. "You did it, Kelly! You saved us and didn't let Caine control you!" Kaylee's excited voice seemed distant. "We need to hurry up and find some Teleporters, and get out of here." I think that was Skye who said that. All of their voices were starting to sound like one voice, and my back was towards them, so I couldn't see who was talking. "Kelly? What's wrong?" Someone asked when they realized that I haven't said anything. I looked down and saw blood quickly seeping through my shirt. "Kaylee!" I yelled, panic and fear rising in my voice as I called my best friend's name. I heard footsteps rush over to me. "Oh God. Kelly." Was all Kaylee could say when she saw me. She covered her mouth in shock. "Don't trust Drake." I chocked out and then my legs buckled, causing me to fall to the ground.
  8. "Kelly!" Kaylee screeched and knelt beside me. My vision started to black out around the edges, and it kept on going in and out of focus. I felt footsteps rushing towards us and then I saw Skye's shocked face pop into my view. "Go find Hellen!" Skye demanded and someone ran off. "It's too late." I said. "No it's not. Just hold on a little longer, Kelly." Skye said and then put pressure on my wound, trying to stop the blood from flowing out of me. "Let me go, Skye." I said. "Don't say that." He replied. "It's alright." I softly said and then he looked me in my eyes. "You can't die." He said, making me remember when I said that to him. "I'm almost dead." I told him and then gave him a sad smile. What happened next was confusing. Skye leaned in and kissed me, and as soon as our lips touched, I saw a bright light, and then it was dark.
  9. When my eyes opened again, I saw that I was standing in the field, but something seemed different. I couldn't hear any birds chirping, and it felt like there was something evil lurking in the shadows, waiting to attack. Skye was there too. "Where are we?" He asked. "This is the field where Kaylee and I came to the night before you found us. We dreamt of it." I explained and then felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I doubled over and waited for the pain to subside, noticing that I still had a hole there. "Are you alright?" Skye asked. "She is dying. She will not be here much longer, so I should start explaining." A voice said and I looked up. A women with long black hair and amber eyes was standing in front of us. She was wearing a long purple dress that flowed in the slight breeze. And the weird part was that she looked exactly like me. The only differences were the eyes and age. "Who are you?" Skye asked. "My name is Katerina. Come, now. We have much to discuss." She said and then led us to the opposite side of the field.
  10. Cliffhanger!!
  11. Tell me what you thought, and have a good day/night. Thanks for reading :). ~Meg.

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