Premonitions (part 8)

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Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. A bomb landed in front of Drake and me, making us run back towards the house. When we realized that Kaylee wasn't with us, we turned around, and saw her looking back at us. Drake started to run back towards her, but fire came up in the middle of them. "Drake, get back here!" I yelled at him as I yanked him away from the flames. "I have to get Kaylee!" He shouted back at me. "We have to get to safety. Kaylee will be fine." I told him. "How do you know?" Drake asked me. "I just do." I said. "I'm not leaving without Kaylee." He told me. "Get back to the house!" Some girl with long brown hair yelled at us. "I'm not leaving without Kaylee!" Drake repeated. "Listen to me." The girl walked in front of him. "Get back to the house now. Kaylee will be fine." The fire reflected off of Drake's deep blue eyes. He got up and reluctantly started coming with us, towards the house.
  2. Herds of people filed into the door like bees swarming to their hive. Drake, the girl, and I finally got into the house. A wave of heat instantly crashed into me because it was so stuffy in there. The door closed a couple of seconds behind me. I turned around and saw Skye standing there. "We need the Teleporters up here!" He yelled over the mass of voices. Eight people pushed their way through the crowd, and ran in different directions. They each put their hands on the wall and closed their eyes. The walls around us started shimmering and the scene started changing. "Where to?" One Teleporter asked. "Pennsylvania." Skye replied. Before the house could move, a window shattered, and something scratchy wrapped itself around my neck, instantly cutting off my air. I was thrown from the safety of the house and landed on the grass next to someone's feet. My hands tried to pry off the rope around my neck. I was fighting for my life when someone finally pulled it off of me. I gasped for air, and coughed when I had enough. I heard more windows shattering. More thuds on the ground. More people gasping for air. I looked up and saw the little girl with the long red hair on the ground, fighting like how I did.
  3. I went to go help her, but someone held me down on the ground. My arms were tied behind my back, but I didn't care as someone pulled the rope off of the little girl's neck. I felt a gust of wind, and I knew that the house was gone. "Line them up!" Someone commanded and I was pulled off of the ground. He walked me over to the others: Skye, the little girl, and a boy that looked like he was about ten. We were shoulder-to-shoulder, and I was in-between Skye and the little girl. "If you make an attempt to run, you will be shot without hesitation. If you disobey us, you will be shot. If you resist, you will be shot. Do I make myself clear?" One guy said as he paced back and forth like a general in the military. "Good." He walked towards us and stared at each of us. When he came to me, he stopped, and stared into me eyes, making me uncomfortable. "Well, well. What do we have here?" He moved my hair out of my face. "If it isn't Kelly Night. What a delicious surprise. I guess they might actually be right when they said you'll turn. Our leader will be very pleased to know that you're with us." "Doesn't mean that I'll be pleased to see him." I retorted and that earned me a slap across the face. "Watch your tongue." I felt the ground shaking beneath me. In a heart beat, the ground below me opened up, and I was sitting on dirt.
  4. Dirt flew up in the air, making it difficult to see. "Rose?" Skye's voice called out. "I'm here." I heard the little girl's voice squeak back. "Felix?" That must be the other boy. "Here." He replied. "Kelly?" Skye asked. "Right here." I replied as I stood up. I coughed to get the dust out of my lungs. Once the air cleared, I saw Skye untying the ropes around Rose's little wrists. Felix came up to me, and untied my hands. "Thanks." I said, and he nodded in response. "We need to go." Skye declared. "Go where? How did we get down here?" I asked. "I'm an Elemental, remember?" He held out his hand and a tunnel formed. He then made a fire along the wall, making it able to see. Felix went first, followed by Rose, then me and lastly, Skye. "What did he mean when he said that you would turn?" Skye whispered to me, sending chills down my spine. "Nothing." I harshly said, my tone telling him to drop it. "Kelly, what did he mean?" Skye pressed. "What did who mean?" Rose's innocent voice said. "Nothing, Rose. Stay with Felix." Skye gently told her and she skipped off to Felix. "It's nothing." I said.
  5. "Kelly, if you turn to their side, you do realize that that makes us enemies, right? I will be forced to hurt you in order to protect everyone in that house." Skye said, making me stop walking. "I know that, Skye. But I might not have a choice." I confessed. "Everyone has a choice." He stood in front of me. "Not this time." I sadly said, looking deep into his blue eyes, pleading him to understand. "Everyone has a choice, Kelly." He repeated. "Just like how you are making the choice to leave me here. Just like how you are making the choice to hand me over to them. And just like how you are making the choice to turn your back on me like everyone else." I said. "How did you know that?" His face was surprised. "I just do." I replied. I turned around and walked in the other direction. "Where are you going?" Skye called after me. "It was gonna happen sooner or later." I yelled back. "Where is Kelly going?" Felix asked. "Come on, keep walking." Skye ignored him. "We can't leave her behind. She's one of us now." I heard Rose say. I blocked off their conversation and continued to walk away from them.
  6. "Kelly, wait!" Skye called after me and I heard footsteps coming towards me. I kept walking. I walked into the shadows, through different tunnel openings until I was sure that no one was around me. I stopped walking, and for the first time in ten years, I cried. I sat on the dirt path and cried as much as I could. Every thing that I've been holding in: my parents dying, the dreams, the voice I heard in the field telling me that I would turn, all my friends leaving me when I told them what my dreams show me and every single emotion that I've every felt, poured out of me like a waterfall. Before I knew it, I was drifting off to sleep. I opened my eyes and saw that dreadful field. It was so quiet. The grass looked like the sea, the gentle breeze cooled me down from the hot sticky tunnel that I was in. A tornado of colors came up on the opposite side of the field. When it disappeared, Kaylee was standing there. "Kaylee!" I yelled as I ran up to her. "Kelly!" She yelled back and ran to meet me. We talked for a little while and I explained everything to her: what we were and what The Shades are. She had some questions, and I answered them.
  7. "How's Drake?" Kaylee asked, sending a chill down my spine. "He's really mad at himself that he left you. He wanted to go back and find you, but as soon as the smoke cleared, there was not trace of you anywhere, and he thought you were dead." It wasn't a total lie. I just couldn't tell her that I'm not in the house with him. We talked for a little while longer and when she asked where we were, I said Pennsylvania. "I have to go now, I'm waking up. Bye, Kelly." Kaylee said. "Be careful." I called after her as she was sucked into the color tornado. I was alone now. "Traitor. Turn." The wind seemed to whisper. I laid on the grass and closed my eyes, trying to ignore it. A gust of wind came and I saw Kaylee standing there again. "Kaylee?" I stood up. "What are you doing here?" "I don't know." Kaylee said, her voice full of fear.
  8. I asked what happened, and she explained it. She told me about running into Jason and how he kissed her. I instantly slapped her across the face, telling her that she needed to wake up. When she asked why, I explained that she could be getting raped. She objected and our conversation came to an end. "Anything you want me to tell Drake?" I asked her as I felt myself waking up. "Yeah, just tell him that I'm alive and fine." She replied. "Unless if you were raped." I teased her. "Kelly!" Kaylee yelled. "Just sayin'." I put my hands up. "Don't tell him that Jason kissed me." Kaylee said. "I won't." I promised. It's not like I could anyways. I was sucked into the color tornado, and woke up. I was laying on the dirt floor in one of the tunnels. I sat up and looked around. I couldn't see anything because the fire no longer lined the wall. I heard voices coming from the left of me, and I instantly came up into a sprinting position, making my hands touched the wet dirt floor. "I don't see her." One voice said. It was deep and scratchy, so I assumed it was a male. "I'm positive that she's down this tunnel." Another voice said. It was a little bit high pitched and squeaky. Their voices got closer, and I could see the torch light getting closer to me. As I stood up to run away from them, someone came up behind me, covered my mouth, and dragged me into another tunnel.
  9. Cliffhanger!!
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