Apollo's Curse (part 15)

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!!!! Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy, but here's my number. So call me maybe. It's hard to look right at you baby. But here's my number. So call me maybe.

Heart beats fast. Colors and promises. How to be brave. How can I love when I'm afraid to fall. But watching you stand alone. All of my doubt, suddenly goes away somehow. One step closer. I have died every day waiting for you. Darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you go a thousand more. Well, anyway, this is part 15. Please take my other series "The Lightning Girl". Okay bye, enjoy. :)

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. I opened my eyes and I noticed that I was in a forest, surrounded by flowers and I had flowers in my hair. I probably looked like I was dead, then I remembered that I was suppose to be dead. I didn't know how long I was dead because there was no one around me. I looked down at my side and saw that it was all stitched up, with the stitches out.  'So I was at least dead for a month.' I thought. I got up and walked around until I reached the edge of the forest, looking down on a city.  "Where am I?" I whispered to myself. Looking across the city, I noticed the Empire State building.  'Okay, so I'm in New York City. Now where's that camp thing?' I thought. Making a quick decision that I should go through the city to get to the other forest on the other side, I started climbing down the hill. Once I reached the bottom of the hill, I blacked out as I had another vision. 
  2. "Not talking to anyone, is not going to bring back Megan." Percy told my friends, and I noticed that they were isolated from everyone else.  "You wouldn't understand, Percy." Dakota told him.  "Well, your going to have to play tonight's game of capture the flag." Percy said.  "Fine, we'll play." Jake snapped at him, "Now can you please just leave us alone?"  "We've left you alone for two months since she died." Annabeth said gently.  "We know and we should really get over that she's not here anymore." Alania said.  "Good, and besides, she was left at a beautiful place in the forest on the other side of New York City." Percy said as he walked away. 
  3. I woke up from my vision and my head started to hurt. I gathered myself up and started walking towards the city.  Once I got there, there was so much noise and so many people. They started bumping into me saying, "Watch it, kid." or, "Move outta my way." The sun was shinning high above me and my rings were gathering the heat, keeping my energy up.  I finally made it to the edge of the city, on the opposite side. Using my memory from two months ago when Jason and I left, I started towards the camp. About two hours later when the sun was starting to set, I made it to the camp entrance. I walked in and heard a bunch of swords clashing against each other. So, I naturally followed the sound. When I went around the corner of a tree, I saw Percy and Annabeth talking strategy with my friends. 
  4. "Is there anyway that I can help you?" I asked as I approached them, enjoying the look of shock and happiness on their faces.  Jake was the first to break the silence by saying, "Megan? We thought you were dead."  "Well that's no way to welcome home someone who has been dead for two months." I pouted.  "Your right it isn't." Percy said and then they all got up and gave me a big bear hug.  "So what are the teams?" I asked once they let me go.  "Minor gods and Dylan versus major gods." Dakota explained, "Percy and Annabeth wanted to see how Dylan would do with the leadership and strategizing."  "Well, how can I help?" I asked again. 
  5. "Oh, I have an idea." Annabeth said, "Since everyone thinks that Megan is dead, why don't we have her walk right into the middle of the battle? It would make everyone stop and stare at her and it would give us a chance to go around behind them and steal the flag."  "Alright, let's do it." I said. We all headed our separate directions. Once I saw the fighting going on, I took a deep breath and slowly walked into the middle of the battle, drawing everyones attention. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Percy streaking towards their flag.  "Megan? Is that you?" Dylan asked, completely shocked. 
  6. "Yes, it's me." I told him.  "Oh no, your back!" I heard someone from my team scream. Turning around I saw that it was Drew.  "Oh shut up, Drew. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one here that is sick and tired of your b----y attitude. So do us all a favor and go die in a fricken' hole." I told her. Dead silence followed my words. Then, Percy crossed the border with the flag in his hand. "Hey, look. We won." I said happily and pointed at Percy and the flag. Looks of confusion spread across the opposite team, while cheers went through ours.  "Great strategy." Dylan said as he came up to me.  "Yep, and your team fell for it." I told him jokingly. "We sure did." He said, smiling down at me.  "Why are you all wet?" I asked as I noticed that he was dripping with water.  "I got pushed into the creek by Percy." Dylan explained. I giggled a little. "Oh, so you think this is funny?" He asked jokingly. 
  7. "Yeah, I do. What are you gonna do about it?" I replied as I slowly started to back away in a taunt that he couldn't catch me.  "Alright then. Come here." He said as he ran after me.  I bolted through the woods, giggling, with Dylan right on my heels. I ran out of the tree line and realized that I cam to a dead end because Dylan was behind me and there was a lake in front of me. Dylan didn't even slow down as he came, picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder, and ran straight into the lake.  "Dylan! Put me down!" I yelled at him in between giggles.  "If you say so." Dylan said as he dropped me right into the lake.  When I came to resurface, the sun was almost gone and it was almost dark out. 
  8. "Come on, we better get back." I told him and then we both started swimming towards the shore.  Something wrapped around my wrist, pulling me back into the water. "Dylan, seriously. It's almost dark out." I told him.  "What are you talking about?" Dylan said, his voice beside me, not behind me.  The tugging came harder, pulling me straight into the water. I turned around and saw a chain around my wrist.  "Dylan! Help me!" I yelled at him as I was slowly being dragged into the water, my feet skidding on the sand as I tried to pull myself out. Strong hands wrapped around my waist, slowly pulling me out of the water. Once my feet touched dry land, the chain snapped and Dylan and I fell backwards.  "Gods dammit! What the hell was that?" I asked with a mix of annoyance and anger in my voice.  "I don't know." Dylan answered. 
  9. The sky was completely dark now. "Okay, now people are going to realize that we're missing." I said as I got up off the sand.  "Yep, so which way was the cabins?" Dylan asked me.  I gave him an are-you-serious look and said, "How am I suppose to know? I've only been here for like  a half of a day, total. Your the one that's been here for over two months."  "Yeah but for some reason, they wouldn't let me on this side of the lake." Dylan confessed.  "That's weird." I said, "Well then, we're just gonna have to pick a way to go."  "Alright, how about back through the woods?" Dylan asked me.  "Okay." I replied and then we both headed off into the woods.  About ten minutes later, Dylan asked me a question, "So how did you, Jake, Dakota, and Alania meet?" 
  10. "Well, we were all adopted, and we went to the same elementary school for fifth grade," I began, "We didn't talk to each other then, and then we all moved away when we got in sixth grade. I don't know if they had the same problem as I did with moving but, I was switching schools every semester. Then finally, we were all freshman and I moved to Indian. We only knew each other so we became friends. But at first, they didn't like each other so, I made them see that they shouldn't hate each other. Jake was the first one to trust me and then Dakota and Alania trusted me shortly after. And then Jake became like my brother and Alania and Dakota became my best friends." Dylan opened his mouth to speak when a guy, that was Mexican, walked out of the bushes.  "Umm.... Hello?" I called out to him. 
  11. He froze in his tracks and slowly turned to face us. When he saw Dylan and me, he relaxed a little bit.  "Oh good, it's just you guys." He said as he walked up to us, "Do you know where we are?"  "No, we were hopping that you did." I said, "How come you both don't know where we're at?"  "We aren't allowed back here because both me and Leo are fire users." Dylan explained.  "Well then why would three people that can control fire be here right now?" I asked, getting a little suspicious that this wasn't a coincidence.  "I don't know." Leo whispered and then sharply turned behind him as a rustle in the bushes drew our attention.  A guy about 18, black hair, bright green eyes, and a broken chain in his hands, stepped out of the tree line and into the clearing. His gaze was fixed on me, as if studying what my move would be.  "Who are you?" I demanded, not backing down from his gaze.  "You broke my chain." He said. 
  12. "Who are you?" I demanded, a little harsher this time.  "My name is Ethan." He replied.  "Why have you brought us here?" I asked.  "I only meant to bring you here, Megan. But instead I accidentally made all fire users come here, thinking that you were the only one." He explain and then cautiously took a step forward.  He was about to take another step when I manipulated the sound waves around him, making him stop.  "What did you do?" Ethan asked me.  "That's for me to know and for you to find out." I told him while smiling joyfully as he realized that he couldn't come any further to us.  'Plan's working great. Ethan is a good distraction. Now all I have to do is sneak up behind her and put these things on her wrists.' I heard someone think.
  13. I made fire come up behind me and heard a guy let out a surprised scream. I wheeled around and said, "Did you honestly think that it would be that easy to capture me?"  He had fear in his eyes as he met my gaze. Then, he seemed happy, and I realized my mistake. I lost my concentration on the sound waves around Ethan, letting him free.  That chain the Ethan had in his hands, wrapped around my waist, and pulled me into the woods. I could hear Dylan and Leo calling my name but as we got deeper into the woods, their voices were getting fainter and fainter. The grass stung on my back and the occasional twig or branch would scrape up my back.  I was finally able to twist my whole body around so I was on my stomach, I grabbed the chains and pulled them hard, making Ethan fall on his back. I got up as quickly as I could and tried to get the chains off of my waist. But suddenly, someone came behind me and knocked me to the ground, trying to knock me out. He kept on hitting my head, but I wasn't going unconscious, instead he just gave me a massive headache.  I decided to go limp because I couldn't take the hitting anymore. The guy got off me, and I realized that it was the same guy who's thoughts I read.  "I know that your not knocked out, which is surprising." He told me, "But, we are still going to take you with us. You can fight all you want, those chains take away your powers." 
  14. 'Well, I can still use this power.' I said through my mind, smirking at his expression on his face.  "Why aren't the chains working, Ethan?" The guy said, turning to face Ethan.  "I don't know, Forrest. It should be working." Ethan said angrily.  "Well, it's not. Now what are we going to do with her?" Forrest said.  "Oh you have got to be kidding me." I said sarcastically, "You guys are going to do nothing and I am going to leave."  I got up and was about to walk away when Ethan said, "No, Megan. Your coming with us, whether you like it or not," in a demanding tone.  "Oh yeah?" I said in a disbelieving tone, "Who's gonna make me?"  "We are." Forrest said, then took a step next to Ethan, "And we are not leaving until we get you to Gaea."  "Alright look, I haven't changed my cloths in like over two months, I've been dead twice, been shot over four times, and I really need a shower right now. So if you think that you two can take me to Gaea, then guess again." I threatened them, then I made a fire around them, "Cause I ain't going with you." Ethan and Forrest's eyes blazed with fury. I ignored it and started walking towards the path that I was dragged on. Just then, Dylan and Leo came into my line of vision, running straight towards me. 
  15. 'Stop! You're gonna run into me!' I told Dylan through my mind.  I saw a mischievous smile on Dylan's face and a playful look in his eyes as he said back, 'That's the point.'  He then dipped his head and shoulders, but kept on barreling towards me. I was still confused when Dylan came and tossed me over his shoulders. I screamed in surprise and started protesting for him to put me down, but he wouldn't listen.  An explosion came from behind him and Leo, leaving me completely confused on what just happened. Finally, Leo and Dylan came to a halt, and Dylan put me down.  "What the hell was that?" I demanded.  "Well someone had to find us." Leo replied. "So you decided to explode some trees?" I asked, putting my hands on my hips, and I realized that the chain was still around my waist.  "Yeah, pretty much." Dylan said.  "Why couldn't we just walk into the cabins?" I asked them.  "Because, Megan, they don't want fire users on this side of the lake, and if they found out that we were there, then we would be in some major trouble." Leo said. "And so when they see the explosion, it would draw everyone out to it, giving us a chance to loop around behind them, and make it seem that we were in the group that walked out towards the explosion." Dylan added. 
  16. "Oh, okay." I said as I understood what their plan was, "Well, we should get going."  "Why?" Dylan asked. "Because of the big crowd of demigods coming towards the explosion." I replied while I pointed at the crowd.  "Alright, let's go." Leo said and then we all ran behind the crowd, slipping into the spaces between people, and splitting up. Leo went one way while Dylan and I went the other.  "Dakota, do you know why we're walking this way?" I asked her once Dylan and I saw her.  "The explosion was this way, so we're going to check it out." Dakota replied.  We walked in silence until we reached the spot where Dylan and Leo set off the explosion. Fire was burning the grass and some nearby trees.  'That was some explosion.' I told Dylan telepathically.  Dylan grinned as he replied, 'We didn't even need dynamite or any other explosives.'  "We need to stop this fire before it spreads throughout the whole forest." Percy called out.  'Oh crap.' I thought as I remembered something.  'What?' Dylan thought back. 'We forgot about Ethan and Forrest and we left them in the woods.' I told him.  'Well, what do we do?' Dylan asked, starting to panic a little.  'First off, calm down. Second, we can't do anything and we will probably find them shortly anyway.' I replied as we started walking on that trail that we took not too long ago.  "Help us!" I heard Ethan scream.  's---, they're still trapped by my ring of fire.' I told Dylan.  The group started running towards the pleading calls from Ethan and Forrest. Once we got there, they were still cowering from the heat of the flames.  "Megan! Try and make the fire stop!" Percy commanded me.  "I'd rather not." I told him.  "Just do it!" He yelled at me.  "Yes, please! Help us, Megan." Ethan said in a mocking tone.  "Megan! Make the fire stop!" Percy yelled at me, getting angrier.  "No!" I yelled back, "They're here for a reason, and that reason is not for good!"  "I don't care! They're going to get burned. Now make the fire stop!" He commanded.  That made me really mad. I could feel my body getting warmer and warmer as I yelled back, "Make me!" 
  17. "Woah, Megan. Your eyes turned from blue to gold." Dylan whispered to me.  'Blue to gold.' I thought to myself, 'Thats when I'm changing into my animal form, I guess.'  Just then, I started to go on all fours, and I started to get gray fur.  'A wolf.' I thought, 'I'm changing into a wolf.'  I squeezed my eyes shut as my bones started mending into a wolf's body shape. I opened my eyes and saw that everyone has taken a good 20 steps back, except for Ethan and Forrest of course.  "Megan, is that you?" Jake asked.  I howled in response but of course, he couldn't understand me.  'Yeah it's me.' I told him telepathically. 'What do I look like?' I asked Dylan.  'White fur on the bottom, gray fur on the top. So kinda what an actual wolf looks like except you have black fur on your head in the shape of a sun.' Dylan replied.  'Cool. What color are my eyes?' I asked.  'Still gold.' He answered.  "I still want you to make the fire go away." Percy told me.  I growled at him and told him telepathically, 'They're here because they wanted to capture me. I'm not letting them go.'  Percy took a half step back and than said, "Release them, Megan. Let's see what they'll do."  'Fine, but don't say that I didn't warn you.' I growled at him and then made the fire disappear.  
  18. CLIFFHANGER!!!! please comment and rate. Oh, and shout out to RinRin for your awesome comments on the past 2 parts. And for being the only one to comment on the past 2 parts. :).

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