Letters to myself.... (DaughterOfApollo)

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. I hope you all read this. Sorry if it was long. When I wrote it, I didn't put any paragraphs.

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!! I just really had to put this out there because some people were starting to annoy me for some reason. So, just read....

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. I wrote this when my mom took my iPod away. It was suppose to be a letter on me writing to myself in the future, but I ended up writing some sort of rant. I have 3 letters and I did not put any paragraphs. Oh, and all of this stuff is true and it has happened to me. So, just read....
  2. July 28th & July 29th 2012. 11:50PM~1:12AM. Well, Megan, if you're reading this, then you must feel pretty crappy right now. That's why I'm writing this. My parents took my IPod away because they caught me on Gotoquiz. They said I couldn't have it back until I told them what I was doing on there. Well, it looks like I ain't getting my iPod back. But, Lily will probably tell them, like she always does because she can't keep a secret. Dinner today was embarrassing, (and yes, I don't plan on making another paragraph), because everyone was wondering about my stories. I don't tell them because I don't want them in my business and I don't wanna be embarrassed. There is a reason why I keep to myself. It's because I have a free spirit, I'm not good with other people's emotions (that's why mom always yelled at us. Because she would be talking, take one look at my face, and I'd be in trouble because she thought that I was giving her a dirty look, when really, I just don't k kw how to position my facial expressions), and I'm afraid people will hate the real me.
  3. It's bad enough that I get called weird or the odd one, when people really don't know how weird and odd I am. So yes, I am afraid that I won't have any friends (not that I had a lot anyway), and I'll be eating my lunch in the bathroom. I wonder what people would think of me if I told them that I thought I was psychic. They'll probably add "freak" to the list.
  4. It's true though. My dreams have come true and sometimes a thought or an image crosses my mind. That's why I'm always "zoning out". Like that shooting in at that movie theater in Aurora Colorado. A couple days before it happened, I got a weird vision that I was in a movie theater and then someone came in and started shooting people. And my mom asked me if I wanted to go see a movie and I said "no." because of that. And then there was that one time in 8th grade when Janelle and I were runnin through Brubaker Park and we were chased by guys in the trails. You remember, right? Well, when Janelle and I came to that split path where we had a choice between three paths, Janelle wanted to go one way, and then it was like my vision zoomed in. And I saw those guys bikes on the edge of the trail and I saw two of them on the path that Janelle wanted to take, and then the other two were coming down the path we were just on. So, I told Janelle to not go on that trail and we took the one that looped around and I saw this guys' bikes on the edge of the trail.
  5. And then another time when I had that dream that came true and it was exactly in order. I remember thinking to myself, "If this next thing happens, then I'll be pretty freaked out." and then it did. And then that one time when I felt grandpa die. That day when I woke up, I had a feeling that something horrible was goig to happen, and then it did. And now, I keep on seeing a car crash and my mom, dad, and sister are all dead. I get terrified everytime they're in a car together. I'm hoping that it won't come true. I don't want it to come true. I can always tell when something weird like that is about to happen because my eyesight flickers for a second. And no, I'm not blinking. It just shakes a little.
  6. I can't tell my family this. They'll just pick on me and call me names. I can't tell my friends this because they'll make fun of me and then I won't has any friends. I can't even tell my friends that I write. Sometimes, I wish I can be normal. But then I think, "I was meant to be like this for a reason." So don't worry, Meg, you'll find that reason soon enough. And who knows, it might have something to do with you hearing your name being whispered. Only time will tell. ~Meg. P. S. Try to ignore everything Lily says. She gets so annoying sometimes.... Okay, well, a lot of the time.
  7. July 30th/31st 12:00am~12:30am. Well, Megan, I was desperate to get my iPod back because of that amazing dream that I had about Dylan. Ugh, why couldn't he be real? Because that kiss was amazing, before we were pulled apart. So, yeah. I had to get my iPod so I could put that in my story that was on my iPod. Something in my backyard almost scared the pee out of me. I was trying to get Chuck inside and then I heard a loud whistle that scared me for some reason. And I sprinted inside the house while Chuck, ran off the deck and started barking while I locked the door. Lily still makes me mad. Everyone with a little sister knows what I mean. We big sisters do everything we can for our little sisters, and they still don't think it's enough.
  8. Like how I stood up for Lily on the bus when she was called a "b----". And so then, I make that person hate me when we used to be friends. I lost a friend because of that and then Lily befriends them. That just made me so mad because I stood up for here and I don't even get a simple thank you?! Not once has she said that to me, even though I've don't a lot of nice things for here. Like get her a Christmas present every year, get her a giraffe stuffed animal (which is her favorite animal), help her with her homework, and even take care of her when she was sick and more. And all she does is make fun of me for no reason!!
  9. I had a vision that this girl named Mia did "it" with a guy in her shed. And so one day, Lily and I were walking our dogs, and we passed Mia's house and Lily said, "Did you hear what Mia did?" and I said, "No, what?" and Lily said, "Mia did 'it' with Morgan's ex boyfriend. Guess where they did it at." and then an image of the shed flashed in my eyes and I remembered my vision, so I said, "In that shed." and Lily said, "Yeah, how did you know? I thought you said that you didn't hear?" and I said, "Just a lucky guess." while Lily stared at me weirdly. So, um, not a lot of things happened today. But tomorrow, I'm going to King's Island. So maybe more stuff will happen. ~Meg.
  10. August 3rd/4th. 12:00am~12:50am. Well, Meg, it's been a couple days before I wrote something down. King's Island was okay. Did I already write down the dream that I had a day before we went to King's Island? Well, let me just summarize it by saying that I saw a guy, that I have never seen before, in it. And then when I was at King's Island, I saw that exact same guy. He was even wearing the exact same sunglasses!! Oh, this reminds me of that one time when I was in Kentucky visiting family, and then I had a dream about this guy and then when we were coming back home, I looked out my window and saw that exact same guy. I know this because he turned and faced me.
  11. And then I've also been having repeating dreams. Like, one of them is me in a maze and I'm trying to get out. And another one is where the world is about to end and only I can save it. That one usually ends up with me swimming in murky/really dirty water. You know what bothers me? How people say that they're "freaks" because they're emos or goths or things like that. Trust me, that doesn't make them freaks. It's just what people call them, so they start believing it. Not trying to be offensive or anything, it's just that if people are complaining about it, then do something about it. If they're complaining about it and they aren't do anything, then get off your lazy ass and do something about it. Now, if you don't mind being called a freak, the whoop-whoop to you. I'm proud.
  12. Now, for the people who make stuff up and joke around about paranormal stuff, eff you. Those people are stupid. And for the people who make up stuff about seeing things and say that the people who see, hear, and feel things are crazy, you're crazy.
  13. When I was 6, I was awoke because I felt someone sitting on the edge of my bed. I thought it was my dad, but it wasn't. Because then, I felt it lay on top of my, crushing me. I couldn't breathe and I didn't wanna open my eyes because I was too scared. And then, it felt like it's hands went into my chest and my back. And then, it felt like an electric shock went through the hands and crossed my heart, which hurt like Hell. And then j remember opening my mouth so I could yell out for help, but I didn't have any air in me. And then, it all of a sudden stopped, and it was gone. My life has never been the same after that. Because then, I started getting visions and my dreams started coming true. I started hearing voices and seeing things. Whatever it was, probably did this to me. It made me the person I am today. I guess j should've thanked it. And if you don't like it, it's not my problem, it's yours. ~Meg. P. S. Ignore the haters.
  14. All events in those letters were true.

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