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  • I'm so late :c that was a lot of action, and good action too; darn cliffhanger Dx Well, while we wait for something to pull Kaylee through, I'm wondering what ever the heck is going on... maybe those people found out about the girls saving Jason and are some task force to punish changing the future or maybe they were involved with that effort to run everyone down with that car... then those creepy black spirit things... hmm.... can't wait for part 4 ^^

  • You are an incredible/amazing writer! The action is fantastic and keeps me wanting so much more! Great effort! It payed off! 10/10

  • This.

    I can't believe I never read your stories before! You're a great writer and those cliffhangers are awesome! (: Keep up the good work! x

  • Ack! I'm really excited for the next one!

  • uh-oh!


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