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  • @PuffBall Haha I get that bathroom moment a lot. Like if I'm playing a game on my wii and I really have to go pee, I just stand up and start marching around, looking really weird XD.

    @HogwartsLove Thank you :D To be honest, I sometimes have a hard time writing some parts.

    @IceBabe thanks :) I'm mostly not introducing all of the characters at once because I'm still thinking of names :P.

    @Twisted_Roots Thank you so much :D.

    @xbox360fan thanks and is your school about to start? I still have another month till mine starts. And I'm not very good at history I passed it with a B-, almost a C. It's just soooo boring. I don't know how I'm gonna pass government for my sophomore year. :P.

  • Loved it, and lol's It's easyer for me to type using the laptop then a phone or whatever, and if I don't know how to spell something google is only a click away lol's. Now let's see from my calculation's I need to go ahead, and start studying for school now oh well MATH, AND HISTORY RULE!!!

  • Whoa. ^_^ oh brother, there is school again. Haha so many quizzes are like the one I'm writing so far... Part 1 of my new series is so similiar I'd have to change it a bit... Gahhhhhzzzz. Any who I cannot wait for part 3!! But for now I'm going to the *very sinister voice* BATHROOM... Ba dum tisssss... Haha u know my dad didn't notice he said 'The Wrath of the TITains' cause he was born in Venezuela so he is fair enough in English but .. Hahaha it's so funny... Any way I HAVE to go tinkle now. *paceses back and forth rapidly* TO THE BATHROOM

  • I. LOVED. It.

    This was amazing, your writing style is astonishing. I can't wait for the next part; the story seems so smooth! I can't wait to see where the plot goes, and I love being a Protector! School - I can't wait to see how thus goes! :D Great, great work!

  • Loved it! I love how it's mysterious and not introducing everyone at once. ^.^

  • Like? No. More like LOVE!! Very good series :)

  • Part 3 is out!!!


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