Apollo's Curse (part 11)

Sorry it took me longer to get this out. I am actually currently writing chapter 20 for this series. I've just been too lazy to put it up, but I'll try to get part 12 up today.

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Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. "Where did she go?" A voice hissed to someone, sounding angry. "We need a cursed demigod to fully awake Gaea."  'Wait, cursed demigod? How am I cursed? I don't feel cursed.' I thought. "I see her blood on this tree." Another voice said. "But she's no where to be found." "We need her alive and healthy." The first voice said. "She can't have any wounds or we will never be able to wake Gaea."
  2. 'My cursed child.' I heard a voice say in my head. 'Come to my monsters. They will not harm you.' 'No!' I thought, hoping that she could hear me replying to her. 'I will not be taken by some monsters again!' 'Child, you are in my territory now. For I am Gaea, goddess of Earth. If you show yourself now, I promise nothing will happen to you or your little friends.' 'I'm not giving myself in. If you want a war then you are going to have one.' 'That was my plan, my cursed child.' Gaea chuckled.
  3. At those last words, the earth seemed to make a mud pit, and I was slowly sinking. When I was in the mud pit about half way, I heard the monsters talking again. "Come on." One said. "We're just wasting our time. She is obviously not here so let's just keep on moving." "What should we do about the others?" Another one asked. "Just leave them here and don't kill them, yet." The first monster replied. "We need them alive too, or else the cursed girl won't come with us without a fight." 
  4. As soon as I heard the monsters footsteps leaving, I felt a rush of emotions going through me: hate, angry, love, sad, happy, scared, and anxious. Instantly, I felt warmer, and I heard a distant scream inside my head. I looked down and realized that I was on fire, literally, and that the scream was from Gaea. 'You'll be sorry for this, cursed child.' Gaea said in my head.
  5. 'You say that like it's a bad thing.' I replied, sarcastically. The mud pit turned hard and I was stuck in the earth and I couldn't get out. I would've used my legs to help me but it felt like nothing was under them. I heard one of the monsters scream and the other one get its breath knocked out. "What did you do with her?" I heard Jason say.
  6. "Ask yourself that. For the cursed child being missing might be your fault." The monster replied. I heard the air go whoosh and I imagined Jason's sword slicing the monster in half. "Jason!" I yelled at him. "I'm down here." "Down where?" He asked. "Look under the bushes, by the tree, with the roots sticking out." I replied and I heard Jason moving his hands threw the bushes branches and leaves.
  7. "This is a really big bush, Megan." He said. "Are sure that this is the right bush?" "Yes." I replied, irritated. "I can see the bush moving above me." Finally, I saw Jason's head as he moved the bush out of the way and he looked like he was about to jump down in the hole. I held my hands up in a "stop" position and said, "Be smart and don't jump or else we'll both be stuck in here."
  8. "Oh, right." Jason said as he realized his mistake. "Then how am I suppose to get you out?" "I don't know." I replied. "Go find a rope or something." As Jason went off to go find something to pull me out, I heard shuffling above me and a deep voice say. "Well, well, well. Looks like I found our precious cursed child."  "But how will we get her out?" Another voice said. "With this new, how you say, kidnapping device." The first voice replied. Some sort of metal magnets flew down and came around my wrist, then stuck together and slowly started to pull me upwards towards the opening, (and it hurts being pulled up while you're stuck in the ground). I let out a deep groan of pain, to tired to scream. I was finally pulled out of the ground and I flew out of the hole and landed into another tree.  It took me a couple of seconds before I realized what was happening. Two monsters came over, picked me up by the arms, and put me in a cage. I would've fought back but I was feeling really weak and I was trying not to faint. My vision started going blurry, which must've been from the poison and all the blood that I lost, and I felt so weak and so out of what was happening and everything seemed to be going in slow motion. I looked up and saw the monsters talking but I couldn't hear what they were saying. I turned my head to the left and saw Jason running towards us with his sword in his hand. He seemed to be yelling something but I couldn't hear him. I could feel myself loosing the battle to stay conscious as I slowly drifted off into blackness.
  10. Sorry this one is short, the next one I think might either be the same length as this one or longer. Ok bye.

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