The Lightning Girl (part 4)

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Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. I broke through the tree line and almost fell into a river. I would've fallen in if someone didn't pull me back. I elbowed him in the gut when he tried to pin my arms behind my back. I turned around to face him and he was about my age and had brown hair and green eyes with flecks of black in them. Just then, five people came out of the forest: 3 guys and 2 girls. I kicked the guy in front of me where it hurts and dived into the river. Cold water was all around me, washing away my blood from my open wounds. I came up for air and I looked behind me. One of the guys dove after me and was now rapidly swimming towards me. I pulled myself onto the river bank, (sopping wet by the way), and ran into the other side of the forest. Branches clawed at my skin but I kept on running. Then, another one of the guys, (the one I kicked), was in front of me. He tackled me to the ground, which hurt my back. He quickly flipped me over, onto my stomach, and tied my arms behind my back. Faster than anyone I've seen and then I realized that his power was Speed.
  2. "Good! You got her!" Some girl said as she came up to us. "Yeah, now let's get her back to Hanna." Speed guy said while lifting me up on my feet. "Hanna said she wanted her unharmed. Is she hurt?" The 2nd girl asked and then she came over to me. I quickly kicked her in the face and then wrenched myself out of Speed guy's grasp. I turned around and shinned him on the side of his face, making him unconscious. One of the other guys came rushing towards me, so I ran to him and slide tackled him. I then quickly got up and ran back towards the river. When I reached it, I didn't hesitate to jump in, and I started swimming downstream. It was very difficult to swim with my arms behind my back but, somehow I managed to do it. I came up for air, turned around, and saw that I put some distance between me and them.
  3. I dove back down and started swimming again, probably looking like a fish. I was moving pretty fast with the current helping me along the way. I came up for air again and looked behind me. This time, I couldn't see them. I would've gotten out of the river but I couldn't because my hands were tied behind my back. So I just floated along the side of the river, letting the impact, of what has happened this day, take it's toll on me. My arms had cuts on them from my sword fight with Hanna and they were now stinging. My right leg has a big gash on it again, from my sword fight with Hanna, and now that I realized it was there, it would probably make walking more difficult. I had a cut on my cheek, also from the sword fight with Han a. Other than that, I didn't have anymore cuts. I closed my eyes and tried my best to relax while floating on this river. "Alana? Is that you?" A voice said, I knew that voice.
  4. "Ashton?" I said as I stopped floating and was now treading water. "What are you doing in the river?" He asked me as he stepped out of the trees and was now on the side of the river. "Well, I was dirty and bloody so I decided to take a bath in this dirty river." I replied sarcastically. "Okay, seriously, why are you in the river?" He asked again as he stretched out his hand towards me. "I had to in order to get away from some Dark Side people. And they also tied my hands behind my back, which is why I was floating." I told him as I did my little fish swim over to Ashton. He pulled me onto dry land and tried to get my hands free. After several attempts, he said, "I can't get these knots out. They're too tight." I said and said, "Okay," and then got my hands in front of me by moving my hands under my legs. "At least my hands are in front of me now."
  5. "Yeah, that's always a good thing." Ashton said as he helped me up onto my feet. "We should probably find a place to sleep. It's getting dark." I said as I saw that the sun was now setting. "Okay." Ashton said and then we both headed off into the trees. ****TIME SKIP (just a little)**** We found a hollowed tree and decided that it was the best place to sleep at tonight. It was a little snug but, like I said before, it was the best thing right now. I closed my eyes and tried to get some sleep. It didn't work because moments later, I heard voices. "We have to keep searching the forest until we find her. We can't screw this up." A guy's voice said. I lightly touched Ashton's arm to wake him up. He quickly jumped up and hit his head on the side of the tree trunk with a loud thud, while rustling some leaves. "What was that?" A girl asked.
  6. "It was probably her. Where did the sound come from?" The 1st guy asked. "Over there." The girl replied and I knew that she was pointing at the tree Ashton and I were in. "Go check it out." Another guy ordered. Footsteps came in our direction and I saw a pair of eyes stare straight at me as he bent his head down and stuck his head through the opening. I gave him a wicked smile and cheerfully said, "Hi," before I head-butted him, making him unconscious. I turned my head towards Ashton and whispered, "Don't make any noises and don't help me if they attack me. Stay here, they can't know that you're here." I saw Ashton nod in response before I was yanked out of the tree and thrown onto the ground. "Do you know where your going, Alana?" A guy asked, his voice seemed familiar but I didn't feel like looking at him at this moment.
  7. "I'm not moving right now so I can't be goig anywhere." I replied sarcastically. "You always were a sarcastic b----." He told me. When he said that, my head snapped up towards his direction and I knew who he was. He was the Prince of the Dark Side but his name is Cole. He also killed my parents. "Funny you should say that, Cole, because you still are one." I retorted. "How are you parents, Alana? Oh, that's right, I killed them." Cole said, giving me an evils smile. "How's your mother, Cole? Oh, that's right, I killed her." I retorted, giving him the same evil smile. "Why do you have a Deactivator? Last time I checked, you didn't have your power." He said, changing the subject again. "I don't know. Why don't you take it off?" I asked as nicely as I could. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the other Dark Side people stiffen. "Fine, I will." Cole said as he walked towards me.
  8. "Uh.... I wouldn't do that, Prince." A girl said. "Why not, Ivy?" Cole asked, stopping in his tracks. "Have you seen her eyes yet?" A guy asked. "No. Show me you eyes, Alana." Cole demanded. "Now gonna happen." I told him as I laid back down and closed my eyes. "Fine, then I guess I'll just have to take you to my father," Cole said, "or, I could just have Ivy tell me your power and then torture you afterwards." I just shrugged, not really knowing how to respond to that. "Ivy, what's her power?" Cole asked. "It's Lightning." Ivy replied. Cole stared at me for a while and then he started laughing, "Do you actually think that her power is Lightning? Only one person has had that and no one else can have it." Cole said, after he was done laughing, and then continued to walk over to me.
  9. Cole touched the Deactivator on my wrist and it fell to the ground. He picked it up and said, "So what is your power, Alana?" I saw Ivy, another girl, and 3 guys start to slowly back up into the trees until they were out of sight. "You should've listened to Ivy." I told him. "Why?" He asked. "Because she was right about my power, Cole." I told him and then sat up and showed him my eyes. He stared at me for a second, completely shocked. "That's impossible. Prove it." Cole said. "Have it you way." I told him and then made lightning hit the ground next to Cole, making him jump a little. He glared at me for a moment and then, he lunged at me.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Please read the results for the contest that I'm having. 1st person to guess correctly wins!! LILY, YOU CANNOT DO THIS CONTEST BECAUSE YOU ARE MY SISTER!!!!

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