The Cursed One (part 7)

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it :D. I'm back from Florida!! First time in 4 years that I got car sick again. I didn't throw up, but it felt like I was about to....

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!! I should probabaly do a recap. Recap: Megan and Will entered a singing contest. Their friends and them are now in a hotel where guys with guns came in and started yelling at people to get on the ground. Enjoy ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. "You know what we have to do, right?" Percy asked us.  "I know, we have to save them." I said.  "How do we do that?" Jason asked as one of the guys pointed a gun at me and started telling me to get with the rest of the hostages.  "Well, you guys can't die, so don't be scared. And it's very difficult to kill me and I'm not really afraid of anything, so how about we just attack them?" I suggested, ignoring the guy with the gun pointed at me.  "Get on the floor, now!" He yelled at me.  "One second, please." I said as I held up my pointer finger.  "Alright, so, if we split up and try to calm down the hostages and then we can have a signal to attack them. But, we're going to need a distraction." Jason whispered.  "I'll be the distraction." I volunteered.  They all looked at me like I was crazy.  "What? I'm the most sarcastic and I'll probably end up driving them crazy, like I always do. And I am the most daring." I explained.  "She does have a point." Percy whispered.  "Alright, Travis and Conner are paired up, pick a group. Percy and Susan will be a pair, April and Jeanie another, and Piper and I will be together while Megan's the distraction." Jason whispered.  "And the sign could be a loud whistle." Travis finished off and we all nodded our heads in agreement.  "I thought I told you to get on the floor, now." The guy with the gun told me as my friends went to their groups.  "And I thought I told you to wait a second." I replied as the lobby became deadly silent and all eyes were on us.  "Listen up, everyone. We have someone who doesn't want to corporate with us." The guy pointing the gun at me said as he raised his voice.  "Damn right I don't." I told him. 
  2. "Alright, come here." He growled at me as he grabbed my arm, dragged me into the middle of the lobby, and forced me on my knees.  "This is what happens when you decided to disobey us." He said and then shot me in my right calf.  There was was screaming from the other people, but I didn't even flinch when he shot me. He had a look of surprise on his face when he saw that it didn't affect me.  "Why aren't you in pain?" He demanded.  "Oh, I'm sorry, did you want me to start screaming like a little girl and crying out in pain and telling you to stop and stuff like that? 'Cause I can do that." I said sarcastically.  "How did that not affect you?" He demanded.  "Let's just say that I've been shot before. Over like twelve times, well, I don't really know, I wasn't keeping count." I told him.  "You talk too much." He commented.  "You're not the first person to tell me that." I told him.  "Just shut up so I can think." He told me.  "Why? Whatcha thinking about? Is it how you're going to get out of here without getting caught by the cops?" I asked.  "I said shut up!" He yelled at me and then used the handle of his gun and hit me with it in my right temple. More people screamed.  "Really, guys? It doesn't hurt that bad. I've been through a lot worse." I told them. 
  3. "How worse?" Another guy asked me.  "Well, my head has been banged against a concrete floor till it was bleeding so badly that everyone that I was dead, but I wasn't even knocked out. And then another time I was shot in my stomach, shoulders, and back a couple times. Oh, and I've also been shot in my legs a couple times. I've been stabbed in my stomach, legs, and my right shoulder. And more." I said.  "How much more?" Another guy asked and I realized that they were all looking at me and they weren't paying attention to the hostages.  "Well, I've also been whipped on my back, as you can see from the scars on my back." I told them as I turned around to show them my back, "And I've also been electrocuted." I finished off and then I heard the whistle.  "Who did that?" The 1st guy demanded.  "That's my cue." I said.  "Cue for what?" He asked me and then I flung out my left leg and made him fall down.  I quickly got up as a guy was rushing towards me and I did a back-hand spring. My feet kicked him in the chin and he fell to the ground.  "Nobody move!" I heard a guy shout and I looked up and saw that he had a gun pointed at Piper's head.  "Please, just put the gun down." Piper said, her voice was laced with something I couldn't describe, and I saw the guy hesitate.  "Shut up!" Another guy yelled and pointed his gun at Piper too. That made the 1st guy press his gun into her head.  "Apparently, some of you decided to escape." The 2nd guy said and I noticed that the other 6 guys were knocked out except for those two.  "So, here's a message to anyone who decides to try and escape." He said and then nodded to the 1st guy. The 1st guy pulled the trigger and Piper fell, dead. 
  4. Three things happened; surprisingly, none of the hostages went crazy, I think they were all too shocked to scream. Jason rushed forward and knocked out the 1st guy. And I fell to my knees, kneeling, squeezing my head, and screaming.  I can barely remember what happened next. I remember Jason kneeling at Piper's side and holding her. I remember Will coming over towards me and asking me if I was okay. I then remembered Piper's wound starting to heal up and my head started to feel better. My eyesight came back into focus and Will helped me up.  "You alright?" Will asked me and I nodded my head as I started coughing.  "We gotta make sure everyone else is alright." I told them and started limping towards a group of people.  I started un-tying their hands and started helping them up.  "You are really brave." Dre told me as I realized that I was helping him up.  "Thanks." I said.  "And really flexible and sarcastic." He said.  "Thanks, I take pride in my flexibility and my sarcasticness." I told him as I helped up another girl. 
  5. "Does your leg even hurt? Or was that all an act and you really wanted to scream when he shot you?" Dre asked me and pointed to my calf.  "It stings a little and no, I didn't wanna scream when he shot me. I honestly forgot about it just a minute ago." I confessed as someone rushed towards a phone and called 911.  "And how is that girl alive? I thought she got shot in the head. And why did you scream like you were the one shot in the head?" Dre asked me and that sent shivers down my spine. Mortals were suppose to be tricked by the Mist into thinking that nothing happened and no one died. That affect was wearing off on the demigods, but not mortals.  "Uh, she never got shot in the head, he missed. And I screamed because I thought he shot her and I was terrified." I lied.  "You're lying." He told me.  "No I'm not." I said as I started walking away.  "Yes you are. You were also lying about that method that you told me about. I could tell you were lying." Dre told me.  "I gotta go." I said and then started jogging over towards Piper and Jason. 
  6. "Spell's not looking so bad now, is it?" I asked as I stood in front of them.  "Thanks, Megan." Piper told me.  "You're welcome. Are you feeling okay?" I asked.  "Yeah. Just a little light headed, but I'm fine." Piper replied.  "Well, that's good, I guess. We should probably get you up to the room." I told her.  "Yeah." She agreed and then gave Jason a good-bye kiss before coming with me towards the elevator.  We rounded up Susan, April, and Jeanie on our way towards the elevator. We all stepped in and about 20 seconds later, we were on the 10th floor, where our rooms were.  We walked down the hallway until we came to room 1008. I unlocked it and we all stepped inside.  "Oh. My. Gods." Jeanie said with her mouth opened in awe. 
  7. The walls were perfectly white and so was the carpet. On the left, there was an orange fuzzy rug and on it was 4 white couches with brown pillows on them and a clear glass coffee table. On the wall across from one of the couches, there was a flat screen tv.  To the right, there were four doors. I opened the one on the right and there inside, there was a kitchen. There was a dinning table with a light hanging above it. The kitchen had a white counter top and a steel refrigerator.  The middle door on the right revealed to be a bedroom. It had a queen sized bed that had brown pillows and orange blankets and sheets. The bed was also a temperpedic bed, (April tested it out). There was a bathroom and it was all white.  The other two doors were also bedrooms but instead of queen sized beds, they were twin sized beds. There was 2 in each room.  "I think Megan should get the queen sized bed." Susan said.  "No, really I don't need it. Piper should have it because she did die." I protested but they protested back and I ended up with the queen sized bed.  "Can anyone cook? Because I'm starving." Jeanie said and I realized that I was also starving.  "I can, a little." Susan said.  "How about we just go out and eat?" Piper suggested after we found out that we had to buy the food. (I know right? Crappy hotel for making us pay for our own food....). 
  8. "But we don't have any money." April pointed out.  "Well, we could always steal some." I suggested.  Before any of them could yell at me for bringing that up, there was a knock on the door. I got up and opened it. Will was standing there with the Stoll brothers behind him.  "Hey, you don't happen to have any food or money do you?" Will asked.  "No, we don't, and we're starving. I suggested stealing some." I replied.  "So did they." Will said and then pointed to Conner and Travis.  "Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?" I asked.  "I guess." Will sighed and the Stoll brothers high-fived each other.  I stepped out in the hallway and stood next to them, about ready to go to a room and steal money.  "Just be sure you don't get caught." Will told us.  "Do we ever get caught?" We all asked and then ran down a hallway.  "Pick a number between 1 and 20. It can't be 8 and it can't be 10." I called down to Will.  "Umm, I don't know. 18." He said.  "Room 1018." I told the brothers and then stood in front of the door.  "We need a plan." Conner said.  "Alright, if a guy answers the door, then Megan will draw him out by asking him to give her some singing tips. If a girl answers the door, then I'll say that I need some singing tips while the other two go in and steal some money." Travis said and we all nodded our heads in agreement to the plan.  Conner knocked on the door and Sara- Dre's half-sister- answered it. 
  9. "Can I help you?" She asked, a smug look on her face.  "Yes, my friend here, wants singing lessons and I thought that he should get them from the best, which is you." I lied easily. In her auditions, she sang Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson. She was really pitchy and off-key. I honestly didn't know how she made it to the next round for four years in a row.  "Sure I'd love to." She smiled and stepped out in the hallway, leaving the door open. She walked Travis arm-in-arm down the hallway while Conner and I stepped into her room.  It looked exactly like mine but instead of orange and brown for colors, she had blue and black. Her purse was sitting on one of the couches.  "I'll be a look-out while you get the money." Conner told me and I nodded my head as he stood by the doorway.  I opened up her purse and saw her wallet. I opened it up and saw at least $400 in there.  'How much money does she need?' I thought as I grabbed $200 and put the wallet back in her purse. I put the money in-between my jean shorts and my skin. The shorts were tight enough around my waist that it could hold the money and not fall down and it wasn't showing either. 
  10. "Did you get it?" Conner asked me.  "Yeah. Let's go." I said and then I heard Travis's attempt at singing and I almost bursted out laughing at how bad it was.  Conner closed the door and smiled as he started walking down towards the hall.  "Shouldn't we go and get him?" I asked Conner.  "Nope. He's on his own." Conner replied.  "How can you do that to your own brother?" I asked, pretending to be disgusted.  "He deserves it after he locked me in a port-a-poty and tipped it over, a couple years ago." Conner said and then I started laughing as I imagined Conner coming out of that mess.  "It wasn't funny, it was disgusting." Conner said.  "Whatever. Well, I can't let other people suffer. You'll just have to find another way to get back at him." I said as I started walking in the other direction, towards Travis's horrible singing and Sara's words of encouragement.  I rounded the corner and saw Travis still singing. (It was so bad that I couldn't even figure out what song he was singing.)  "I'm so sorry to interrupt but, Travis, there's an emergency." I told them.  "What kind of emergency?" Sara asked.  "Family. Now let's go." I told Travis and I started walking away while he started following me.  When we were out of earshot, Travis said, "Who's in danger?"  "Well, technically we all are because we're probably attracting monsters like crazy, but no one is in any danger. I just had to get you away to tell you that we're gonna go get some food." I replied.  We walked back to our rooms and I unlocked mine.
  11. "Did you get the money?" Will asked me.  "Yep." I said as I pulled it out to show them.  "How much?" Piper asked.  "$200." I replied.  "Alright, but before we go out to eat, Megan, I need to fix your leg." Will told me.  "Why?" I asked.  "Because you're bleeding everywhere, remember?" He told me and I looked down and I noticed that there was blood on the floor.  "Oh, okay." I agreed and then sat next to him on the couch and then I lifted up my right leg so he could heal it.  He moved his hands over it while murmuring some Ancient Greek words. My leg instantly felt better and I let out a breath of relief. My stomach growled.  "Come on, let's go get something to eat." Piper said as she stood up from the couch and we all walked out of the room.  We walked down to Will's room to get Percy and Jason and on the way, I literally ran into Dre. He would've fell down if I didn't grab onto his arm and steadied him.  "Woah, you have some serious strength." Dre told me.  "Sorry, are you okay?" I asked him.  "Yeah, I'm fine." He replied.  "Okay, well, I got to go." I told him.  "No, you don't, Megan. You and your little friends aren't going anywhere." I heard a voice say behind Dre. I looked behind him and saw Lauren standing there. 
  12. Cliffhanger!! Please take my other series called "Something Weird". Thanks ~Meg.

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