The Cursed One (part 8)

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. Welcome to part 8. This was one of my favorite parts to write. Actually, the 9th and 10th chapters were also my favorites to write too.

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!! This part has a surprise that you may or may not have seen coming. There is only one way to find out.... Thanks for reading :) ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. "Didn't I already kill you, twice?" I asked Lauren.  "Oh, Megan, you should know by now that I regenerate very quickly." Lauren told me and then took a step forward.  "Will, get everyone out of this hallway and tell Percy and Jason what's happening while I deal with her." I ordered as I tapped the sun on my chest, making everything appear.  "How did you do that?" Dre asked me.  "Long story." I told him as I tapped the bow and arrow on my necklace.  I notched one arrow as Lauren transformed into her winged form.  "What is that thing?" Dre yelled.  "Will, get them out of here!" I commanded as I let my arrow fly straight at Lauren. It sank itself into her right shoulder. 
  2. She screeched out in pain and started flapping her wings, creating a miniature windstorm. I put my forearms out in front of my face to block the wind as I was pushed backwards. It died down and I saw six winged creatures standing in front of me.  'Oh, crap.' I thought as three flew over my head and blocked my way of backing up when I needed to.  "What's wrong, little hero? Can't handle us all?" One creature behind me sneered.  I notched three arrows and whirled around. I let them fly and they all hit the three creatures, disintegrating them.  When I turned back around, the two creatures on the side, came flying straight at me. I quickly grabbed Nekros and threw it at the one on the right and dove out of the way of the one on the left, shooting an arrow at it. They both disappeared and as I stood up, the other creature ran right into me and pretty much carried me down the hall. It made me drop my bow and I couldn't reach my knives.  It ran me straight through the window in the back of the hall and as soon as I was pushed out, the creature got shocked and I was falling down 10 stories. 
  3. The fall seemed to be quick. One second I'm on my feet, then I'm in the air, and then I'm lying on my back and I can't move.  I would've screamed but, I couldn't really move my jaw and I couldn't find my voice. My whole body was hurting and I could barely breathe. My breathing was rapid and irregular. I could taste my blood in my mouth and my vision was kind of fuzzy.  I didn't know how long it was when everyone showed up.  "Is she alive?" Jeanie asked.  "I don't know." Will replied and then kneeled down beside me. "Megan, can you hear me?" He asked me.  "Can't you just heal her?" Piper asked after I didn't respond.  "Heal who?" I heard that all to familiar voice of Dylan ask. 
  4. "Dylan, how did you find us?" Jason's surprised voice asked.  "I just got done setting the Mojave desert on fire, like I promised Megan, and then I came back here to look for you guys. So, heal who?" Dylan asked again, his voice coming closer.  "Dylan, don't look." April told Dylan and stood in front of him, blocking his view so he couldn't see me.  "What- why? Where's Megan? What happened to that window?" Dylan asked.  Will started saying some Ancient Greek words and a yellow glow appeared over me.  "What's he doing?" Dylan demanded.  "Just turn around, Dylan." Jeanie ordered.  My jaw was healed up and I could breathe more easily. I let out a breath of relief and I tried my best to relax my broken body.  "Alright guys, she's alive." Will announced.  "Oh thank the gods." Piper sighed in relief.  Will continued to chant and my bones started mending back to their right places.  "Is that 'she' Megan?" Dylan asked and then I took in a deep breath and started coughing.
  5. "How did you survive that fall?" Travis asked me as Will helped me up.  "I have a strong spirit, remember?" I said.  "Would someone please tell me what's happening?" Dylan asked.  "Megan fell out of a window that was ten stories high." Conner replied.  "I didn't fall, I was thrown." I corrected him.  "Wait- where's that monster?" Percy said and then looked around.  I heard a screech above us, and we all looked up to find Lauren circling us. Before anyone could move, she dove straight down, right at me. Dylan was the first to react. He pushed me out of the way and Lauren slammed into the ground.  Dylan landed on top of me, which made me even more sore and I could've sworn I felt and heard my back crack. I groaned in pain as Percy slashed Lauren in half and she disintegrated.  "Sorry about that. I hope that didn't hurt." Dylan told me as he helped me to my feet.  "Oh, yeah, 'cause when someone just gets pushed out of a ten story window and basically break every bone in their body and then gets shoved to the ground, it doesn't hurt at all." I said sarcastically. 
  6. "Alright, now I'm confused. How did you survive that?" Dre asked, looking completely freaked out.  "It's a long, complicated story." I replied.  "Well, someone better start explaining, and tell me that I'm not loosing my mind." Dre said.  "Who's this?" Dylan asked as he pointed to Dre.  "It's a long, complicated story." I replied.  "Okay, but seriously, who is this?" Dylan asked again.  "I could ask the same question about you." Dre said.  "Dylan meet Dre, Dre meet Dylan." I quickly introduced them.  "How did you guys meet?" Dylan asked.  "What part of 'it's a long, complicated story' do you not get?" I sarcastically said. 
  7. "Um, all of it." Dylan replied.  "We'll explain everything when we get something to eat." I said after my stomach growled.  "How long has it been since you ate?" Dylan asked us.  "About three or four days." Percy replied.  Before anyone could move or say anything else, a terrible screech came from above us. As I looked up, I saw another one of those winged creatures, coming straight at Percy. He didn't have time to defend himself and the creature dug it's beak right into his chest, where his heart was.  I instantly couldn't breathe and I fell down onto my hands and knees. I opened up my mouth and some water and a little bit of blood came out of it, onto the grass. A horrible pain came into my chest as more water and blood came out of my mouth. I could only hear my blood pumping and nothing else. I felt someone kneel down next to me and rest their hand on my left shoulder.  More water and blood came out of my mouth and then the pain started going away. I started breathing again and I could hear right too. I stopped coughing up water and blood and just started coughing.  "Megan, can you hear me?" I heard Dylan ask, his voice was close to my left ear, so I assumed that he was the one kneeling next to me.  I nodded my head in response and coughed a little more.  "Would someone please tell me what happened?" Dylan asked and then I heard someone moan.  I stopped coughing and looked up to see Percy still lying on the ground, while Jason was trying to help him up.  "How is Percy still alive?" Dylan asked, completely confused.  "What happened?" Percy asked when Jason got him to his feet.  "You frickin' died. That's what happened. Your death was even worse than Jason's." I said, a little bit of an edge to my voice.  "Oh Gods, Megan. I'm so sorry. Are you okay? What happened?" Percy asked.  "Just a little bit of water and blood came out of my mouth, my chest started hurting really badly, and I couldn't breathe." I replied as Dylan helped me to my feet.  "Can someone please tell me what the hell is happening?" Dylan asked once again.  "Me too. I would like some answers too." Dre said.  "We shall explain over dinner." I said and then started walling away.  "You act like this hasn't happened before." Dylan called after me.  "Maybe it's because it has happened before." I replied and then they all started following me. 
  8.      * * * * * * * *  It was late at night and we all had tacos. We were all back in our rooms and after we explained everything to Dylan and Dre, Dylan insisted on sleeping on the couch in my hotel suite, just to make sure nothing would happen to me. Even though I told him that nothing has happened to me yet, he still ended up winning, and he was now sleeping on one of the couches.  I was in the queen sized bed's bedroom and I was about to fall asleep. It was 1 in the morning and I started to drift off into sleep.... 
  9. * * * *DREAM* * * *  I saw myself being in some enlarged fire. Pain erupted across my whole body, which was weird because fire shouldn't hurt me. I saw myself starting to fall and I landed straight into the ground and made a huge hole. I seemed to have buried myself and then I couldn't breathe.  An image of Tara smiling evilly at where I fell and Gaea's face appeared in my head and she was laughing evilly. And then Drew's face came up and I saw her staring at the Colorado welcome sign.  "You will suffer soon, Megan." Drew said as she pulled out a knife and then I woke up. 
  10. I woke up and sat straight up, while screaming. The tv in my room cracked, I heard the mirror in my bathroom shatter, and the mirror in my room shattered too.  Dylan came bursting through the door and as soon as he entered my room, he flew backwards onto the floor.  The lightbulbs broke and I stopped screaming, but more glass continued to break. It seemed like I couldn't control my powers and a small fire erupted in one of the corners in my room.  I willed myself to stop, but I just couldn't. I started shaking really badly and I pulled my knees up to my chest as I put my hands on my head to try and calm down and stop.  I heard banging on the door to get into my suite and saw Dylan ran over to open it.  "What's happening?" I heard Jason ask.  "I don't know. Megan started screaming and then all this started happening." Dylan quickly explained.  "It's another side-effect to the spell." I heard Jeanie yell, over the noise of the flat screen tv crashing to the ground, as she ran out of their room, carrying an old book.  "What is? Extreme madness?" Travis asked. 
  11. "No. But, loosing control of your powers is. Something must've set her off. It could've been from the stress of the competition, or if she got scared, or if she got really mad or angry, or some other emotion." Jeanie replied as my bedroom door slammed shut and I had a bad feeling that I didn't do it.  "So, you used a spell? And that's how you've been able to defend off my armies so far?" I heard a voice of a woman come from my right and I knew that it was Gaea.  I heard fists banging of my door and saw the door knob move as someone tried to open it.  "I should probably do one nice thing right and tell your friends what's happening." Gaea said as she walked across the room to the door.  She swung it open and I knew that she was smiling when she saw my friend's faces.  "How did you get in here?" Jason demanded.  "Megan shattered the window in her room and I moved a part of the earth to climb through the window." Gaea explained.  "Well, what are you doing here?" Percy asked.  "Not to harm anyone.... Maybe. The main reason I came here is to talk with Megan and help her with her problem. I now know how you keep on coming back from the dead. She used a very powerful and deadly spell, and I must say, I admire her strength for that." Gaea said.  "Just leave. I doubt Megan would wanna hear what you have to say." Travis said.  "Unless if Megan is somewhat out of it and confused at what she says." Gaea replied.  "What do you mean?" Dylan asked.  "Your friend, Jeanie, can explain it." Gaea said. 
  12. "When someone uses this spell and has a power attack- which Megan is still doing- then they get confused of what happened and they don't understand what's right from wrong. They might say things that they would later regret and they are completely out of it and what happened." Jeanie explained.  "How long does that last?" Conner asked.  "About an hour or two." Jeanie replied.  "Which is more than enough time for me to make Megan join my side and take over Olympus. Once I have her say that she will join me, a completely different and evil side of her will come out, and you may never get to see her again. Unless if you meet with her on in a fight, which wouldn't end well with you guys. She won't be able to control her actions. She can see all of the horrible things that she will do and can do nothing about it. And all she has to do is say she will join me and wear this bonding bracelet that will control her actions." Gaea said cheerfully as she held up a thin, silver bracelet with Ancient Greek writing in it that was too far away from me to read. 
  13. "But she will never agree to that." Jeanie said.  "She will if she doesn't know what she's saying." Gaea said.  "But if she joins you and starts killing us, we would still come back to life and she will be in pain." Will pointed out.  "That is true, but, I can make it not hurt for her. Yes, you will still be alive but, she will be able to use her powers without it hurting her and when you guys die, it won't hurt her. We will be able to take over Olympus more quickly with her on my side." Gaea said.  "How are you so sure that she will join you?" Susan asked as the sink in my bathroom began to break.  "I'll ask her." Gaea said and then walked over to me.  She put up some sort of force field so my friends couldn't get in. She gently grabbed my wrist and I flinched at her touch. My power attack suddenly stopped and I became a little confused.  "Megan, do what all of this pain to stop? I can make that happen. And all you have to do is say that you will join me and you won't be dying anymore." Gaea said gently.  "Wait- she's dying?" Dylan asked.  "Yeah. We didn't wanna tell you that because we knew that you would freak out even more." Jeanie confessed. 
  14. "Megan, will you join me?" Gaea asked again.  "Megan, don't do it!" Dylan yelled as he banged on the invisible wall.  "I-I don't know." I said, confused. It seemed like I wanted to say yes, but a small part deep inside of me was screaming "no".  "Yes you do. You want to join me and be unstoppable. You want to stop coughing and feeling this terrible pain inside of you. Don't you?" Gaea asked nicely.  "Yes." I replied.  "Then say that you'll join me and put on this gift." Gaea gently said as she lifted up the silver bracelet.  "Okay. I will join you. Just make it stop hurting." I said. The deep part inside of me was screaming at me to not do it, but for some reason, I couldn't control what I was saying.  "There. Now that wasn't so hard, was it?" Gaea said and I shook my head in response as she gently put the silver bracelet on my right wrist.  Instantly, I felt better and for the first time in four months, I felt like I was burning on the inside and it felt like I wasn't dying. My thoughts cleared up and I realized what I just did.  "No, no, no, no. You dirty b----!" I yelled at Gaea, which made her seem a little surprised. 
  15. "I probably should've told you that you would've been able to fully control a regular demigod, but since Megan is cursed, she will occasionally act herself and be able to be in control of her actions. But other than those few outbursts, she should be under your command." I heard another voice by the broken window say. I turned my head and saw Drew standing there.  "How will I know that she's under my command?" Gaea asked.  "You will most likely be able to tell by her eyes. When she's under your command, her eyes will probably be purple. But when she's not, her eyes will be their normal blue color." Drew said, her arms crossed and she had a knife in her hand.  I felt something inside of me go dark and a bunch of horrible images came in my mind as I saw everyone of my friends lying on the ground, dead, and me standing over them, laughing evilly.  "Megan, it's time to leave now." Gaea said and I obediently got out of bed. I was already in my travel cloths, so I didn't have to change.  As I was walking around the bed, I stopped and started walking towards the door where my friends were. The dark switch inside of me turned off and I started thinking clearly again. Luckily, my back was turned towards Gaea, so she couldn't see my eyes.  "I'm sorry." I said and then the force field seemed to wear off because it want there anymore, which had an idea pop into my head.  Dylan must've noticed too because he slowly got everyone to move out of the way. It made them confused until they saw my eyes.  Once they were out of the way, I bolted out of the bedroom, and made a run for the door.  "Megan, stop!" I heard Gaea command and the switch inside of me turned on and I stopped. "Come here." She told me.  "I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me." I said and then I started walking back towards her.  'If any of you try to kill me, I will most likely end up trying to kill you, and I don't want Gaea to make me do that.' I managed to say to my friends when I passed them. They all nodded their heads in response and I jumped out the window to go to who-knows-where. 
  16. Cliffhanger!!!! Thanks for reading guys. Bye.

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