Apollo's Curse (part 14)

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!!!! I had a good and sad dream: I was walking 3 of my dogs at a park and then one of them decided to go sleep under a bush. So when I got him, I turned around and saw one of my dead dogs, Aspen. I was soo happy to see her again that I gave her a hug and she licked my face. Then, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri started playing in my dream and it fit that scenic perfectly because it feels like I haven't seen her in a thousand years. :(

My dream is on the paragraph above this one. Please read it and tell me what you think. I have died every day waiting for you. Darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more. And along I believed I would find you. Time has brought your heart to me. I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more. I LOVE YOU ASPEN!!

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. Dylan walked behind me, with my hands bound behind my back, and led me deeper into the woods. I discussed the plan with them and they all agreed that it should be okay to do. I knew we were nearing the camp because I could smell the smoke of a campfire and I could also see it. We walked right into camp and a bunch of monsters turned their heads as they saw me. We kept on walking towards this one tent in the back of the camp. 'It's where their leader sleeps.' Dylan told me. We walked straight in the tent and I saw this hideous monster sitting on the floor. He looked up in shock as if he couldn't believe that Dylan actually "captured" me. 
  2. "Well, what do we have here?" He asked as he got up.  "I brought you Megan, now you must give me Eva. That was our deal." Dylan said.  "Yeah, yeah, whatever." The monster said then tossed Dylan a key, "There's the key, she's in the back."  Dylan walked into the back of the tent, but nothing was there. "Where is she?" Dylan asked, getting a little angry.  "Oh, I might've given her to one of those monsters out there." The monster said.  'I hope Dylan finds me.' I heard a little girl's voice say as I let my mind wander.  'Are you Eva?' I asked her.  'Who is in my head?' She asked, sounding scared. 
  3. 'No need to be scared, just tell me where you are.' I told her.  'Why should I trust you?' She asked me. 'My name is Megan, your brother is in this tent, and he's about to go out and find you. But he doesn't know where you are.' I explained to her.  'Tell him that I'm behind the tree that looks like it's upside down.' She said.  'Okay.' I told her, then changed my thoughts towards Dylan who was walking out towards the opening of the tent. 'Dylan, she's behind the tree that looks like it's upside down.'  'Okay.' Dylan said. "Now, do you want to know why your here?" The monster asked me.  "I know why I'm here." I told him, "Your going to take me to Gaea, aren't you?" 
  4. "Yes, we are." He said, smiling evilly, "But I'm afraid you can't know where we are taking you, so you're going to be unconscious the whole way there. And then we are going to drain all the energy from you so we can awaken Gaea."  'Megan, I have Eva. We're coming back to get you now.' Dylan thought.  'No, stay where you are. I'll come to you.' I told him.  'Okay.' He replied.  "Well good luck trying to get me there." I told him. "We don't need luck. We just need this." He said and then he pulled out a gun and pointed it straight at me. "Normally I don't use mortal weapons, but they can be torturest sometimes. Now, are you going to come with me or not?"
  5. "Big mistake." He said, then fired the gun and sent the bullet right into my left shoulder, making me fall down. He fired again, this time it hit my right leg, making me unable to walk. He fired a third time, making the bullet go into the side of my belly, making me roll over so I'm on my stomach. A fourth shot rang out through the night as the bullet hit the side of my back. 'Megan, what was that?" Dylan demanded.  'A fricken' gun!' I thought, probably sounding weird with my voice strained.  'Well are you okay?' He asked. 'Well, I'm alive if that's what you mean.' I said, 'Go get Jason!'  'Okay.' Dylan said.  The monster came over and grabbed my arm, making me stand up. I quickly burned his hand, making him let go of my arm. "You little brat." He hissed, then used the back of the gun, and hit me right in my right temple, which made me fall to the ground. Once I hit the ground, pain exploded in my whole body. Then, I remembered one of my powers that Apollo gave me. I screamed. The monster and the gun disintegrated, along with the other monster outside. 
  6. I untied my hands and tried to get up, only to fail and fall back down to the ground.  'Megan, we're almost there.' Dylan thought.  'Hurry up! I can't get up!' I told him.  'Why not?' He asked me.  'Because that stupid monster shot me four times.' I told him, sounding annoyed.  'Okay, we're in the camp.' Jason thought. 'Now where's Megan?'  I made a small fire at the entrance of the tent so they would know where I am. Jason, Dylan, and Eva bursted through the tent and then saw me lying there. 
  7. "Oh gods, Megan. What happened?" Jason asked as he came over and picked me up.  "Some monster had a gun and shot me four times." I told him.  "Shouldn't you be dead?" Dylan asked.  "Why does everyone keep on saying that?" I asked, getting pretty annoyed as I remembered that Thalia said the same thing. "Because it's true." Dylan replied.  "Well, it comes with the curse I guess. Since Poseidon and Hermes cursed Apollo about his next child being cursed, Apollo gave me all of his powers and a strong will so it's harder to kill me than most demigods." I explained to them.  "Ohhhhhh." Dylan said. 
  8. "Come on, let's get out of here." Jason said and then we all walked out of the camp and into the woods.  "Thank you for saving me." Eva said to me.  "You welcome, Eva." I told her and then I smiled, looking at her for the first time. I then realized that this was the little girl that I saw in my vision when I first got to Camp Half-Blood.  "Hey, Dylan. Were you and Eva found at Riverside City, New York?" I asked him.  "Yeah, how did you know?" Dylan asked me, completely confused.  "That's the whole reason why we're in Kansas right now. I had a vision of Eva being dragged away by some monster at Riverside City, so me and Jason went there to go and save her. But then we were captured and ended up here in Kansas." I told him. 
  9. Before he could say anything, the bushes behind us rustled.  "Jason, put me down." I whispered to him. He obeyed and put me down gently on the ground. I was standing on one foot because my other one was shot.  We drew our weapons and put Dylan and Eva behind us, so we could protect them. Ellie walked out of the bushes, wearing all black and had a glistening black sword in her hands.  "What are you doing here, Ellie?" I asked her, drawing back my arrow, ready to let it fly straight at her head.  "I'm here to capture you." She said in a sweet tone.
  10. "You think that just you alone can capture me?" I asked.  "Not just me." Ellie said and then she banged her sword against the ground, probably a signal for all the monsters to come out from the trees because a bunch of monsters came out of the trees and surrounded us. Two came and grabbed Dylan and Eva around their necks and had a gun to their heads.  "Now, are you going to come with us, or shall we kill your friends here?" Ellie asked. "Don't do it, Megan." Dylan said.  I gave him an I'm-sorry look and said in his mind, 'I have to.'  Turning my attention back to Ellie, I said, "I'll go with you." I tapped the spot on my necklace where the bow and arrow was and it vanished back on my necklace. I hit the sun and my rings and my necklace sank into my skin. 
  11. "Smart idea." Ellie said. Then she waved her hand and two monsters came out of the line and tied my hands behind my back. I felt something warm on my feet and I looked down and noticed that my blood made a small pool around me. "Heal her." Ellie ordered someone.  A monster cam forward, put his hand an inch away from my head, my wounds began to seal shut, and I instantly felt better. The two monsters who held Dylan and Eva let them go so they could help bring me back to where ever we're going.  A thought occurred to me. I haven't heard Jason talk and I can't seem to find him right now. 'Where did he go?' I thought.  'He went to go get your friends.' Dylan thought back.  'He's never gonna make it back in time.' I thought.  'He flew in the sky pretty fast. I think he'll reach New York in a couple of hours.' Dylan said.  'Why didn't he do that in the first place?!' I practically screamed inside my head, my anger bubbling. The two monsters beside me screamed in pain as I realized that I just set them on fire.  "How did you do that?" Ellie demanded as she stormed up to me.  "I don't know. But haven't you ever been told not to piss off the most powerful demigod in the world?" I asked her. 
  12. "You're going to pay this!" She said. Then she drove her sword right into the side of my belly. When I fell, I screamed as loud as I could. The monsters and Ellie exploded. Blood poured out of the mark in my side as Dylan and Eva ran towards me. By the time they reached me, I was gasping for air.  "Megan, it's going to be okay." Dylan said as he kneeled beside me.  "It's not gonna be okay!" I yelled at him, fighting for my breath.  "Calm down." Dylan said soothingly. "Your not going to die."  I took in a rapid breath and tried to relax my body as much as I could. Blood gushed out of my wound, making me dizzy from the loss of blood. 'Im dying.' I told Dylan in my head.  "Your not going to die, Megan." Dylan promised me.  'It's too late to save me.' I thought to him, sadly. Then I drew in my last breath and died.... Or so I thought.
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Haha, like I would end this series by having Megan die. Yeah right. Stay tuned for part 15, which I already have written down. I'm currently writing chapter 22 and I use an IPod to get to this and I wrote this story in my notes on my iPod, so all I have to do is copy a part and then paste it on here. It takes me less than 20min. To get these quiz parts up. Anywho, please comment and rate.

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