How much of a idiot are you?

Have you wondered if your an idiot? Probbly not. Your probbly just bored. Well I wonder if your an idiot! Are you an idiot? Lets see hmm i womder if you are!

Are you truly an idiot? I mean truly. You might be an idiot but there is a precentage in idiottisom. You could be 0%, 50%, or 100% idiot! Take this quiz to find out! You could also be in between those.

Created by: Beverlyreagan

  1. Well I guess if you clicked on this quiz you think your a idiot?
  2. That had no effect))) Have you ever banged her head on the wall over and over?
  3. Have you ever ran around naked?
  4. Your mom told you to go to the store to buy white bread you buy:
  5. Have you ever screamed for hours about how much you hated a person?
  6. Have you ever cut yourself or another person? On purpose?
  7. Have you ever stepped out in the middle of the road when cars were coming?
  8. Have you ever stood at a window and jump into a pool many feet on the ground?
  9. If you answered yes to the last few questions how are you still alive? No effect
  10. No effect- will you rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: How much of a idiot am I?