are you an idiot?

Have you ever wondered if you were an idiot? well now is the time to find out! take this beautiful quiz and see if you are brilliant (which i highly dought you are brilliant because if you are why are you taking this?)

Are YOU an idiot? you probably are if you even thought about taking this quiz because most brilliant people know they are smart and dont need quizes to tell them so.

Created by: alex

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  1. How many toes does an average person have?
  2. tahw seod a woc yas?
  3. do you think you are an idiot?
  4. What is today if yesterday was tomarrow?
  5. whats one plus one times one divided by one?
  6. Hows the quiz going so far for you?
  7. dear daddy, i write ye, in spite o' voyages o' slience, ye`ve clisted up, found jesus, things be good oh so i here. (whats this mean in "english")
  8. TMNT?
  9. ice cream
  10. You walk into a huge spooky looking house, it has the night time sky and lightning even if its day across the street. the first thing you see is your bf/gf hanging from the ceiling. he/she was brutally murdered. what do you do?
  11. You are lost in the middle of the woods and you are allowed to bring 2 other things they would be....

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Quiz topic: Am I an idiot?