Apollo's Curse (part 18)

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Last week, I passed out on my bathroom floor. And both my little sister and older brother heard a thump coming from the bathroom but none of them decided to check on me....

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. I woke and remembered who I was and where I was. I looked around and noticed that it was dark out and that I was still on the roof.  I put my right hand on the roof to get up when I felt something warm and sticky on my hand. I realized that it was from the gunshot on my shoulder and my leg. I turned my head to the right and saw Jason sitting beside me with his head down like he was about to fall asleep.  "Jason, why are we still on the roof?" I asked him.  "Oh good, you're finally up." He whispered to me, "We can't get down because that gang will see any movement."  "Where are the others?" I asked him.  "Behind the building." Jason explained to me in a hushed voice.  "Why are you whispering?" I asked him. 
  2. "Who are ya talkin' to, sweetheart?" Rusty called up from the ground.  "That's why." Jason explained to me. "Wouldn't you like to know." I called back down to him.  "Actually, I would." He called up. "Can't a girl talk to herself?" I called back down.  "Why don't you come down so we can see that pretty little face of yours?" He asked me.  "Why don't you come up?" I retorted. "I ain't coming up." He told me angrily.  "Well I ain't coming down." I told him. "You little brat!" He yelled at me and then said some other words that I shall not mention.  While he was going off on me, I started army crawling across the roof so I could see Dylan, Percy, and Jake.  "What are you doing?" Jason asked me as I passed him.  "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm army crawling across the roof." I whispered to him. 
  3. "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm army crawling across the roof." I whispered to him.  Once I reached the edge of the roof, I looked down and saw Dylan pacing and Percy and Jake sleeping.  "Pst, Dylan." I whispered down to him.  He looked up in surprise and said, "Megan, are you alright?"  "Yeah I'm fine, just really hungry. You don't happen to have any food, do you?" I asked him.  "Yeah, here." He said as he tossed up a loaf of bread.  "Thanks." I said as I caught it. I started crawling back towards Jason. "Want some?" I offered as I reached him.  "Yeah, I'm starving." Jason said as he ripped off some bread and started eating it.  When we were done eating it, there was only a little left.  "Come on. It's about time we got off this roof." I told him and then we both started army crawling until we reached the edge of the roof. I looked down and noticed that they were all sleeping. 
  4. I started ripping off little pieces of bread and was chucking it at them. Percy was the first to wake up and the Jake woke up after I hit him in the eye with a piece. Then finally, Dylan woke up with his face covered in little bread pieces. I started to giggle a little when I saw the confusion on there faces.  Jason put his arms around my waist and then rolled off the edge of the roof. We landed safely and softly.  "Why did you throw bread at us?" Jake asked.  "Because you were sleeping." I told him, giggling a little.  "Come on, let's get out of here and get home." Jason said and then started walking away. "Why is he in a rush?" I asked to whoever knew the answer.  "He probably wants to see Piper." Percy answered.  "Who's Piper?" I asked.  "His girlfriend." Percy explained and then both him and Jake walked after Jason.
  5. "You coming?" Dylan asked me.  "Yeah." I said and then put pressure on my right leg, completely forgetting that I was shot there, "s---!" I exclaimed as my leg started hurting even more.  "What is it?" Dylan asked, concern in his voice.  "I forgot that I was shot at and I can't walk." I told him as I started hopping in place to keep my balance.  "Well that just sucks, doll-face." I heard a voice say behind me. I turned around and saw Rusty and Darrel standing there. Darrel's face was still bleeding a little from when I hit him earlier today.  "What do you want?" I demanded.  "We can't let you get away after what you did to my face." Darrel said.  "You did that?" Dylan asked me.  "Yeah, he deserved it. He wouldn't let go of my arm." I told him while grinning, "So what are you going to do to me? Kill me?" I said turning my attention back to Rusty and Darrel. 
  6. "No. We're not gonna kill you. We're gonna torture you." Darrel said and then pulled out a gun and pointed at me.  "I thought you said you weren't gonna kill me." I said.  "I'm not. I'm gonna kill him." Darrel said and then pointed the gun at Dylan. A second before he pulled the trigger, I pushed Dylan out of the way. Two shots rang out through the dead silent night and two bullets hit my left shoulder, an inch from my heart.  "You were suppose to shoot that guy." Rusty yelled at Darrel.  "You don't think I know that?" Darrel said and then tried to fire the gun at Dylan, "I'm outta bullets."  "Great. That was our only gun." Rusty said.  "Oh well, she's gonna die anyway. Let's just get outta here before the cops come." Darrel said and then they ran away, into the darkness and out of sight.
  7. "Megan, are you alright?" Dylan asked as he knelt beside me.  "Yeah, I'm fine. Just carry me to wherever the other guys went. I'm surprised that they didn't come back to see what was taking us so long." I said.  Dylan bent down and picked me up, blood dripping down on his arms and some of my blood was smearing onto his shirt. "Sorry about the blood." I said. "It's okay. It'll wash off." Dylan said as I rested my head against his chest. Dylan kissed the top of my head and said, "Don't die this time."  I smiled and said, "I won't, I promise."  I could feel that he was carrying me up a hill because we were slightly slanted.  "What took you guys so long?" Percy called as he saw us coming down the hill. It must've been to dark for him to see that I was bleeding.  "We decided to take a tour of the city." I called back sarcastically.  "Okay, seriously, what happened?" Jason said.  'They are not very smart.' I told Dylan telepathically. 
  8. He laughed a little and thought back, 'You're now just figuring that out?'  "What are you laughing at, Dylan?" Jake asked.  "I told him that you guys aren't very smart." I said.  "Hey-." Percy objected. "Hay is for horses, not people." I interrupted.  "Whatever, just tell us what happened." Jason said as we finally reached them.  "Oh gods, Megan. What happened to you?" Jake asked as he finally saw the blood dripping on the grass and the blood on Dylan's arms and chest. "I'm to tired to explain. Dylan, you explain it." I told him.  "Two of those gang members found us and they had a gun. They were about to kill me when Megan pushed me out of the way and she got shot. They ran out of bullets and took off." Dylan explained to them.  "Why didn't you do something about it?" Jake yelled at Dylan.  "What could I have done?" Dylan asked.  "You could've stood your ground and not let her push you out of the way." Jake said.  "I didn't know she was going to do that." Dylan told him.  "Well you should've! It's Megan! She would do anything just to save someone's stupid life, like yours." Jake said, getting angry.  "Jake, stop. I'm fine, honestly." I told him before Dylan could say anything.  "You don't look fine." Jake said, "And you shouldn't have pushed him out of the way."  "Why not?" I challenged him.  "Because he deserves to die!" Jake exclaimed.  "Why?" I demanded. "Because he tried to capture you the day you met him! And then you died saving his life!" Jake yelled at me.  "And I would do it again in a heartbeat!" I snapped at him, "Just like I would with anyone else's life!" 
  9. "I think we all need to calm down." Jason said, stepping in-between us with his arms extended. "I am calm." Jake said and then he walked away.  "Put me down against that tree, Dylan." I told him as soon as Jake left. He did and then he walked away in the opposite direction of Jake.  I rested my head against the tree, closed my eyes, and fell asleep. What I saw was happening right now.
  10. "We should get her now while she's asleep." I heard a voice say behind me. "Wait until those two guys stop watching her." Another voice said. "Okay, but you better hope that Darrel won't get mad at us for taking a long time." The first voice said.  "Who cares what Darrel says? He doesn't have a gun anymore and he lost his knife." The second voice said.  "Okay, they stopped looking at her. Now do we go and get her, Wesley?" The first voice said. "Yes. Now we get her, Dagger." Wesley said.  I could feel rough hands grab me and I felt a rope tie my hands behind my back, but I couldn't wake up.  "Wow, she must be a really heavy sleeper." Dagger commented as he threw me over his shoulder. "That's good news for us." Wesley said and then smiled an evil smile. 
  11. I then woke up and saw that Dagger still had me over his shoulder. I quickly kneed him in the stomach and rolled off his shoulder, hitting the ground with a thud. I looked over and saw that Dagger was doubled over in pain, clutching his stomach in one hand.  "Well look who decided to wake up." Wesley said. "Why does Darrel still want me?" I demanded.  "He said that he never got done torturing you." Dagger explained as he finally got his breath back.  I burned the rope that was holding my wrists together as I said, "Just because I punched him in the face and gave him a bloodied nose?"  "Yep. He's still bleeding so you must've hit him pretty hard." Wesley said, "We should probably get you to him before he freaks out."  "I'm not going anywhere with you guys." I said as I finally burned through the rope and had my hands in front of me.  "Your right, your not. But ya will come with me." A voice said behind me. I turned around and saw Rusty standing there.
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!! I actually finished writing this story, there are 24 chapters/parts and I will hopefully get the next one up in 3-4 hours because my iPod's battery is low.

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