The Cursed One (part 10)

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. I am so sore right now. Gymnastics is difficult but soooo much fun. I have a bruise on my hip from the bar. Well, thanks for taking. Please comment and rate. Thanks ~Meg.

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!! I am so sore right now. Gymnastics is difficult but soooo much fun. I have a bruise on my hip from the bar. Well, thanks for taking. Please comment and rate. Thanks ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. I woke up and was too sore to open my eyes or move. I heard someone quietly snoring to my right and felt someone's hand on mine. I assumed it was Dylan and I tried to relax. It was going great until I heard someone walking towards me.  "Poor, Megan. You don't realize that you're going to die. And when everyone sees the knife in your stomach, I'll tell them that you attacked me with the last of your bad side. And then, Dylan will be all mine. I was going to let you live so you could suffer when you see us together but then, you tried to drown him. I know that you never wanted too and it was your bad side but, it was still you." I heard Tara whisper and then all of a sudden, I felt a knife dig into my stomach before I could defend myself.  I instantly sat up while screaming, which woke everyone else up.  "Megan, what's wrong?" Dylan asked. It must've been to dark to see.  "Sh-she attacked me and I didn't know w-what to do, so I defended myself and she jumped onto my knife." Tara said, making her voice sounding terrified and shaken, and I felt Dylan put his hands on the knife.  "You lying son of a gun." I yelled at her as I yanked the knife out of my stomach and threw it at her right shoulder. She screamed and fell down as I laid my head back down and closed my eyes while Dylan was trying to stop the bleeding with the thin white blanket that was on me.  "Will!" Dylan yelled and then I heard a rush of footsteps coming towards me.  "What happened?" Will asked as I heard him shuffling through some stuff.  "Tara said that Megan attacked her so she stabbed her in the stomach and then Megan yelled 'You lying son of a gun' while she threw the knife at Tara." Dylan quickly explained.  "Alright, we need to stop the bleeding. Dylan, put pressure right above the gash and hold her arms down while I try to stitch her up." Will ordered and Dylan obeyed.  I then felt a sharp pinch in my stomach, where my wound was, and instead of tensing up, I found myself going limp.  'Don't die, Megan. They need you to stay alive.' I told myself as I felt myself going weaker and weaker.  "Come on, Megan. You can make it through. Will's almost done." Dylan told me as he grabbed on tighter to my hands.  I opened up my eyes and sadly looked at him as I felt myself being pulled into darkness.... 
  2. * * * *VISION* * * *  "What happened to her?" Dylan asked as I saw myself go limp.  "She appears to be dead, but then again, it's like she's not dead." Will replied, confused, as he finished up stitching me.  "What do you mean?" Dylan asked.  "It looks like she's dead, but her heart is still faintly beating." Will answered.  "So, what do we do?" Dylan asked.  "Nothing, I guess. There's nothing that we can do." Will replied and then he closed my eyes.  "Is everything okay? What happened in here?" I heard Piper ask as she came into the room.  "Megan's half dead." Will replied as he washed the blood off of his hands.  "How can someone be half dead?" Piper asked.  "She looks dead, but her heart is still faintly beating." Will explained again.  "Well, how did it happen?" Piper asked.  "Ask Tara." Dylan said.  "Tara, what happened?" Piper asked.  "I came in here to see if Megan was doing alright and then she just attacked me. Her eyes were purple. I think some of her bad side is still in her. And when she tried to jump on me, I pulled out my knife and she landed on it." Tara said, smoothly lying. 
  3. "That's a lie." Will said.  "Tara, tell us the truth." Piper demanded, her voice more powerful.  "I came in here an stabbed Megan because I don't like her." Tara confessed.  "Tara, you do realize that if Megan dies and you die in battle, then you won't come back to life, right?" Dylan said.  "I wouldn't be in battle anyways. I don't like to get my hands dirty." Tara said.  "But you're willing to get your hands dirty to kill Megan?" Dylan demanded.  "She deserved it. She's killed many of us." Tara said.  "And we came back to life and she saved many of us." Dylan said and then I woke up. 
  4. I gasped for air and coughed.  "Oh thank the gods you're alright." Tara told me with a hint of sarcasm in her voice so that only I could catch it.  "I will frickin' kill you." I threatened her as I gave her my famous death stare and propped myself up on my left arm.  Before anyone could say anything else, a lot of yelling and commotion started coming outside.  "They're attacking again. We need everyone outside and helping to fight them off." Percy said as he came through the infirmary and then left to go fight. Piper and Tara followed him and I tried to get up, but Dylan pushed me back down.  "You can't go out and fight, Megan. You're still to weak." Will told me.  "But, I need to go out there and help." I said.  "No, you have to stay here." Dylan told me.  "But you're going to go out and fight and then once you leave, I'm going to go out and help fight. You know that right?" I said.  "Yep. Which is why we're doing this." Dylan said as he forced my right hand next to the metal bar on the side of the hospital bed. Will came over and put four zip-ties around my forearm so I couldn't get out. Then, they both went out of the tent to go fight while I struggled to free myself.  I jumped off the bed and I had to drag it across the room to find something sharp. After a couple minutes of searching, I found some scissors, and I cut myself free.  "Where is she?" I heard Gaea's voice demand from outside.  "Where's who?" Someone asked.  "Don't play dumb with me. Now, where is she?" Gaea asked again and no one said anything. "Fine, if no one will tell me where she is, then I'll find her myself." She said and then I felt the ground below me shaking. 
  5. I quickly jumped to the right and a hole appeared where I was. I ran to a corner of the tent and climbed the pole that held held that corner up.  I then felt the pole starting to shake and then it was sinking into the ground. I would've jumped on the floor but, the whole tent was sinking into the ground and the whole ground was a big hole, and I could've sworn I heard Gaea laughing inside of my head.  I used my common sense and burned a hole through the side of the tent. I then quickly jumped through it as the tent sank into the ground.  "Ugh, you slippery little weasel!" Gaea yelled at me.  "No time for chit-chat." I said and then I jumped out of the way as a hole appeared below me.  That went on for another 30 seconds before my right foot got stuck on something and then I started to slowly sink into the ground.  "Face it, Megan. You will once again be evil." Gaea told me as she walked up to me.  "No I won't. Because, if I'm correct, we've been through this before and it ended with me doing this." I said and then I set myself on fire, which made me stop sinking when I was halfway in the ground. Gaea then disappeared and so did all of the monsters. 
  6. "How did you do that?" Alaina asked me.  "How am I suppose to know? All I know is that she's gone so, help me up." I said and then Dylan and Jake walked over to me and grabbed my outstretched arms.  They both pulled up and it felt like I was being pulled in half.  "Does that hurt?" Jake asked.  "No, not at all." I sarcastically said.  "We could try turning the dirt into mud." Dylan suggested when they let go of my arms.  "Okay." Jake said and then they both went over to the lake.  A couple minutes later, they both came back with four buckets full of water. They both dumped them on me and I was completely drenched. Then, they both pulled me out of the hole and I was covered in mud from the waist down and Dylan started laughing.  "Oh, so you think this is funny?" I said.  "Yeah. Megan, you do look pretty funny right now." Jake said.  I changed into a wolf and shook myself. Mud and water splashed on them and I was dry. I changed back and looked at them and they were both now covered in mud.  "Well, look who's laughing now." I said.  "Well, I think this is between you two, so I'm gonna go get a shower." Jake said and then walked away as the crowd of demigods dispersed back to their cabins. 
  7. "So.... You wanna go for a walk and tell me what happened with Gaea while I fill you in on what happened here?" Dylan suggested.  "Sure. Let's walk through the woods." I said and then started walking towards them.  "Don't they ever scare you? Even at night?" Dylan asked me as he started following me and I saw the sun setting.  "Do I look like the type of person that scares easily?" I asked him.  "Well, you looked pretty scared when I died." Dylan said.  "That was different." I objected.  "How?" Dylan asked.  "It just was." I replied.  "But how?" He asked again.  "Do you honestly think you're going to win this argument? You know how competitive I get and I always win and I'm also very stubborn." I said as we entered the woods.  "Yeah, I probably won't win. So, what was life with Gaea like?" Dylan asked as he took my right hand.  "Difficult," I began. "Every time I would change back to my normal self and try to fight her, she would give me these." I told him and held out my left forearm. On it were scratches from when Gaea would take a knife and cut my arm till I changed back. "So, what happened here?" I asked.  "Not much. Will sang another solo in that compation and won. It turns out that Dre is a son of Apollo. I think Tara has charmspeak because she told me to jump in the lake, and I did without questioning her. Oh, and Jake and Dakota are going out." Dylan told me as the sun went down.  Before I could say anything, I heard some armor clanking behind us. I turned around and started making my way back to where the cabins were.  "What is it?" Dylan asked me.  "I can hear armor clanking." I told him.  "Well, I don't hear any." He said.  "My wolf senses are probably on." I said and then he started following me. 
  8. As we neared the tree line, I could see a bunch of monsters trying to sneak around the camp. I saw two monsters go into the Poseidon cabin, two in the Zeus cabin, and two in the Apollo cabin. The others just stayed in the middle of the clearing. I quickly set the ones on fire that were standing there and they disintegrated.  The two monsters that went into the Poseidon cabin came out with Percy (who look like he just woke up), the two that went into the Zeus cabin came out with Jason, and the two from the Apollo cabin came out with no one. They both had their hands tied behind their back and a chain around them.  "Where is she?" One of the monsters hissed.  "We don't know. She wasn't in her cabin." Another one replied.  "I can smell her. She is close." The 1st monster said.  "She must be because she charred everyone else." The 3rd monster said as it saw what I did to the other monsters.  "Do you know where she is?" The 2nd monster asked Percy and Jason.  "Where who is? There are a lot of 'she's' here." Percy said.  "Where is Megan?" The 1st monster demanded.  "Oh, you're talking about Megan, okay. Yeah, we don't know where she is." Jason said.  "Go find her." The 1st monster ordered and then four monster split up. Two went towards the cabins and two headed straight for the forest, exactly where Dylan and I were.  "Come on we gotta run." I told Dylan and as I turned around, a monster, about twice the size of the other ones, was standing there.  Before I could react, it swung it's giant arm, and it sent me flying backwards. I flew out of the tree line and over Percy and Jason. I landed on my back and then rolled until I ended up on my stomach. I was a little dazed, but I managed to stand up.  "Well, well. Look who decided to join us." The 1st monster said and started walking towards me.  "Woah-wait. Time-out. I'm still a little dizzy." I told him as I put my hands on my knees. I looked down at my arms and saw that they were all scraped up, so were my legs, and no doubt my back looked the same too, if not worse. 
  9. "Oh, sure. Take your time." The 2nd monster said and his voice was right behind me and it sounded like he was a foot away.  I whirled around and he punched me in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me. I fell to my knees as I tried to get my breath back and he elbowed me in the back, making me fall to the ground. I felt him put his foot on top of me, preventing me from moving.  "I suggest you don't move." He told me.  "And I suggest you take your foot off of me." I told him.  "Why? What are you going to do?" He asked and pressed his foot down on my back a little harder.  I quickly set his leg on fire. He moved his foot off my back and I quickly got up. While he was slowly burning alive, I turned around to face the other monsters.  Once I turned around, something cold wrapped around my waist. I looked down and saw the chain on me.  As soon as I looked back up, the monster knocked me over onto my back. He pinned my arms down and I struggled to get free.  "Didn't we tell you to not move?" He growled at me.  "Haven't you learned by now that I don't listen?" I sarcastically said.  With that lovely comment, he yanked me to my feet, and held my arms behind my back.  "Walk." He told me and then pushed me forward, but I didn't budge.  "Make me." I said and then he shoved me to the ground. Since he was still holding my arms behind my back, my head hit the ground first. He then pulled me back up to my feet and shoved me forward, which made him let go of my arms.  I quickly pulled out Nekros, turned around, and plunged it into the monster. He disintegrated and I put an arrow in the monster that was watching over Percy and Jason. It disintegrated and I put another two arrows at the two monsters running towards me.  "How come no one is waking up from all of this noise?" I asked as Percy and Jason came towards me.  "They probably put them under a sleeping spell or something." Percy replied.  Before I could say anything else, I heard someone yell in pain from the woods.  "What was that?" Jason asked.  "Dylan." I quickly replied and then sprinted towards the forest with Percy and Jason behind me. 
  10. As I burst through the tree line and into the forest, I was lifted up by a net that was hanging from a tree.  "Told you she would show up." A deep voice said and I squinted my eyes to see a bulky figure standing in the darkness. Percy and Jason came through the tree line and the same thing happened to them.  I grabbed Areto and started cutting through the net. I cut a hole through it, crawled out of it, and started climbing down the tree. Once my feet touched the ground, the tree collapsed onto it's side, and it would've crushed me if I was still in the net.  "There. Now she's gone and we can finally kill you all." A low and scratchy voice said.  I silently ran over to the tree that Percy was hanging on and I started to climb it.  "Go get the others and tell them to prepare for a mass slaughter." The 1st voice commanded. I heard some footsteps pass the tree that I was climbing and I rested on a branch and tapped the bow and arrow on my necklace. I notched an arrow and took aim at the creature barreling through the forest. I released the golden arrow and it glowed in the moonlight as it sank itself into the monster's back. It quickly disintegrated and I started climbing the tree again.  Once I reached where Percy was, I climbed around the tree so I could cut a hole in his net. As I started cutting the hole, Percy turned around and looked completely shocked that I was there and not dead.  "Oh, please. I'm smart enough to know that if I have knives, then I'm going to get out of that net." I whispered to him.  Once when I cut the hole, Percy crawled out of the net, and we both started climbing down the tree. As soon as our feet touched the ground, Percy stepped on a twig and it snapped, making the monster turn our way.  "Who's there?" He asked.  "Only your worst nightmare." I said overly cheerful as I steeped into the moonlight.  "How did that tree not crush you?" He asked.  "It never landed on top of me. I cut out a hole in the net and climbed out. It was quite easy." I said as I leaned against a tree. 
  11. I looked around the clearing for Dylan and saw him tied up against a tree. His shirt was soaked in blood by his stomach and that instantly made me mad. I snapped my head back towards the monster and pulled out my bow. I grabbed an arrow and notched it, pointing it at the monster's eye. I let it fly and it sunk itself into it's pupil in his right eye and he instantly disintegrated.  I ran over to Dylan and untied his arms from the tree. He staggered a little and I supported him.  I gently laid him down on his back and pulled up his shirt so I could see how bad it was. His stomach was cover in blood and there were deep gashes in it.  "How bad is it?" Dylan asked.  "Not too bad." I smoothly lied.  "I bet my abs are gonna be ruined." Dylan joked.  "No they won't. And if it makes you feel any better, mine were better." I said.  "How is that suppose to make me feel better?" Dylan asked.  "I don't know. But it made me feel better." I said.  "I'll be fine." Dylan said as he grabbed my hand reassuringly.  "Can you take this chain off of me?" I asked, changing the subject.  "Sure." Dylan said and then pulled it off.  I then hovered my hands over his wound, closed my eyes, and started singing ancient Greek healing words. A yellow glow appeared over my hands and I felt warmth spreading through me. I then gently put my hands on top of Dylan's stomach and I could feel his wounds disappearing.  When I was done, I opened my eyes and saw his perfect abs without a scratch or scar on them.  "Thanks." Dylan said and then we both stood up.  Out of no where, chains shot out from the darkness, and they flung me back against a tree. The same thing happened to Dylan and then a monster stepped out of the shadows with Percy and Jason tied up in a net. As my eyesight came back into focus, I saw that the monster was a women.  "I'll answer your question. I'm Lamia and I'm here to take you, Megan, to a rendezvous point, and meet up with Gaea. I'm doing this to watch Mt. Olympus fall. And Gaea needs you to do this and you need to come willingly." Lamia said.  "And I refuse to go." I told her.  "Do you know what kind of monster I am?" She asked me.  "Nope. I'm not very good at history." I replied.  "Well, I'm known for eating children." Lamia said.  "Okay?" I said, confused a little.  "Maybe this will help you understand." She said and then walked over to Dylan, who was chained against the tree next to me, and struggling to get out.  She touched Dylan's right arm and smiled, which I thought was really creepy and weird.  "Stop!" I yelled at her as she leaned over and was about to bite a chunk out of his arm. "I'll go with you!" I said.  "Oh, Megan. You're so strong and tough, but when it comes to the people you love, you're so weak." Lamia told me. "I'll go get some people to take you to California." She said and then walked away.  "I'm sorry, Dylan." I told him as Lamia was out of earshot.  "Don't be. You did what you had to do." Dylan said.  "I think they're gonna kill me." I said.  "Why do you think that? If anything, they're just going to try and turn you back over to their side." Dylan told me.  "No they aren't. They don't need me anymore after they take over Olympus. I'll be dead before the year's over." I said.  "No you won't, Megan. Don't think like that. I'll do everything I can to find you. I promise." Dylan told me as two guys came and unchained me from the tree and shoved me out through the woods- with my hands chained behind my back and the chain around my waist- and through the camp entrance/exit.
  12. Cliffhanger!! Sorry it took me awhile. I've been busy. Well, anyways, please comment and rate and please take my another on of my series called "Somethig Weird". Thanks ~Meg.

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