Somehow They're Alive (part 2)

Welcome to part two of "Somehow They're Alive". I think that you'll like this part because it starts getting dramatic. Also, are you guys likeing Jay?

I know that Jay hasn't been in this part, but he'll have a role in the future. I got to thinking about it and decided that Ryan needs a dude friend. Leave your comments.

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Jaslina's Point of View***"Mom, I don't know what I did to make you feel this miserable. Please just tell me what I did wrong. Please don't yell at me." Mom motions for me to sit down on the floor while she grabs a box from the very back of the attic. It's so dusty that it looks like it hasn't been touched in years. Once mom gets through the labyrinth of boxes in her way she takes a seat beside me. "Honey, you didn't do anything wrong. Really, I should be the one begging you not to yell at me. After I tell you this, I wouldn't blame you if you did yell at me." I don't say anything; I'm too surprised. What could possibly make her scared that I would yell at her? What did she hide from me? "Don't you have anything to say to me, sweetheart?" asks mom. "No. I just want to know how what I asked you made you go through a three-day depression stage." "Alright, I see. You want me to get straight to the point." Mom opens the box and pulls out a picture of the little girl I saw. The only difference is that in this picture she's wearing a little purple footed outfit, and is sitting in a highchair. "Yes, that's her," I say. "That's Josephine." Mom starts to get teary again, but she holds it back. "That's what I thought." "Who is she, mom? Please tell me." She doesn't say anything. Instead she places the picture on the ground next to me and then pulls out an official looking document followed by a newspaper article and another picture. "I'll tell you if you take a look at these first."
  2. First I look at the document. It's actually a birth certificate. As I start to read through it I realize that it's Josephine's birth certificate. My eyes grow wide. I put that down and look at the photo. It's a professional shot of my family. Mom is wearing a bright yellow dress with her beautiful brown hair cascaded on her shoulders. Next to her is my dad looking handsome in a blue pinstriped suit and his blonde hair combed to one side. In his lap is a little blonde one year old in a pink dress. That has to be me. Then I look in mom's lap. It's that same little girl with curly brown hair wearing the same black dress; she looks to be three in this picture. After seeing that, I don't even read the newspaper article. Instead I get to my feet. "Why didn't you tell me I had a sister?!" I shout. Tammy and Rayla can probably hear me but I don't care. "Jaslina, I'm sorry! I"”" "You're sorry?! I've had a sister for all these years and you never even told me? All this time I thought I was an only child! You lied to me!" Now mom is on her feet. "I lied to protect you!" "To protect me from what?!" "Read the article, and maybe you'll understand." I don't want to. I'm so angry I could spit fire. Instead of continuing the yelling match I shake my head at her and walk slowly toward the door. "Jaslina, please! I didn't tell you about your sister for your own personal safety. You must understand that." I run out of the attic and down to the living room, where I find Tammy and Rayla waiting for me. "I heard yelling," says Tammy. "Is everything okay?" "I'll explain in the car," I say. "Let's go." "Why are we driving? Ryan's house is only a couple of blocks away." Shoving my feet into my flip flops, I say, "The faster we can get out of here the better."
  3. They look like they want to argue, but instead walk out and get in the car with me. If I tell them and Ryan about it maybe they'll help me make some sense about this whole thing. Right as I pull into the driveway Lily's uncle runs out to greet us. "I'm sorry, girls. Ryan isn't here right now." "Where is he?" I ask. "I thought his shift would be over by now." Ryan has a job at Lily's Aunt's coffee shop. He wants to try and earn some money for college after he gets out of High School. Even if it's not a lot, he says that every dime helps. "His shift won't be over for a while," says Lily's uncle. "Then after his shift he'll probably go down to the prison and visit Sapphire. He visits her once a week." Oh. I should've guessed that. Ryan told me about his and Sapphire's weekly visits. He thinks that if he lets Sapphire know that somebody cares about her that she might come around and convert to Christianity. I don't think that it's going to work, but at this point it's worth a try. How bad could it go? I thank Lily's uncle and pull out of the driveway. "So what now?" asks Rayla. "Let's go to Lily's house, I guess." "I thought that this was Lily's house," says Tammy. "No, this is her Aunt and Uncle's house. Lily lives with her parents just down the street from me." We pull into Lily's driveway, and she comes outside to greet me. "Hi, Jas." Apparently just noticing Tammy and Rayla, she says, "Tammy! Rayla! It's great to see you! How've you been?" We get out of the car and exchange hugs with Lily. We all head inside and tromp downstairs to Lily's room in the basement. She turns on the radio and gets a diet coke from the mini fridge. I try my very best to laugh and act normal, but it doesn't work. After a few minutes she notices that something's wrong.
  4. "Jas, is everything ok?" Lily asks. Concern is eminent in her features. Rayla speaks up. "Yes, I want to know the same thing. What's going on?" They all gaze at me in worry. I wanted to wait until I could talk to Ryan to tell anyone, but there's no avoiding the topic with them. So I just give in and tell them what happened. By the end of the story their mouths' are hanging opened like fly traps'. After clearing her throat, Lily says, "You have a sister and your mom never told you? That's crazy." Tammy puts a comforting hand on my shoulder. "Are you going to be okay?" "I don't know. I probably will be after a while." "Aren't you ever going to read the newspaper article? It might help you find out what happened to Josephine." After a long moment of silence I finally respond. "I'm not sure if I do want to know what happened to her; I don't know if my heart could take it. Besides, I've lived without knowing about her for seventeen years. Maybe I should just forget that I ever heard about it so I and my mom can go back to our wonderful mother-daughter relationship." "You're just going to act like you've never heard of her?" "Yup. Then, when I feel like it, I'll read the article and talk to mom about it. I won't ignore Josephine forever."
  5. ***Ryan's Point of View*** I've been on the road for an hour. The prison that Sapphire's being held may be in the same state, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's right around the corner. I'd actually like to visit my mom too. However, it'd never happen. The prison she's being held at is all the way down in Texas. Truthfully, even if it wasn't in Texas, I'm not sure that'd be allowed to visit her. She's one of America's most dangerous criminals. Shes' so dangerous that the court is still debating whether she should get life without parole or the death penalty. A year has passed and it's still undecided. Seeing the exit that I need, I switch lanes and drive onto the exit ramp. It should be about a twenty minute drive from here.
  6. Now that I'm off of the highway I turn on the radio. I can't have music if I'm on the highway; it makes me nervous. I'm confused when I hear Taylor Swift singing, and then realize that it's turned onto a country station. Whenever Jay is in this car he always has to switch stations. Here's a little secret of mine: if you want to irritate me just hop in my chevrolet and mess with my radio. After what seems like forever I come to that familiar road where the trees start to get dense. I turn on that road and drive until I reach the gigantic parking lot of Sapphire's prison. I park my blue chevy and start walking toward the tinted double doors. I go through my usual weekly routine of going through the metal detectors and scanners and all of that stuff. When I come out on the other side somehthing happens that I'd never expect. From behind I'm tackled by half a dozen police officers, including the police cheif. "Ryan Caroga, please come with us. We're putting you under investigation. If you'll agree to a polygraph test we'd like to do that as well." Panicked, I plead, "Why? What did I do?"
  7. ***Jaslina's Point of View*** Tammy, Rayla, and I decided to spend the night at Lily's house. At first I wasn't sure about it, but Lily's parents said it was okay as long as we stay in the basement and don't make too much noise. I'm not even going home for my PJ's. I'll go home and change clothes tomorrow when mom's gone. We were going to watch a movie, but we got bored and decided to go sit outside and talk. The sun is just now setting, and it's beautiful. If only Ryan were here. As if by magic, my cell phone rings. It's Ryan. They all ask who it is, and ask me to put it on speaker. It's weird that he's calling me. Usually he texts me. "Hey, Ryan," I say. For some reason his voice sounds very alarmed. "Jaslina, I'm at the prison. You, Tammy and Rayla have to get down here now! It's an emergency." We exchange glances. "Ryan, what's wrong?" "I went down the prison to visit Sapphire. You know I like to visit her. Anyway, when I got there I was approached by half a dozen police officers. At first I thought I was in trouble for something, but then I found out that I'm not. Something terrible has happened, and they need my help."
  8. Coming closer to the phone, Tammy snaps, "Get to the point, Ryan!" "Sapphire and Landon are gone!" "Gone?!" all of us exclaim at once. "What do you mean gone?" I ask. "They escaped together, and now they're missing! I think that they're planning something!" "Did you tell the police that?" asks Rayla. "Yes, but they don't believe me. They think that they escaped only for freedom. I just get this feeling that they're planning something." "Alright, Ryan. We'll be right down." I hang up. Before running to my car I ask Lily if she wants to come to. She politely declines. Now, with my foot on the accelerator, I hurry down to the prison. Great, it's happening all over again.
  9. ***"Everything is happening all at once," says Rayla. "First we find out that Jaslina has a secret sister, and now we find out that Sapphire and Landon escaped." "Can this day get any worse?" says Tammy. "Hey, Jaslina having a sister could be a good thing," Rayla says in defense. "I knew that. I was talking about Landon and Sapphire! How could the police let them escape?! We're doomed!" I was going to say no we're not doomed, but then I re-think it. Both Sapphire and Landon are out of prison and loose on the streets. For once I actually agree with Tammy. Nearly having a panic attack, I drive into the parking lot of one of the country's highest security prisons. Apparently it isn't as secure as everybody thought. After we get through the metal detectors and scanners and all of that stuff, we walk up to Ryan who we see pacing in the distance. He looks like a nervous mess. He looks over and sees us. "It's great that you're here. I've been here for hours, and I need some company. Some extra mind power wouldn't hurt either." "You've been here for hours?" I ask. "Yes. First they did a lie detector test on me and went through all of the recordings." Tammy interrupts. "Recordings?" "Yes. They recorded all of the conversations I had with Sapphire when I visited her, and we listened to all of them. Once word came back that I passed the lie detector test and after I showed none of the usual signs of being a liar I was off of their suspect list for aiding them. The only reason they kept me after I was no longer a suspect is because I'm Sapphire's twin, and I probably know her the best out of anybody." "So they thought that you could help figure out where they are?" "That's exactly the reason. However, I don't know at all where they are. All I know is that Sapphire and Landon wouldn't just escape so they could be running free. Neither of them would escape without having a valid reason."
  10. "Are you sure?" asks Rayla. "After a year of being cooped up in a prison cell freedom would sound pretty good." "Sapphire is smarter than that. She would've realized that her and Landon had no way of supporting themselves, and that they would probably end up starving on the streets or in a shelter." "That's a good point. I didn't think of that," I say. "So, if not for freedom, then why do you think they would escape?" Ryan massages his brow. "I don't know. They probably wanted to hide or protect something. Other than that I can't come up with anything." In an attempt to help him think, I say, "Why would they want to hide something?" "To keep themselves from getting a longer prison sentence. I'm sure if the police did some searching they would find a reason to give them both a life sentence rather than twenty years." There's a long silence. Finally Tammy says, "Ryan, did the police say that you could leave for the evening?" For the first time that night Ryan chuckles. "Yeah, I guess they did. What are we still doing here?" Before we head for our separate cars Ryan stops us. "Do you guys want to meet up tomorrow at Jaslina's? We could try and figure some more of it out then." The girls look at me wondering what I'll say. "Sure, we can meet at my house. How does one o'clock sound?" "Great. If it's okay with you I might even bring Jay. Knowing him, he'll want to be part of this." We all agree that he can bring Jay with him, and then we drive back to Lily's. As I'm driving down the road I sigh. Will every summer be this dramatic?

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