Apollo's Curse (part 24) ~THE FINAL CHAPTER!!

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!!!! I enjoyed making this story and I can't wait for you guys to read the next :D I love you all!! Stay sarcastic XD.

It has finally come to an end. But don't worry, it is not over, and Megan is still as sarcastic as ever. Please enjoy reading this and please comment and rate. :)

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. A semi-truck came rolling into the Roman camp and stopped in front of Octavian and me.  A monster opened the back of the truck. He came over to me and tied my arms behind my back with rope.  "Get in." Octavian told me and pushed me towards the truck. The monster lifted me from my arm and threw me into the truck. He closed the door behind me and all I could see was complete darkness.  "What did you do to get put in here?" I heard a guy say behind me.  "They want me to awaken Gaea." I told him.  "You're The Cursed One?" He asked me.  "Apparently." I told him, "So, what did you do?"  He sighed and said, "Well, I was suppose to be the back-ups back-up, in case if you and Hazel were dead."  "Who's your godly parent?" I asked him.  "Hecate." He replied. 
  2. "Hey, you wanna do me a favor?" I asked him after a moment of silence.  "Sure." He said.  "Can you take this chain off of me? If I try, then I'll end up pulling my skin off." I told him.  "Alright." He said and then I walked over to him. He pulled the chain off me and my head started hurting a little.  "Thanks." I said.  "What does this chain do?" He asked me.  "It takes away my powers." I replied as I started burning through the rope that bounded my hands.  The truck all of a sudden jerked to the right, which made me fly to the left and hit the side of the car. Then, the truck tipped over, and the floor (which was the right side of the truck) became unsteady.  Water started to slowly come into the back of the truck, where we were.  I reacted fast and started to melt the metal of the side of the truck. I burned a hole through it and turned towards the guy.  "Well are you coming?" I asked him. He nodded his head and I helped him out if the hole.  We landed in a cold river. The water was flowing pretty rapidly, but I managed to get us on the shore.  "Now where do you think you're going?" I heard a voice say from further upstream. I turned my head and saw Octavian.  "You tell me. I certainly didn't plan to be thrown in a truck and then end up falling in a river." I sarcastically told him. He kept on marching towards us. 
  3. "Now what do we do?" The guy asked me.  "What I've been doing. Now, we run." I told him and then took off sprinting away from Octavian with the guy on my heels.  "So what's your name?" I called back to him.  "You think now is a great time to ask for that?" He asked me.  "Why not? I'm not doing anything right now." I sarcastically told him.  "It's Brandon." He told me.  "Nice to meet you, Brandon. I'm Megan." I told him.  "Yeah, I know who you are. Everyone does." He told me.  "Well, I like to introduce myself." I told him.  "Okay, whatever. Now can we please stop talking?" Brandon said, it sounded like he was out of breath.  "Okay." I told him, even though I didn't even feel tired or out of breath.  We ran past a tree and literally ran into two monsters. They quickly grabbed our arms and Octavian caught up to us and put the chain on me before I could react.  "You should know better than to run from us, Megan." Octavian told me.  "Probably. But I really like to run." I told him. 
  4. "We can probably walk from here to Gaea. It's only a mile away." Octavian stated as he changed the subject.  "And what if I don't want to walk?" I challenged him.  "Then we're going to have to put you in a cage." He said, "Leave the boy." He told the monsters before I could say anything sarcastic back to him.  The monster let him go and then that monster tied my arms behind my back, tightly.  "Let's move it." One of them told me.  "I'll walk when I'll walk." I snapped at him. He shoved me in the back and made me start walking. 
  5. About 30 minutes later, we reached a big hole in the earth, and stair were leading down in it.  "Move it." Octavian demanded me when I hesitated. His voice sounded strained and angry, probably because I wouldn't stop talking on the way over here. Hey, if darkness and chaos are about to ruin the world, then I would like to make some people that I don't like go crazy before that. I started walking down the stairs with one monster in front of me and Octavian and the other monster behind me.  About 5 minutes later of descending the stairs and of me talking about nothing,- like how hot it was and how it smells like sand- we finally reached the bottom of the stairs.  It was an open room that had a big bulge in the middle. If you look up, then you can see the sky, which was now dark. There were wires that connected the bulge to a machine that had one more wire hanging from it.  'Ahh, Octavian, not a moment to late. Please, make me awaken now.' A voice that sounded really dry and raspy, said inside of our heads.  "Yes, Gaea." Octavian replied and then motioned something at the monsters.  They grabbed me by the arms and chained my arms and legs to one side of the dirt wall, the one with the wire that wasn't connected to anything. Then, one walked over to the wire and stuck it on then sun cut on my left temple.  'Hurry up!' Gaea yelled, 'We don't have all night!'  The monsters and Octavian sped up their work on the machine and then Octavian hit the power switch and turned on the machine. 
  6. Imagine your soul being slowly dragged out of you and all of your body functions turning off. Now add an occasional jolt of electricity to that. That's kinda what this felt like. So, I did the only thing that I could do. I screamed. My scream didn't last long. Probably about 20 seconds before I lost all of my energy.  I saw the bulge starting to crack as it got brighter. 1 minute later, a hand shot out of the crack and soon enough, the bulge was no longer there. In its place stood a women with black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a green dress that had some brown on it. As soon as she appeared, I went limp, and I would've fallen onto the ground if the chains didn't hold me up.  "I'm finally awaken!!" The women yelled and I assumed that this was Gaea. She turned towards me and said, "Dispose of her remains, Octavian. She's dead."  Octavian walked over to me and unlocked the chains. I fell flat on my face. He picked me up and threw me in a room that I didn't notice before. He ripped off the chain around me and closed the door behind him.  I would've gotten up, but I couldn't. My arms and legs felt like noodles and I probably did look dead. My head was throbbing and it felt like the inside of my body was filled with smoke. Before I knew it, I blacked out and had a vision. 
  7. Percy, Jason, Jake, Dylan, Alaina, and Dakota were driving down a road. Percy was driving and Jason had shotgun.  "Stop here." Jason told Percy when he saw the cop cars.  They all got out of the car- which I'm surprised fit them all in it- and walked over towards the scene.  The semi-truck was tipped over on its side in the river. It was smoking and had a big hole on the side of it from where I melted the metal.  "Looks like that's the truck Megan was in." Jason pointed out.  "Really? And what makes you think that?" Dakota asked sarcastically.  "Come on, let's just go." Dylan said and then they all walked down towards the river.  "Excuse me, but this area is secured off to the public until further notice." A police man said and held out his left hand for them to stop while placing his right hand on his gun.  "Sorry, we'll be right on our way." Percy said when he noticed my footprints heading downstream.  They walked away from the police, further downstream. When they were in a safe distance from the cops, they started heading into the trees, and ran right into a guy with black hair, green eyes,  he looked about 17, and his name is Brandon.  "Who are you?" Percy demanded and then him, Jason, and Dylan drew their swords.  "Woah. Uh, my name's Brandon and I'm a son of Hecate." He said as he took a step back with his arms up.  "What are you doing here?" Jason demanded.  "I was in that semi-truck with a girl named Megan. She broke us out after it landed in the river." Brandon told them.  "What happened to her?" Dylan asked, lowering his black sword.  "Octavian and some demons took her that way." Brandon explained and pointed the way I was taken, "Octavian said that it was only a mile away."  "Okay, thank you. Dakota and Alaina, can you take him back to Camp Half-Blood?" Percy asked them.  "Sure." Alaina said and then both her and Dakota started walking towards the car with Brandon following them.  "Come on, let's get going." Jason said and then I woke up. 
  8. I was still on the dirt floor and I still couldn't move. I couldn't use my powers and I didn't know why and I kept on feeling the earth shaking. "Octavian! Where are my plans to bring darkness and chaos to the world?" Gaea asked.  "Right here." Octavian said and then I heard some shuffling.  "Ah, so we need to attack Apollo before he rises the sun in the morning." Gaea said to herself, "Well then, let's get moving." She told Octavian and then I heard some footsteps going up the stairs.  About 10 minutes later, I could finally move and talk, and I heard some footsteps coming back down the stairs.  "Do you think that she's here?" I heard Percy ask.  "I don't know, why don't you ask her?" I said as I slowly stepped out of the small room.  "Megan!" They all yelled and ran to me and gave me a big group hug.  "You look awful." Jason said when they released me.  "Thank you so much." I told him sarcastically. 
  9. "What happened?" Jake asked me.  "What do you think happened? Gaea used my energy and awoken. And she also thinks that I'm dead." I explained to them.  "What do we do now?" Jake asked. "What do you think we do? We try to stop Gaea." I told them and then headed for the stairs. They followed me and then we all ran up the dirt stairs.  When we reached the surface, the sun was just beginning to rise.  "Oh no, we're too late." I groaned.  "What do you mean?" Jason asked me.  "They're going to attack the sun, Apollo." I explained.  "How?" Percy asked.  "I don't know," I replied, "But I think we're about to find out."  As soon as I spoke those last words, a huge ball of darkness flashed its way towards the sun. It hit it, and I could see Apollo's sun chariot spin out of control. It landed in a nearby lake. I ran over towards it with the guys right on my heels.  When we reached the lake, Apollo was dragging himself onto the shore.  "What happened?" He asked, he sounded tired and weak.  "Gaea." I replied.  "Well, that explains the darkness. But why would she attack me?" Apollo asked as he stood up.  "Because she's going to unleash chaos and darkness on the world. See, look." I said as I pointed towards the sun. It was beginning to be engulfed in black flames.  "How do we stop it?" Percy asked.  "We can't." Both Apollo and I answered.  "Surely there has to be some way." Jason said.  "There might be. But right now, I need to get back to Olympus, and Athena needs to start making some plans." Apollo said and then his sun chariot started to come out of the lake. It turned into a red sports car. He hopped in it and said, "And I'm guessing you guys need a ride back to your camp thingy?" He asked.  "Ohhhh, so that's where Megan gets the 'camp thingy' from." Jake said.  "Yeah, daddy. We need a ride." I told him. 
  10. "Well hop on in." Apollo said as the car door opened up. There was more room in it than I thought. Once we all got settled in, I had a window seat and Dylan was sitting next to me.  Apollo started the engine and it flew up in the air.  "Well, we have some time. So, why don't we all go around saying haikus? Megan, you go first." Apollo told me.  "Umm.... Alright: Haikus are easy, but sometimes they don't make sense, refrigerator." I said.  "Alright, Percy, You're up next." Apollo said.  "Uh, no thanks. Haikus aren't really my thing." Percy said.  "Come on, Percy. You have to do it." I pouted at him.  "Fine: This is really dumb, I think I might kill myself, when will we be home?" Percy said.  "Woah, that's deep. Jake, go." Apollo said.  "This is not my thing, but I think I'm doing good, is this how it goes?" Jake said.  "What's with you guys and questions at the end? Dylan, you're up." I said.  "Uh, okay: something isn't right, these things do not have to rhyme, I think I am good." Dylan said and then rested his hand on top of my hand.  "Jason, your turn." Apollo said.  "Lightning is awesome, those clouds remind me of night, my head really hurts." Jason said.  "Okay, my turn: Gaea is dark, she tried to ruin my car, she cannot be stopped." Apollo said.  "That is very true." I told him. A minute of silence followed my words until I said, "I can't use my powers right now."  Shocked faces looked at me. 
  11. "What do you mean you can't use your powers?" Jason asked.  "I haven't been able to use them since Octavian took the chain off of me." I explained.  "You probably just need a little jump-start. Here." Apollo said and then held out his hand towards me.  I touched it and the trees below us burst into flames. I jerked back and yelled, "Holy cow!!"  I quickly stopped the fire and Apollo said, "See, just needed a jump-start."  I looked out the window and saw the black sun rising.  "What state are we in?" Jason asked.  "Almost at that camp thingy." Apollo replied.  5 minutes later, I saw the camp. In a flash, the car was parked on the ground and we were surrounded by a bunch of half-bloods. We stepped out of the car and everyone's faces lit up when they saw me. Everyone's except Drew's. Her face did the opposite.  "Why are you back here?! I was hoping you would be dead! How dare you show your face at my camp?" Drew yelled at me.  "I'm back here 'cause I wanna be back here. And you should stop hoping that I'm gonna be dead. And this isn't your camp in case you didn't notice." I snapped at her.  "As long as I'm here, it will always be my camp." She told me.  "Well then, I guess I'm going to have to fix that." I retorted.  "Bring it on, slut." She told me and then ran at me with a knife in her right hand. 
  12. She attempted to stab me, but when she was close enough, I did a back-handspring and my legs kicked her on the bottom of her chin. She dropped to the ground while I landed gracefully on my feet.  I spit in her face and said, "Don't call me that again, b----," while she wiped my spit off of her face, and the blood from her chin.  She quickly got up and stabbed me on the right side on my stomach, leaving the knife there. A smirk went across her face, but it didn't last long.  I spun on my right leg and my left leg came around and caught her on the side of her head. She fell and I burned her right shoulder. Then, I pinned her to the ground while she was still screaming, ripped out the knife in my side, and drove it into her right shoulder, where I burned her.  She continued to scream as I pulled her knife out and flung it at a target. (I hit the bulls-eye in case you were wondering.) I looked down at my wound and there was a big gash in it. That made me even more angry.  "I hope you know that you're going to pay for this." I whispered in her ear.  "Bring it on, slut." She told me and then attempted to throw me off of her. I slowly stood up while she reached for another knife.  'How many knives does she have?' I asked myself and then kicked her hand.  I then grabbed her hair and dragged her towards the camp entrance/exit. A guy tried to stop me but I made a fire so he had to stop.  "Aren't you going to try and stop her?" Some girl yelled.  "Why should I? That girl deserves it." Apollo replied. 
  13. A pink light appeared in front of me, blocking my way. Aphrodite stepped out of it and held out her hand in a jester to stop me.  "Come no further, demigod. Release my daughter." She commanded me. I ignored her and walked right past her.  "Apollo, stop your daughter." Aphrodite demanded.  "Not gonna happen, Aphrodite. Your daughter was the one that started it. If she would've kept her mouth shut and not attack Megan, then she wouldn't be where she is right now." Apollo replied, an edge in his voice.  "Piper, please. You have to save your sister." Aphrodite begged.  "Save her from what? She did this to herself and she's not my sister. She's sadly my half-sister. I'm with Megan on this." Piper responded.  I dragged Drew out of the camp and flung her down the hill. She rolled across the snow covered ground and when she landed, she was still alive, and she was trying to get up. Aphrodite followed me out, along with everyone else.  "Now it's my camp, whore." I yelled down at her, "And if you even try to come back up here, I will make sure you are lying right there everytime. Am I clear?" I asked her.  She groaned in response and then I turned around to face the demigods and the 2 gods. Aphrodite had a look of horror on her face, Apollo had a wide grin on his, and my friends were trying not to laugh. They couldn't hold it in any longer and they burst out laughing and I started laughing too.  "That's just like that one time last year when you beat up that girl so badly that she had to go to the hospital and then her buddies tried to help beat you up, but you went all gymnastics on them. Doing backflips and layouts. Your legs beat them up so badly, that they ended up going the hospital too. And then you got suspend and when you came back, you had ALC for like a month." Dakota explained to everyone else, who had a look of confusion on their faces.  "Good times, good times." I said as my laughing fit came to an end. 
  14. Then out of no where, Dakota, Alaina, and Jake all yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEGAN!!" Which made me confused.  "Is it January 31st already?" I asked them.  "Yeah, sorry, forgot that you pretty much lost time when you died, twice." Alaina told me.  Apollo came towards me and placed something in my hand.  "Happy birthday, Megan." He told me, "I hope you like your gift but now, I need to get to Olympus. Tap the sun on your necklace and then touch that." He said and then walked back in the camp to his car and took off.  Aphrodite smirked at me, then stormed off into her pink cloud of smoke, and disappeared.  I looked down at my hand and in it was a ring. It was gold and had a sun embedded in it. I tapped the sun on my necklace and then touched the ring. It disappeared and I looked down at my right hand and the ring was on my pointer finger. It caught the sunlight and it glowed brightly, creating heat and giving me energy. It also healed my wound.  I smiled and whispered, "Sweet."  "Come on, we need to make plans to stop Gaea." Alaina said and headed back into camp.  "I don't know how we're going to stop her though." Dylan said.  "I do." I told him.  "How?" He asked me.  "Hasn't anyone ever told you to not mess with the most powerful demigod in the world?" I replied. With that, we all walked back into Camp Half-Blood to make battle plans. 
  15. Gaea might have been awaken, but she will be stopped. I will stop her, even at the cost of death. She doesn't know who she messed with. I am Apollo's daughter, The Cursed One is what they call me, for I have Apollo's Curse. 
  16. THE END!!!! Please comment and rate. I had a great time writing this, and I hoped you all enjoyed reading it. Stay tuned for the next series, "The Cursed One."

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