Promise to stay (part 2)

TAKE CHAPTER ONE BEFORE THIS YOU CAN FIND IT ON MY PAGE!This is the second chapter in the series of Promise to stay! I hope you enjoy and leave any suggestion if you have any! Also I know people have asked for another boy and he will probably come in part nr3 ! Stay cool and now to fill up space... Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :3

When the world is under apocalypse and you and your new found "friends" are the surviving, how will you make it through? Adrian: Short brown spiky hair and almost black eyes he also has cute dimples, atheletic, quite nice tanned, and is about 1,80cm long ( sorry I don't count in feet live in parts of europe that don't count in feet :P) Mystery guy: Jet black emo hair that covers one of his eye, a piercing in the lip and icy cold mesmerizing eyes, quiet, shy, loving and caring and he is quite smart. He is about 1.73 cm

Created by: Liveonaze
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  1. When you finally woke everything was blurry, you had a bad memory of the things that happened the other day. You tried to think back and you layed still in your bed untill you remember what happened yesterday, suddently you see the pictures in your head.... everything was horrible, then you realised where you where. An old house with cracked windows and old dusty cupboards. You ran down to see the guy who helped you up last night, he probably took you here. He was hoarding for anything usefull.
  2. "Hi, are you ok?" you ask, he turns around looks at you then he turns back his head fast. " Oh sorry if I disturbed" " No problem" he quietly said. " Have you been up all night?" you ask but he did not answer. He turns his head to you " Want anything to eat" you don't answer because your stuck in his eyes... " Hello?" he says. You snap out of the trance and quickly but akwardly reply. " Sorry, yes please" " Good" he says looking back in the cupboard.
  3. He takes out two cans of bread pudding and askes you to take a seat, he pulls out a swiss army knife to break the can open. He sets the table and you both start to eat. Yous don't talk much. " Thank you" you say, " For what?" he asks " Well from saving me from certain death! Duh!" you say as he giggles. His smile is really cute, so cute that even you start to laugh, " No problem" " Well they are a problem, by now I would be their bread pudding!" he is still smiling looking down at his food. playing with it. You can't help to think about how cute he is.
  4. "What's your name?" you ask, " my name is Alexander, yours?" " My name is _____" " that's a nice name for a nice lady" he said as he was smiling, once again you also smiled and blushed. " How did you survive all alone?" " he asks " Oh I wasn't alone" " You where not?" he looks at you. " No but he dissapeared...." " I'm sorry for bringing it up..." " Oh no worry. I was just about to ask you anyway" you blush " Okay but it's not a happy story, as you may have noticed the gas only spread for a certain amount of time and we where enough far away-" " we?" you cut him of " Yes we where a couple of survivors... But all of us exept me where killed or taken apart only me and a boy named Isak are still alive. But we lost eachother. I have been alone a couple of days but now I found you." he smiled "wait....A couple of DAYS?" you ask " yes, it has been 2 weeks since the apocalypse you know..." he said concerned. " What! I passed out only a couple of hours after the apocalypse!" " Oh my god"
  5. "YES, OH MY GOD!" " I HAVE BEEN GONE FOR 2 WEEKS!" "Calm down! You can hurt yourself!" "AOUCH!" you fall down to the floor in pain. It's your head again, but now it's hurting more than ever. He runs up to you and kneels down. He asks your if your alright but you only moan. He carried you to the the couch in the living room and put you down on the sofa, he ran away but soon came back with a wet towel, he gently and softly put it on your forhead and takes a strand of your dark brown hair out of your face. " I'm sorry" he says with a worried and guilty face " It's not your fault" you say. " You have beautiful eyes..." he leans to kiss you...
  6. ( Just a question do you like monkey on a spaceship on fire dancing?)
  8. He gently kisses you on the lips and you kiss him back, you knew he did not want to hurt you... But after a short time he frowns... " I'm sorry, you are so beautiful... And if we don't survive..." " It's ok." you say with the same calming voice as he used yesterday. " I feel better, thank you" you smile at him he takes his head back and frowns. You smile once again take his head and kiss him again. Even though you have just met you think about him all the time. You kiss passionently. After a couple of minutes of intense kissing you let go and look at his icy blue eyes they look cold as ice but they stil melt you.
  9. That's all for today hope you liked it! I'll be back soon if I'm not overwhelmed by homework. Now I'm gonna go draw my little ponies :3, Seeya next time. Love Liveon!
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