Apollo's Curse (part 23)

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!!!! GUESS WHAT GUYS!!!! ONLY ONE MORE CHAPTER/PART AFTER THIS ONE!!

Holly cow I'm really sore. We had to run a mile in summer gym today and I got a HORRIBLE time!!!! I got 8:10 ON A MILE!!!! I know that some of you would be like "That's a really good time though." but for me, it isn't. I'm used to getting it in the 6 minutes. Stupid leg injury....

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. Once Dylan said the name of the camp, images flashed before my eyes. I pulled away from him and tried to stare at the images. Slowly, very slowly, I began to remember.  "Megan, are you okay?" Dylan asked me, but his voice was faint.  When the images stopped, I remembered everything that has happened to me.  "I remember." I whispered to myself, to quiet for Dylan to hear.  "Huh? What did you say?" He asked me.  "I remember!" I yelled at him excitedly as I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him.  I think Dylan was as happy as I was. He grabbed me around my waist and twirled me around in the air, making me laugh with joy.  When he set me down, I heard swords clashing outside. Dylan and I exchanged looks and then we both ran out of the infirmary. I saw my friends and 5 Roman demigods fighting each other.  "Okay, that girl is crazy." I said as I pointed to Reyna.  "You think?" Dylan said sarcastically.  "Whatever, let's just stop it." I told him.  We both ran towards the fighting. After several attempts of trying to get them apart, I decided to try something different.  I stood up on a nearby weapon table and screamed. I made everyone cover their ears and drop their weapons. 
  2. "Thank you." I said when I was done screaming.  "Why did you do that?" Some Roman demigod asked me while hitting his ear.  "To make you guys stop fighting." I simply replied.  "Okay, but why?" Reyna asked.  "I remember." I told them.  "Remember what, exactly?" Percy asked.  "Everything that I couldn't remember." I told them.  "That's great!" Alaina said.  "Yeah, so we can go now?" Jake asked.  "Yeah I guess." I said and then hopped down from the table.  "There might just be one little problem." Reyna said.  "And what might that be?" I asked her.  "You don't have a car and you're not leaving, Megan." A voice said behind me. 
  3. I turned around and saw a skinny guy wearing a toga, standing there.  "And who might you be?" I asked.  "I am Octavian. Oracle for the Romans,-."  "Okay, I get it." I said, interrupting him.  "He's right, you know." Reyna said.  "Right about what?" I asked.  "He's right that you aren't leaving." She told me and then took a step towards me.  "Oh yeah? Who's gonna make me stop leaving?" I asked her.  "Me." Octavian said and then I heard him take a step towards me. I whirled around to face him.  "No you're not. You're just gonna let us leave." I told him.  "No, you must stay." A girl behind Octavian said. I looked at her and noticed that her eyes were the exact same color as Octavian's. I turned towards Reyna and her eyes were the same too.  "We're leaving now." I told them calmly and then began to walk towards the camp entrance.  "Megan, stop!" All the Romans yelled at me, which sent chills down my spine. I froze, but I didn't turn around.  "You don't want to leave without your friend, Dylan, now do you?" Octavian asked me. 
  4. I quickly turned around and gave him my famous death stare. I saw Dylan on his knees, one arm twisted behind his back, held down by about 4 Romans, and Octavian had a dagger to his neck. Something inside of me clicked, and I felt warmth on my arms. I looked down and realized that they were on fire.  "Well, that got your attention." Octavian smiled.  "Just let him go." I told him, my voice calm.  "I might, if you come with us." He said and then took a step towards me.  I made a split second decision to trap us in a ring of fire. He stumbled a little bit. I turned around to see what happened with Percy, Jason, Alaina, Dakota, and Jake and I see them being blocked off by a huge crowd of Romans.  "You did not just do that." Octavian hissed at me.  "Umm, yes I did." I said.  Octavian pointed to one of the guys holding Dylan and he slashed Dylan across the face with a dagger.  "Now, are you going to come with me or shall we hurt him even more?" Octavian asked me. I saw the guy pouring something on his dagger.  "What's he doing?" I asked Octavian. He looked behind him to see and then turned back towards me with a smile on his face.  "He's putting poison on his dagger to make Dylan die a slow and painful death. But, you can make that not happen by coming with us." He said.  "Fine." I said and then stopped the fire. The guy put his dagger away.  I reluctantly walked over to Octavian. I guess I was walking a little too slow for him because he threw a chain around my waist and quickly pulled me closer to him. I would've set him on fire, but I couldn't. 
  5. "How did you get this chain?" I asked him.  "Who do you think made it?" Octavian replied and then held his dagger to my throat, "Now. Don't say a word and do exactly as I tell you and I'll let your friends leave, got it?" He asked.  I slightly nodded my head.  "Octavian, what are you doing?" Reyna asked him. His little spell must've worn off.  "No need to worry, my little Roman friends. All will be well in no time." Octavian said.  "Octavian, put the dagger down." Reyna said.  "No." He said.  "You're not this kind of person." Another Roman said.  "Ah, but you see, I am. I was the one to make sure Megan here had a difficult life. I made her have the vision of her leaving Camp Half-Blood in the first place. I made sure she died. I made sure that she ran into the gangs. I even gave Darrel this chain and lock. I told the gang that she just recently ran into, to bang her head against the floor in a certain way." Octavian told everyone.
  6. "What do you mean by 'in a certain way'?" Jason asked.  Octavian pulled off the bandage around my head and ripped off the gauze that covered my cut.  "Gaea needs her to have this exact cut on her head in order for her to completely wake up in full power." Octavian explained.  "Why didn't you just do it?" Percy asked.  "Because a mortal needs to do it in order for it to work." Octavian said, "Now, the reason why it's a sun is pretty obvious. Her dad is Apollo and it is his curse that she carries around. We're going to drain her energy from this cut to awake Gaea, it will also make Apollo weak for about a day or two, enough time to attack the sun and unleash darkness and chaos on the mortal world." He explained.  "Do you really think that we're going to let you leave?" Dylan asked.  "If you don't, I'll kill her." Octavian said.  "And then you won't be able to take your plan into action. So please, go ahead and kill me." I told him sarcastically. 
  7. Octavian all of a sudden pressed the cut that was on my head. Agonizing pain went through my whole body and it felt like everyone of my bones were slowly being broken. I screamed and then Octavian let me drop to the ground.  The pain stopped but I was unable to move.  "Waste of life." Octavian mumbled at me and then turned his attention towards the other half-bloods, "There is another cursed person here. She was a back-up in case Megan did die. Which, as you can see, she did." He said. He bent down and took the chain off of me.  Dylan's face had a look of horror on it.  'Stop looking so sad. I don't die that easily.' I telepathically told him. His mouth quivered into a smile, but he quickly stopped so no one could see him smiling.  'I can't believe that you almost died.' He told me.  'It didn't even feel like I was dying. It just felt like my bones were slowly breaking.' I explained.  'Well that's a lovely image.' He sarcastically said.  'Who's the other cursed person?' I asked him.  'I don't know. But I think we're about to find out.' Dylan told me. 
  8. "Hazel, congratulations. You are the back-up cursed child." Octavian said, "Please come forward to accept your destiny that was suppose to be this filthy thing." He said and then pointed to me.  'Filthy thing?! How dare you! Someone's gonna get their ass kicked by a person who can't move.' I told Octavian. He looked at me, completely shocked.  I made a fire at his feet and he threw the chain on my back. The fire stopped but I could stand up and talk now.  "How are you still alive?" Octavian asked me.  "Did you really think that it was that easy to kill me? I don't even have a scratch." I told him.  "But that's impossible. It should've killed you!" He exclaimed.  "Yeah, well, a lot of things should've killed me." I told him.  "Well, at least now I can take my plan into action. Come on now, let's go." Octavian said.  "I'm not going anywhere with you." I told him.  "You will of you don't want Dylan to die." He said an then pointed to one of the guys who were holding Dylan down. That guy pulled out his knife, and I realized that it was the poisoned one.  "Fine. I'll come with you." I reluctantly told him.  "Ah, splendid. I'll go call our ride. If you want, you can say bye to your friends. You have about 2 minutes." Octavian told me and then wandered off somewhere. 
  9. I first walked over to Dakota and Alaina. We all hugged.  "You do know that once when you leave, we're coming to get you right?" Dakota said.  "Of course I know that. Just because I'm blonde doesn't mean that I'm dumb." I jokingly told her.  "Hey, I'm blonde too and I'm not dumb." Alaina said.  "Yeah, but I'm blonder." I told her.  "You should probably go say bye to everyone else." Dakota said. I gave them one last hug and walked over to Jason.  "Well, I'm not sure that we had any good memories on our little adventure, but, uh, thanks for making me gain my memory back on that roof." I told him.  "No problem, Megan." Jason told me and then I hugged him and walked towards Jake.  "Don't do anything stupid this time." Jake told me.  "Since when do I do stupid stuff?" I told him sarcastically.  "Hmmm, let me think." He said and tapped is chin while I punched him in the arm.  "Can you promise me one thing?" I asked him.  "Sure." He said.  "Don't get in a fight with Dylan again." I told him. 
  10. "That might be difficult since you're saving his life, again, but I'll try." Jake said.  "Good." I said and then I hugged him and walked towards Percy.  "Well, I know that we've had our differences that involved fire and water and explosions but, at least a little bit of the time, we were friends." I told him.  He didn't say anything, just gave me a hug and then I walked over to Dylan. I knelt down in front of him since he was still forced on the ground.  I glared at the guys holding him and said, "Can we have some privacy here?" They let him go and took a couple steps back and we both stood up.  "Looks like I'm saving your life again." I told him.  "Yeah. And it seems like you keep on dying everytime." Dylan told me.  "No, not the second time. I just lost my memory." I correct him.  "Oh, yeah." He said.  "Well, even though I've only known you for-" I was interrupted by Dylan kissing me. His lips were soft and I found myself kissing him back. I could've sworn I heard some "awe's" coming from the crowd of demigods.  My arms wrapped around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist, (or should I say the chain that was wrapped around my waist.) Our perfect kiss was interrupted when Octavian pulled me away.  "Well, now, isn't that just sweet." He sarcastically said.  "It was." I told him.  "Well, bad news for you. Our ride is here." Octavian said. 
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Please comment and rate :). My tailbone hurts really badly because we were playing soccer in summer gym, and then me and this guys were both running towards the ball and then he got to it first so he kicked it away and I stopped running, but he didn't. And then he basically tackled me to the ground. And the left side of my ribs also hurts. I'm also really sore on my legs and the muscles in my legs are all tight.

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