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  • I've always hated Octavian. Awww, perfect moment with Dylan! ^--^ too bad he and Megan are related. i feel sorry for Meg. I wonder what her reaction will be when (and if) she finds out...

  • SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY that is just so messed up bygone wut I better kick Gae's ass when I get to wherever Octavian takin me cause that little devil of a person does not deserve to be awaken I LOVED it LIKE always u did a FANTASTIC job and I seriously CAN'T wait for the next one I really did LOVE it and ur a FABULOUS writer

  • Thank you :) and part 24 is out!!!! But it didn't show up on the new quizzes list so I have to make another quiz about it. Eff me....

  • The last past of it was so sweet!


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