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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. One of these days, I'm going to misspell the word "Absorbers". If that day does come, please ignore it. Thank you for reading, and please tell me what you thought :). Thanks. ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! SilverNote13: Thank you for loving it :). I love your story too, and I really want you to put out the next chapter.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. Last paragraph from chapter five, so you don't have to go back and read it because I kinda cut the chapter off: "We're taking you back to the Shade's headquarters whether it's the last thing that we do." Skye told me, and something inside of me clicked. All of my emotions seemed to rise up from the depths of my soul, but there was mostly anger. I was mad at him for becoming a Shade, and for leaving everyone behind, and because of what he just said. He said it like it was now his home, and he'd been there all along. Needless to say, I was pretty ticked, and I was pretty sure this wasn't going to end well.
  2. Kelly: "Then it will be the last thing that you do." My voice was deadly calm, and I could feel the anger rolling off of my tongue. "You're not gonna kill us." Kaylee said, but I wasn't paying attention to her. "Why did you become a Shade?" I asked Skye. "Personal reasons. I don't expect you to understand." He replied. "Was it because of Kelly?" I asked, hoping that the answer was no. Silence. It was because of me. He decided to be a Shade because of me. That made me even more mad. "Are you kidding me?" I yelled, and a wave of confusion spread across their faces. I slowed down time, and kept it slow for as long as I could, building up energy. When I released it, the biggest sonic boom that I have ever created blasted all of them into the brick wall. It even made my sunglasses fall off and shatter. They didn't pass out though. They were just extremely dazed, and trying to stand up, but kept falling down. Even when they used the brick wall for support. Eventually, they all gave up trying to stand, and sunk to the floor. "What in the world was that?" Kaylee sounded like she was trying not to throw up, and she kept on blinking as if her vision was blurry. "Kelly?" Skye was the first to notice me. "How dare you!" I yelled, marching up to him, letting all of my anger come out. I grabbed the collar of his shirt, lifted him up, and slammed him into the brick wall.
  3. "How could you become a Shade? How could you just leave everyone else behind? And give me the truth this time! I don't want any of this 'because I wanted power' crap." I stared at him, and saw no emotions in his blue eyes. "I couldn't live with myself knowing that you were dead." Skye answered. "So you just decided to rip your soul out of you because you weren't strong enough?" I searched his eyes for some sort of emotion. Guilt, love, anything, but there was nothing. They were hollow. "Yes." He was painfully honest, but that simple word washed away all of my anger, and I let him go, taking a couple steps back. Kaylee and Jason were finally able to stand up without falling over, and they were both looking at me in shock. "Why didn't you tell us who you were?" Kaylee asked. "It was dangerous." I simply said. "Why didn't you come back to the house? Or at least tell me you were alive? Do you know how long I've been searching for you?" Kaylee asked. "I couldn't come back, and you weren't suppose to know that I was alive." I answered. "Why not?" She asked. "Because it's dangerous." I repeated. "We need to get Skye's soul back." I changed the subject and Kaylee walked over to him, stared him in the eyes for a while, and then looked at Savannah.
  4. She walked over to her limp body, grabbed a blue glowing bottle hanging from her neck, and then smashed it onto the ground. The the glowing blue mist slithered over to where Skye was standing, and entered his mouth. "Now tell me, why is it so dangerous to know that you're alive?" Kaylee asked. "There's someone after me-all of us actually." I replied. "Who's after us?" She asked me. "I don't know." I answered. "How do you not know? What happened to you in the Afterlife? How do you have all of these abilities? How did you get out? Why can't you come with us? What's so dangerous about knowing that you're alive?" She probably would've kept going on, but I cut her off. "I don't know, Kaylee!" I yelled. "I don't know anything. I don't remember what happened to me. I don't know how I got out of the Afterlife. I don't remember how I have all of these abilities, but I know how to use them. I'm so confused about everything, but I know that someone is looking for me, and I can't come with you."
  5. "Aw, isn't this sweet? It's a happy reunion." I was so focused on my friends that I didn't even notice two guys coming into the alley. One was older, somewhere in his 50's, and he was plump and he had a black beard. The other looked like he was nineteen, and he had short black hair, dark brown eyes, and was taller than Jason and Skye. The man was carrying some sort of electronic thing that look like a high-tech radio. Savannah began to stir, and the younger guy walked over and knelt next to her. "Get away from her." I demanded. No matter how much I hated Savannah, I knew deep down that this guy was worse, and whatever he was about to do to her, she didn't deserve it. He looked up at me and smiled. "I missed you, Kelly. I never told you this, but you were my favorite plaything." That sent chills up my spine. "It was always fun to watch how you reacted to fear. Normally when people have more fear, they cower even more, but not you. You fought harder." He smirked. "I don't know what you're talking about." I told him. "You don't remember me?" He pretended to be hurt. "Zane probably took her memories," The man said, "and if that's the case, then I'd like to apologize for our rudeness. You may call me Greg, and this is my son Curtis."
  6. "Why are you here?" Jason asked. "Isn't it obvious? We've come for Kelly." Greg replied and turned towards me. "Do you think they're Psychics?" Curtis asked and eyed my friends. "They must be. It's the only reasonable explanation as to why the device was going nuts. We'll have to bring them back with us and test them just to make sure. " Greg answered. "Tests are so much fun." Curtis said, and played with Savannah's hair, who was now fully awake. She didn't move when she woke up, probably because she noticed someone crouching above her, but when Cutis touched her, she instantly sprang to her feet. "Really? Because in my experience, tests are hard and not enjoyable." I said, trying to distract Curtis from Savannah. "These tests are different." He stood up and took a step towards me. "Everyone passes them, and I think they are enjoyable." "But you're not the lab rat, are you? You're the scientist." I said and he smirked. "A very good scientist at that." He said. "And I can't wait to start experimenting on you again."
  7. With that, I flung my hand out, making electricity fling from it. It hit Curtis and knocked him backwards. When he fell, Savannah ran towards us, standing behind me. Instead of yelling or getting angry, Curtis laughed, and that surprised me. Even Greg smiled. "I see that you've still got those abilities." Curtis stood up again. "We've wasted too much time here. We should leave." Greg said and hit a button on the radio. A high pitched noise came from the speakers, causing me to cover my ears and fall to my knees. When the noise stopped, I fell onto my side. Everything was spinning, and my head hurt like crazy. I noticed that Curtis was standing above me, and he put three things on my wrist. One was a Controller that the Shades use, but the other two I didn't know what they were. They probably served the same purpose though, just for different types of abilities. Before I could even attempt getting up, a rag was shoved in my face, and I blacked out. When I opened my eyes again, I saw that I was on a bed in a large room. Three walls had cement and one was a thick glass in which you could see a hall with more rooms like this one. A steel door was on the left concrete wall. Twenty people of all different ages were in the room too. About five of them were squishing themselves against one of the concrete walls, and staring like a crazed animal at anyone who walked by. Swinging my legs over the side of the bed, a sharp pain erupted on the side of my head, and I instantly bent over, putting my head in-between my hands. "She's awake!" Someone shouted and then I heard multiple footsteps rushing towards me. "Are you alright?" Someone asked me and I looked up and saw Jason looking at me.
  8. "Yeah, my head just hurts really bad," I said. "Where are we?" "You're in a place where there's no escaping." Someone who looked a lot like Curtis replied. He might've been seventeen. "Are they putting us here to kill us?" Jason asked. "No. They're putting us here for their army. They plan on using us to help attack the Physicals, Enhancers, Disasters, Mentals, and the other branches of abilities." He explained. "But we would never attack the people that are like us. We would outnumber Curtis and his dad if they tried to force us to do those things anyways." I protested. "They don't need all of us." He gestured to the whole crowd, and my confused face must've made him go on. "They only need you since you're an Absorber. They're planning on making you absorb our abilities, and then make you destroy everyone else with abilities." "How do you know that?" I asked. "Because we were all in the Afterlife together, which is where they planned it." He answered. "But I don't remember it." I confessed. "I know. I took your memories." He told me. "Why?" I asked. "Because I knew that the Afterlife was too painful for you. My brother-Curtis-made it worse for you, so I took your memories before we escaped the Afterlife. It was actually your idea for me to do that." He explained. "So, you're Zane?" I guessed. "In the flesh." He smiled. "Well, Zane, where are the people that were brought here with Jason and me?" I asked when I noticed that Skye, Kaylee, and Savannah were not among the crowd. Zane's face had a look of confusion on it. "I thought it was just you two." He said. "No, there are three others. Two girls and one boy." I told him. "Then they are probably in a room like this, or they're being tested." Zane said. "Tested?" Jason asked. "It's to see what ability you have, and to see what makes you fearful. It's how they keep you under control. However, sometimes they push you too far, and you end up like them," He nodded to the five people against the wall, "and you become useless. The only good thing about becoming that is that they take off your Controllers." "Why do they do that?" I asked. "Because those people are too scared to do anything." Zane simply responded, and I noticed that he was right. They weren't even trying to break out of the room. Instead, they were trying to push themselves closer to the wall, as if they were trying to become the wall. "That's awful." I whispered.
  9. Before anyone could say anything else, the steel door opened, and Curtis and six other people came into the room. Five people were carrying guns, so I assumed that they were some sort of security people, and one had a camera, which I didn't understand why. One guard stayed and blocked the door, making sure no one tried to escape, while Curtis and the others walked towards me. "Glad to see that you're awake, Kelly." Curtis smiled. "What do you want?" I asked, standing up. "I want you to become more powerful, my little project." He smirked. "Well, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to respectfully decline." I said and Curtis laughed. "That's cute. You think you have a say in this." He nodded his head and two guards put their guns away and then grabbed my arms. They shoved me against the wall and pinned my arms there. I tried to get away, but when I managed to get an inch away from the wall, they slammed me back against it. Jason and Zane took a step forward to help, but two guards aimed their guns at their heads, forcing them to back off. Curtis turned around and scanned the crowd. His eyes rested on a girl who couldn't have been older than ten. "What's your name?" He asked her. "Lacy." She squeaked out. "What's your ability?" He asked. "I can hear really far away." She responded, and Curtis smiled. "Come here." He demanded and she hesitantly walked towards him. "Stick out your arm." He told her and she obeyed. "Now, you're going to feel a tiny pinch, but it won't last more than a few seconds." He grabbed her arm and pulled out a syringe. He put it in a vein in her arm, making her wince, but she stayed still. He drew out some of her blood, and then pulled the syringe out of her. "Is that it?" Lacy asked. "Yes. You can go back now." Curtis said and then he nodded to the guy with the camera. Camera man pointed it at Curtis, and I saw a red light start blinking, which meant that it was recording.
  10. "Hello my prisoners," Curtis spoke at the camera, "today, I want you all to witness why you're here." He walked over to me and held up the syringe that was now filled with blood. "In this contains the blood of a girl who has the ability to hear further than the average person. One by one, I will take out the same amount of blood, and inject it into her." He explained, pointing at me. "By doing that, she'll get your ability. But don't worry! You'll still have your ability also." He faced me and tilted my head to one side, sticking the needle in my neck, and injected half of the blood into me. Curtis looked at me like a mad scientist on a sugar high. In other words: he looked excited. And I wasn't sure why at first, but then it hit me. There was extreme pain in my ears, and it sounded as if someone put a megaphone to my ears and had twenty people scream the highest note possible. I couldn't hear anything else, and I tried to cover my ears, but the guards held my arms to the wall. "Make it stop!" I wailed when I felt blood starting to trickle out of my ear. Tears streamed down my face and I fought harder to get my arms free, but the guards had a firm grasp. "Please make it stop!" I screamed again, falling to my knees. At least the guards let me do that. I saw Curtis come over with the syringe, and he injected the rest of the blood into my neck. My hearing went back to normal, very slowly, and I calmed down, but I remained on the floor. "As you can see," Curtis started talking to the camera again, "half of the blood inserted in her causes her extreme pain because the right amount is not there, and the ability doesn't know where to settle. It knows the general location, but not the specific area. The second half makes the ability able to find it's right place because all of the pieces are there. However, it only works for her because she's an Absorber. If any of you tried it, you'd be in extreme pain for a day or two before dying because your bodies don't recognize the other ability. The best part about being an Absorber is that if they're in pain for a day, or longer, they won't die because their bodies recognize the ability." He looked me in the eyes and gave me a creepy smile, "I get to choose how long you are going to be in pain, and I think that these next few months will be the most fun that I've had since the Afterlife."
  11. "When I get out of here, I'm going to kill you, and send you straight back into the Afterlife." I told him. "I'd like to see you try." He hissed at me and then he nodded to the camera guy. Camera guy turned off his camera, and then the guards let me go. Curtis and his guards walked out of room, locking the steel door. As soon as they were gone, Jason and Zane came and sat down on either side of me. Jason wrapped his arms around me, and I leaned into his chest, thankful for the comfort. "No offense, Jason, but I wish you were Skye or Kaylee right now." I confessed, and that made him laugh. "None taken. They'd probably be doing a better job at this than me anyways." He said. "You're doing fine," I patted his forearm and he laughed again, which made me smile slightly. "Is there anyway to break out of this building?" Jason asked Zane. "No. And believe me when I say this: I've tried." Zane responded. I fiddled with the Controllers on my arm, and got an idea. It was crazy, but it just might work. There was one catch though. I couldn't tell anyone what I was planning to do. "Zane, does Curtis take people out of the cells?" I asked. "Sometimes. The only time he does though is to torture people." He replied. "Did he do this in the Afterlife?" I asked. "Yes." He slowly answered. "Did he do that to me?" I asked. "Yes, why are you asking?" He said. "I'm just wondering if he'll do it here." I replied, and he didn't respond. I knew that he would though, and I was counting on it.
  12. And this is where I shall end it. Thank you for reading, you all are super-de-duper awesome. Bye. ~Meg.

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