The Cursed One (part 5)

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Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. I landed on my feet and my knees buckled from the impact. I quickly stood up and looked up. The hole began to close up and I saw Dylan's face looking down in it.  "Dylan! You have to get to the Mojave desert. You have to start the fire!" I yelled up at him.  "I will, I promise!" Dylan yelled back down and then the hole closed up.  "Well now isn't that just sweet?" A voice said from the left of me. I turned and saw Gaea standing there.  "Why do you want me? You're already awaken." I told her as I tapped the sun on my necklace and everything sank into my skin.  "True but, you seem to interest me. It seems like you don't get hurt as easily as the others. Your tolerance for pain is very high. And it seems like you can't die." Gaea told me.  "It's part of the curse." I told her.  "Yes, I figured that. But there's something else in you that interests me and I can't figure out what it is." She told me and then waved her right hand.  My feet were dragged back against a dirt wall and what seemed like mud chains wrapped around my ankles and wrists and it hardened.  "Maybe it's your attitude and your never ending sarcasm." Gaea said.  "That's probably it." I told her.  "You could be very useful." She told me, "I could use you as bait and drag your little friends down here and capture them too. Then, no one will be able to stop me." Gaea said.  I made a fire around her feet and she jumped back in surprise.  "Oh, yeah. Forgot about your little fire problem." Gaea commented and clapped her hands. 
  2. Octavian came into view with the chain in his hands.  "Yes, Gaea?" Octavian asked.  "Put that chain on her." Gaea commanded and Octavian took a step towards me. I quickly made a fire and blocked his path and then I coughed a little.  "I can't get to her when she makes the fire." Octavian said.  "Do I have to do everything myself?" Gaea said and then she started making these blocks of mud slowly start coming towards me, which confused me so I just made a fire around myself.  When the last block broke in half and sank into the ground, nothing was inside of it. I felt something cold hit my right leg and my fire stopped. I looked down and saw that the chain was on it. I looked up and saw Octavian smiling at me in triumph. He then walked over to me and adjusted the chain so it was on my waist. He locked it and walked back to Gaea.  "There we go. Now that that's settled, we can get on with business." Gaea said and then turned around. The chains that held my wrists came down and forced me onto my knees. Then, the wall that held me started to push me towards Gaea as she kept on walking. 
  3. 5 minutes later, we appeared in a large room that had a thrown sitting at the end of it. Gaea walked towards it and I was pushed after her. She sat down and the platform that I was on went next to her.  "Bring out the first victim!" Gaea's voice boomed throughout the large room. Instantly, two guards came through the double doors on the opposite side of the room, while pushing a girl in front of them.  She had brown hair and blue eyes. She looked about a year younger than me and I knew who she was. Her name was Susan and she was a daughter of Demeter. When she saw me, her face lit up a little but it faded when she saw the position that I was in.  "Now, why did you choose to fight against me?" Gaea asked Susan.  "Because it's the right thing to do." Susan replied.  "No it's not. You can't beat me, so what's the point in trying?" Gaea asked, her voice harsher.  Susan didn't respond. She was probably too scared to answer her.  "Answer my question, child!" Gaea demanded as she stood up.  "She fights you because you're evil. I fight you because I don't like you." I told Gaea.  "I never asked you, Cursed One." Gaea snapped at me.  "Well then you need to be more specific on who you ask the questions to." I retorted.  Gaea slapped me across the face, but it hardly affected me.  "Get the next one!" She demanded, "This time, you better keep your mouth shut." She threatened me.   "I might." I told her. Footsteps retreated back towards the door and then they came back.  I looked at the demigod and noticed that it was Percy. 
  4. "Ah, Perseus Jackson. What a surprise to see you here. Are you going to tell me how to finally defeat your little army?" Gaea asked. Percy's head was bowed so he couldn't see us.  "Why don't you look at me?" Gaea demanded.  "He probably doesn't wanna see your ugly face." I snapped at her. She slapped me across the face again.  "I thought I told you to keep your mouth shut." She told me, an edge on her voice.  "And I thought I told you that I might." I retorted. That got Percy's attention and his head snapped up.  "Megan? What happened to you?" Percy asked me as he noticed that I was bleeding and bruised.  "Long story. But, once we dropped off Jason, a Minotaur ran into the car and I killed it and then some guys drugged me and one of them really didn't like my attitude so he did this to me and then I made another forest fire and then she made a hole appear at my feet and I fell into it and now, here we are." I summarized. He nodded his head in response and I coughed again. He gave me a look of concern, but I ignored it. 
  5. "You talk to much." Gaea commented.  "Thank you." I told her.  "Now, are you going to answer my question, Percy?" Gaea asked. Percy didn't say anything and he went back to looking at the floor. "Fine." She said and then without warning, she punched my broken rib and made me scream.  Percy snapped his head up and opened his mouth to say something but I shook my head. He closed his mouth and stared at Gaea.  "Still not saying anything?" Gaea asked and Percy kept his mouth shut, "Alright then." She said and then pulled out a knife and dug it into my right shoulder. I yelled and she pulled out the knife.  'This must not be the same chain that heals me.' I thought to myself.  "Are you going to tell me now or should I hurt her even more?" Gaea demanded.  Percy glanced at me and I shook my head.  "Fine. Hook her up to those chains." Gaea demanded her guards and nodded towards the two chains that were in hanging from the air and two chains that were on the ground.  The guards came towards me and unhooked me from the dirt platform. They shoved me over to the chains and one of the forced me on my knees while the other one grabbed one chain from the ceiling and put it on my left wrist. He grabbed the other one and put it on my right wrist. The chains then began to lift me up in the air and the two guards put the chains on the ground on my ankles. I got a strange sense of Deja Vu as Gaea pulled out a whip.  "Are you going to tell me, Percy?" Gaea asked.  Percy kept his mouth shut and as soon as Gaea lashed my back, an electric shock went through the chains and into my body. It shocked me but I managed to keep my mouth closed. The weird thing about the whip was that it didn't tear through my cloths. It seemed to pass right through it and only hit my skin.  "What about now?" Gaea asked but Percy kept his mouth shut.  She lashed my back again and the electric shock went in my body again and I arched my back.  "Here's an idea. How about I just keep on lashing her and you can tell me to stop when you answer my question, okay?" Gaea said and Percy still kept his mouth shut.  Gaea lashed my back and I arched it as the electric shock came. My hands were gripping the chains out of anger and strain as Gaea continued to lash my back. 
  6. Around the 5th minute, I started to get tired and a little bored. So, to make myself feel better, I started counting how many lashes I had. Everytime when I would feel the whip hit my back, I would shout out the next number. It kept me occupied and made Gaea annoyed so in a weird way, I guess you could say that I was enjoying myself.  Gaea lashed my back.  "YAY! Congratulations! You made it to the 100th lash." I called out to her as I arched my back from the electric shock.  She lashed me again.  "101. Wow, this is pretty fun." I told her.  She lashed me again.  "102! How much more can she do?" I told her.  "This isn't working!" Gaea called out as she threw her whip down on the ground, "And your rhyming is driving me crazy!" She yelled at me.  "Really? I didn't notice." I sarcastically told her. 
  7. "Let's move to plan B." Gaea said, "That outta shut you up." She told me as the guards came and brought me down. I shrugged in response and my back became really sore when my feet touched the ground.  More guards came in and they were rolling in a large glass tank full of water.  "Just to make sure you don't get any ideas, Perseus." Gaea said and then clapped her hands. Octavian came in and put a chain around Percy.  "How many of those chains do you have?" I asked.  "Four. Two of them are on you and Percy, the other one is for Jason and the last one is a back-up." Gaea explained to me as a guard came over and put a weight around my ankle.  Then, they both picked me up, climbed up the stairs to the top of the tank and held me above it.  "Percy, you can make this stop. I don't have to kill her. And all you have to do is tell me how to stop your little army." Gaea told him.  Percy looked at me and mouth the words "I'm sorry." and then opened his mouth to tell Gaea.  "Percy, if you tell her, I will personally murder you and Annabeth." I threatened him.  "But if I don't tell her, she'll drown you." Percy protested.  "Then let her drown me." I snapped at him.  "Which will it be, little hero?" Gaea asked.  I gave Percy my death stare and Percy kept his mouth closed.  "So be it." Gaea said and then snapped her fingers. 
  8. The guards dropped me in the tank and cold water came into my cuts. I quickly sank to the bottom and I looked up. I saw my blood at the top of the water. At this point, I'm praying that the chain won't affect my curse.  I took a deep breath in and I noticed that the chain didn't affect my curse and I could breathe underwater. I looked at Gaea and enjoyed the look of surprise on her face. I then did a victory dance as she started yelling at her guards.  A couple minutes later, one of her guards jumped in the water and pulled me out and I started to cough a little. I wasn't even wet. He took the weight off of my ankle and forced me to walk down the stairs.  Once I reached the bottom of the stairs, the two guards held me where i was and one of them tied my arms behind my back while Gaea marched towards me.  "Percy, I'm giving you one last time to tell me. If you don't tell me, I'll kill her." Gaea threatened.  Percy kept his mouth closed and then Gaea pulled out a knife.  "You can make this all stop, Percy." She said as she walked towards me and cut my left arm, "And all you have to do is answer my simple question." She told him. Percy kept his mouth shut and looked down at the ground again. "So be it." Gaea said and then plunged her knife into the left side of my stomach and left it there.  I bit the bottom of my lip to keep from screaming while Gaea pulled out a coin.  "Maybe one of your friends will tell me." Gaea told me and then a guard rolled in a fountain that was giving off mist. 
  9. She tossed the coin in and said the message to go to my friends. Dylan and Jason's faces came into view and behind them, Alaina, Dakota, Jake, and Annabeth were still Iris messaging them.  "Oh, hello." Gaea said and then gave them an evil smile.  "Who are you?" Jason asked.  "That's right, we never properly introduced ourselves. I'm Gaea and I already know who you are." She told them.  "Where's Megan?" Dylan demanded, anger and hatred in his voice.  "She's with me. She's alive if that's what you're wondering." Gaea replied.  "What do you want?" Jason asked.  "Well, Megan and Percy are here with me and no matter how much I hurt Megan, Percy just won't give me an answer to my question." Gaea explained.  "What's the question?" Jason asked.  "How do I defeat your little army? It annoys me that no matter how many I kill of you, you guys just seem to keep on coming back, and I would really appreciate it if we could just get this over with." Gaea explained.  "We don't know the answer." Dylan said. It wasn't a lie. Only Percy, Jason, and I know it.  "Of course you don't. Maybe this will change your mind." Gaea said and then stepped out of the way so they could see me.  She walked over to me and pulled the knife out of my side and then the guards forced me on my knees.  "If you don't tell me, I will kill her." Gaea threatened.  "If you kill me, then they definitely won't tell you." I told her. 
  10. "Shut-up!" She told me and then backhanded me across my face, "Put her back in those chains." Gaea demanded and then the guards forced me back over to the chains.  The chains lifted me up and they put the ones on the ground on my ankles.   "These chains will shock her every 15 seconds, unless if you tell me the answer." Gaea said.  "We don't know the answer." Dylan told her.  "I know you don't. But Jason does." Gaea said.  'How did she know?' I thought to myself and then the chains shocked me. I arched my back.  "Jason, tell her." Dylan pleaded.  "Yes, Jason, tell me." Gaea said and then the chains shocked me again.  "Jason, if you tell her, I will murder you." I threatened him.  "How can you still talk when you're being shocked?" Gaea asked me.  "I'm just talented like that." I said and then it shocked me again.  "Jason, tell her." Dylan said.  "Don't tell her, Jason. Dylan, if you can't see me like this then look away." I told him.  "Turn it up to high voltage." Gaea yelled at her guards.  They turned a dial on the wall and a couple seconds later, I was blasted with the most excruciating pain ever. I squeezed my eyes shut and screamed as it went through me.  When it stopped and I opened my eyes again, all of my friends had a look of horror on their faces.  "So, tell me Jason, what's the answer?" Gaea asked.  Jason opened up his mouth to reply, but I said, "Jason, don't tell her. If I die, then I die. It's better than her winning," and then Jason closed his mouth. 
  11. It shocked me again and I cried out in pain. When it stopped, Gaea said, "This isn't working. Bring her back down and put her in a cell," and then I saw Jason fall down, out of the image.  "There we go. Now 3 of the most powerful demigods in the world are trapped here. I guess I should go get Jason now." Gaea said and then walked away while the guards got me down.  As they were shoving me towards the door, Percy asked me, "Are you alright?"  I nodded my head in response and then we walked on in silence. When we turned a corner, one of the guards banged my head against the concrete wall.  "What was that for?" I demanded as my head started to hurt and I felt blood trickling down the side of my head.  "Keep moving." The guard said and then shoved me forward. My heart felt like it was about to have a heartattack because it was beating irregular and I my body would occasionally be spazzing out.  We turned another corner and then walked down some stairs that led to a dark tunnel. On the right side, there was a metal door and one of the guards opened it. They shoved Percy in the cell first and he had to stumble a little to keep his balance. One of the guards grabbed the back of my neck and threw me down onto the floor. He then closed the door behind me and my eyes were slowly adjusting to the dark.  I was lying on my right side on the ground with my head on my right arm and that hand was behind my head, my legs were half way in-between straight and curled up, and my left arm was in front of my face.  Every ten seconds, my body would twitch, and little electric sparks would come off of me, creating a little bit of light.  "Megan, are you okay?" Percy asked me.  "I will be once Jason gets here. Then I can transfer this electricity to him and if he is hurt, then it should heal him." I explained through gritted teeth as my body twitched again.  "You know that's not what I meant." Percy said.  "I'm fine, I can handle it." I told him.  20 minutes passed when the guards opened up the cell door and threw Jason in. He landed next to me as my body twitched again and sparks flew off my body. I looked at Jason and I could tell that he was bleeding and he had a chain around him.  My left hand snapped out and grabbed his right wrist. He looked at me in surprise but then he understood once when my body twitched and sparks flew.  Less than 10 seconds later, Jason was healed and I wasn't twitching anymore.  I rolled over onto my hands and knees and started having a coughing fit. When I was done coughing, I looked up and saw that both Jason and Percy had a look of concern on their faces.  "I'm fine." I told them.  "No you're not. You know that as well as we do." Jason told me.  "As long as we hurry up and beat Gaea, then I'll be fine." I said.  "Yes, we know, and everytime you use your powers, you grow weaker and sicker." Percy told me.  "Yeah, believe it or not, you're dying." Jason told me and I looked down at the ground, knowing it was true, and that I was dying. 
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Please comment and rate. Bye.

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