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  • @RinRin haha yeah, there would be like a killing spree XD.

    @Faith Don't worry, this isn't the last part :P.

    @EPicz Thank you :) and probably the reason why I get mine out so fast is because I use my iPod for this cause I don't like the computer where everyone can see what I'm doing, and so I just wrote this story in my notes on my iPod so all I have to do is copy some paragraphs from each chapter and paste it on the question box thingys. Make sense? And I finished writing this book so I'm just putting out every chapter whenever I can get the chance to.

    Oh and part 21 is out!!!!

  • I just started reading your series and its pretty good! Wow, Megan has so many enemies.. I love how you release new parts everyday or every other day, unlike other writers on here. Megan gets hurt in like every part! Lol. Keep up the awesome work, you're a good writer! :) Next part!

  • I LOVED IT like ur other quizzes is this the ending I LOVE ur cliffhangers they make u wanting more I LOVED IT and if there's a next I can't wait till that one comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ...First comment. :3 lolz gosh, I would not like it in that school because they go all code red alot. JUST MURDER LAUREN ALREADY! xD "Why do you want to kill me?" ,"Because I don't like you" geez, if that was everyone's reasons we'd all be dead..


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