Apollo's Curse (part 20)

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!!!!

Megan~Blonde, hair blue eyes, about 5'4" and is crazy, random, super funny, athletic, animal lover, sarcastic, and can sometimes forget things. Dakota~ Brown hair, hazel eyes, about 5'2" so she's the shortest. She's crazy, random, funny, and her and Megan are kinda like twins at some times. Alaina~ short blonde hair that goes to her shoulders, gray eyes, and is super smart.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. I woke up in what looked like someone's basement. I couldn't remember how I got here or what happened, all I knew was that my name is Megan and I'm 15 years old. I had scars on my body and I didn't know why. Then, I heard footsteps on the stairs, coming down to where I was.   An elderly women came into view, carrying a tray of food. When she saw me, her face lit up, and she smiled. "Oh good. You're finally awake. I saw you lying in the middle of a forest in Ohio, all bloodied up and wounded." She said as she walked over to me.  "How long was I out?" I asked her.  "About 2 weeks." She told me as she handed me the tray, "You must be very hungry and thirsty." I nodded and started eating.  "What's your name?" She asked me when I finished eating.  "Megan." I told her. 
  2. "Shouldn't you be in school, Megan?" She asked me. I shrugged and she said, "Well, we should get you into a school. There's one not too far from my house, you could probably walk to it. It's Indian High School." She told me. I nodded my head, school seemed like something good right now.  "I'll try to get you in it by tomorrow, okay?" She asked.  "Okay but, what cloths would I wear? I don't think these would be school appropriate." I asked her as I looked down at my cloths.  "We can get you some tonight, if you feel up to it. If not, then I'll just say that you didn't know what to wear." She replied. I honestly didn't feel like going anywhere, "But in the meantime, here." She tossed me an old shirt and some running shorts.  "What are these for?" I asked as I caught them.  "I need to wash the cloths that you're in now, they are extremely dirty." She told me and I smiled. 
  3. Indian was a big school with three different hallways. There was A hallway, B hallway, and C hallway and they all stretched out in opposite directions so it was difficult to get to class, let alone the massive groups of people.  It was 7:45am, 1st period started at 7:15am. The principle showed me to my classroom, which was Language Arts. He knocked on the door and a girl answered it. She had black hair, chocolate brown eyes, she looked about 4'11" so she was pretty small for a 15 year old, and she was Mexican. When she saw me, her face lit up and she smiled.  "Megan!" She screamed my name as she ran into me and gave me a hug.  "Um.... Hi. Do I know you?" I asked her once she finally let go of me.  "You mean, you don't remember?" She asked me.  "No, sorry." I told her and followed the principle into the classroom.  "Hello, Mrs. Lynn. This is Megan and she's a new student." The principle said.  "Okay. Nice to meet you, Megan. You can sit next to Adam." She said a jestured to a Korean guy about my age. 
  4. I took my seat next to him and he said stared at me in awe.  "Hi, I'm Megan." I told him.  "Hi, I'm Adam." He said, saying it like it was a joke until he got serious. "What happened to you? One second you were there and the next, you, Jake, Alaina, and Dakota were gone." He said.  "I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about." I told him.  "You don't remember?" He asked me.  "No, I'm sorry." I said.  He opened his mouth to say something when the door opened. The principle came into view and 6 people came in behind him. 4 were boys and 2 were girls. One guy had blonde hair and electric blue eyes, another had black hair and sea green eyes, another had dark brown hair and chocolate eyes, and the last one had light brown hair and deep blue eyes. One of the girls had blonde hair that went just a little past her shoulders and grey eyes while the other girl had brown hair and hazel eyes.  "Sorry to bother you again, Mrs. Lynn, but we have more new students. This is Jason, Percy, Jake, Dylan, Alaina, and Dakota." He said while pointing to them as he said their names. 
  5. I focused my attention to my arm ring on my forearm and studied it. It was gold with a design on it. It had a symbol that looked like this: €•. (Except it was right side up). It also had a sun and a wolf etched into it.  I looked out the window and saw that it was a clear day and the sun was shinning brightly.  The principle left and Mrs. Lynn got up from her chair and stood in front of the class.  "Alright, class. Since we have 7 new students, why don't they come up here and tell us about themselves." She said and then I got up and walked to the front of the room along with the others.  "I'm Jason," The guy with blonde hair and electric blue eyes said, "and I like thunderstorms." He finished off.  "I'm Percy," The guy with black hair and sea green eyes said, "and I'm a really good swimmer." He said.  "I'm Jake," The guy with dark brown hair and chocolate eyes said, "and some of you know me, but not all of you." He said.  "I'm Dylan," The guy with light brown hair and deep blue eyes said, "and I'm good at fixing things." He said.  "I'm Alaina," The girl with blonde hair said, "and I like reading." She said.  "I'm Dakota," The girl with brown hair said, "and I'm awesome." She finished off.  "I'm Megan." I said, "and I can't remember anything that happened in my life." I told them. 
  6. "Wait, what do you mean you can't remember anything in you life?" Some girl in the back of the room asked.  "I was told that I was found in the middle of the forest, bloodied, had scars on me, I was unconscious, and I had cuts all on my body. I woke up yesterday." I replied.  "Can we sit down now?" The guy named Jake asked the teacher.  "Yes, of course. Jake, Alaina, and Dakota, you may sit in your old seats. Percy, Jason, and Dylan, you may sit in the three empty seats around Megan and Adam." Mrs. Lynn said.  We all walked back to our seats and Dylan took the seat next to me while Percy took the seat in front of me and Jason took the one behind me.  "So, you seriously don't remember me?" Adam asked me.  "No, sorry." I replied. 
  7. "Are you sure? You've tried to pull this prank on me before, and it worked for a little while. You can be a very good actress, you know." Adam said.  "Thanks. But does it look like I'm lying?" I asked him.  "I never said you were lying." He told me.  "I think of lying as just another form of acting." I told him, not really knowing where that came from. The bell rang before Adam could reply. I was off to my 2nd period: band.  I walked down the stairs and pushed my way through the crowded hallways. I finally made it to the classroom. I walked inside and realized that I was the first one here. My instincts took control over me and I walked into the instrument room. One of the lockers had my name on it, in my hand writing. I opened it and saw a flute case inside of the locker. I took it and sat back down in my chair.  I put together my flute and it was the shiniest thing I've ever seen. I reflected the colors off my yellow shirt so brightly, it looked like the sun.  The bell rang and no one showed up. I was alone in the band room and a horrible feeling came in the pit of my stomach. I slowly got up and turned around. I saw a girl, about a year older than me, with short, curly brown hair, brown eyes, and she had an evil grin on her face. 
  8. "So we meet again, Megan." She said. "Do I know you?" I asked.  Her grin faltered a little, but she quickly regained her composer. "You don't remember?" She asked.  "No, sorry. I can't remembered anything in my life. I woke up yesterday and that's all I know." I told her, "Do you know where everyone is?" I asked.  "Oh, class has been canceled. We're going to study hall 'cause the teacher isn't here today. They sent me to get the new student. Which is you. So, come on, follow me." She told me. After I put away my flute, she led me down the hall, through the cafeteria.  I looked around the cafeteria and noticed dry blood on one of the walls.  "What happened there?" I asked her, pointing to the dried up blood.  "Oh, well, a robber came in and shot a student. But don't worry, she lived." She told me.  "Okay. I don't think I know your name." I told her.  "It's Lauren." She said.  "Well, nice to meet you, Lauren." I told her. 
  9. "Wanna know a secret room in this school?" She asked me.  "Sure." I said as I shrugged.  "It's right this way." Lauren told me and then led me to the rotunda, (it's a circle), that had the 3 hallways going in different directions. She stopped in front of the glass that had art paintings and stuff in it. She put her hand on the glass and the glass slid open. The paintings were gone and they were replaced by stairs. We walked down the stairs and saw a room. It was small. It had a twin sized bed, toilet, and some food in it. The room reminded me of a jail cell. I took a step in front of Lauren to examine the room even more. The walls and floor were completely white.  I turned around to ask Lauren what it was for when I felt a sharp pain in my right leg, and then in my side.  "You're not gonna destroy everything that we've put into this, again!" Lauren hissed.  "I don't know what you're talking about!" I yelled at her. I grasped my side and felt my blood on my hand. 
  10. "I don't care! You killed many of our monsters! You're a threat to our group! You and your little friends. Now, I need to go get some people. But in the meantime, you might wanna consider trying to die!" Lauren spat at me.  "I honestly don't know what you're talking about!" I screamed at her.  "You will remember eventually. In the meantime, like I already said, die. For the 3rd time in your life, just die." She told me and then went up the stairs and closed the room.  I was lying on the floor, bleeding, and trying to stop the blood from coming out of me, when I heard footsteps coming from outside of the room. I then heard voices.  "Alright, Lauren, where is she?" A guy's voice asked.  "Oh, she's somewhere around here." Lauren replied.  "Just tell us where she is!" Another guy said.  "Okay, but first, pay up." Lauren said.  I heard some mumbling and then some footsteps going away towards the room. The door swung open and I saw two guys and one girl, standing in the doorway.  "Are you okay?" The girl asked me. She had dark brown hair and bright green eyes.  "Do I look like it?" I asked her.  "Honestly, you've been through a lot worse. So you actually look pretty good." She replied.  "Come on. We better get you back to camp." The guy with jet black hair and yellow eyes said.  "I'm not going anywhere with you guys until you tell me what's going on!" I yelled.  "Alright. Look, Megan, we can't tell you until you come with us. My name is Blake, this is Darke, and this is Dalila." The guy with blonde hair and blue eyes told me.  "How do you know my name?" I asked them.  "Come with us and find out." Darke said.  It was a tempting offer. Blake reached his hand down towards me. I hesitated for a second before taking it. He hauled me up to my feet and he helped me up the stairs.  "Why are you guys here?" I asked them.  "To find this amazing person everyone has been saying. They said that she died twice, but she's still alive." Dalila told me.  "That person is you, Megan." Blake told me as we reached the top of the stairs.  "Me? How can it be me? I don't seem very strong." I told them.  "They say that you have a strong will, soul, spirit, ect...." Darke said.  Before I could reply, the bell rang.  "Crap. We gotta get out of here fast." Dalila said.  "This way." I told them. I ignored the pain in my leg and took off sprinting down a hallway. Kids were just beginning to come out of their classes when I ran into an empty room with a window.  I closed the door behind Dalila, Darke, and Blake and unlatched the window. I looked out and saw some trees a little ways away. I jestured them to come and then I leapt out the window, like I've done it before. I landed on my left leg and helped them down.  "There are some trees over there. Run towards them and there will be a clearing a little ways from them." I told them and they looked at me weirdly, "Don't ask how I know, I just do. Now do you wanna get out of here or not?" I demanded. They all took off running. I reached up and closed the window, then I took off running after them.  It seemed like an alarm went off in the school. The next thing that I was hearing was a siren and a voice yelling into the speaker phone, "CODE RED!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! I REPEAT, CODE RED!!" I assumed that they probably found the gun and saw my blood on the floor.  I hobbled into the forest and saw Darke, Blake, and Dalila panting, with their hands on their knees.  "Suck it up. It wasn't that far of a run." I scolded them. I wasn't out of breath at all. I guess the forgotten part of me ran a lot.  "We aren't all cross country runners like you, Megan." Darke said.  "I don't remember being in cross country." I told them.  "How can you not remember? You've been in it ever since you could, which was 7th grade." Dalila said.  "Sorry, but the only thing I remember is waking up in some old lady's basement. That was yesterday." I told them as they straightened up.  "Well that explains why we had to explain everything that we heard about you." Darke said.  "Come on let's get to the car." Blake said, changing the subject. He then lightly put his hand on my back. Not in a flirting way, but in a protective way. He then guided me in front of him, towards the edge of the forest.  A twig snapped behind us, making us all turn around. Lauren stepped out of the bushes.  "What do you want, Lauren?" Darke demanded.  "You told me that you would kill her! You told me that you were working for Gaea!" Lauren snapped.  "People lie, Lauren." Dalila replied calmly.  "I should've killed her when I had the chance." Lauren growled.  "Then why didn't you?" Blake asked.  "Because you said you would make her death long and painful." Lauren snapped.  "Why do you want me to die?" I asked her.  "Because I don't like you." She told me.  "Not the first time I've heard that." I told her and I knew that that was the truth.  "Whatever, Megan. I'm about to kill you anyway." Lauren said and then she changed into this hideous creature with four wings: two on each side. 
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