Apollo's Curse (part 12)

Jinglebells don't moo they quack!! Please take my series The Lightning Girl. I'm really bored, okay. I don't know what else to put so um.... Bye.

Jinglebells don't moo they quack!! Please take my series The Lightning Girl. I'm really bored, okay. I don't know what else to put so um.... Bye.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. "Megan." I heard someone whisper. "Megan, open your eyes." The voice was louder as it got closer. "Open your eyes, my daughter." I had to force my eyes to open and when I did I felt perfectly fine. I wasn't bleeding, I didn't have a broken ankle, I wasn't poisoned, and I didn't have a gun wound. I looked around and saw that I was surrounded by clouds and I couldn't see the ground. "Megan, come with me. There is much I need to tell you in such little time." The voice said.
  2. I turned my head in the direction I heard the voice and saw a person standing in the distance. "Who are you?" I asked it. "I am Apollo and I am also your father." Apollo replied. "Now come with me quickly."  I did as I was told and ran towards him. As I got closer, I now knew why I had some unexplained curls in my hair. Apollo's hair was a golden, curly blonde.
  3. "What do you have to tell me?" I asked. "I need to tell you about the curse." He replied. "About fiveteen years ago, Hermes and Poseidon cursed me saying that the next kid that I had would be cursed and that you would attract more monsters because you would have some of their powers. So I decided that I would give you a strong will, so you wouldn't die as easily as the other demigods. I also gave you all the powers that I have and more psychic powers than just seeing the future, and also, I gave you an animal spirit so you could protect yourself. You will know when your about to change because your eyes will turn from blue to gold. My other children do not have the powers that you have, which makes you, so far, the most powerful demigod."
  4. "How did I get cursed? What did you do?" I asked him as I was taking this all in. "Poseidon thought that I played a prank on him and Hermes, but I didn't. Hermes did, and framed me by putting a golden lyre, my symbol, in his little explosion prank. Once Poseidon found out that it was Hermes, it was already to late to take back the curse, the damage had been done and you were cursed." Apollo replied. "What was Hermes punishment?" I asked. "That he wasn't allowed to have a child for 20 more years." Apollo replied.
  5. "So, I got cursed and Hermes got no kids for 20 years? That seems unfair." I said. "Well I guess it would only be five more years now." "Yes, and now I must show you what's happening right now, on Earth, so you won't get confused when you come back from the dead." Apollo said. I was still thinking of how I can be dead, when my vision blurred and I was now looking down at my lifeless body. I looked around and saw Jason disintegrating the last monster.
  6. He ran over to where I was and I quickly knew that he knew that I was dead. Behind Jason, the air shimmered and I saw Percy, Dakota, Jake, Aliana, and Annabeth standing there like a hieroglyphic.  "Jason what's wrong?" Percy asked. Jason moved out of the way so they could see me. "She's dead."  "How could you let that happen?" Dakota yelled at Jason. "I hate you for this! Megan was like a sister to me!"
  7. "Dakota, calm down." Annabeth said. "It wasn't Jason's fault, it was the monsters." "But we can't live without Megan." Jake said, with tears in his eyes. "She's the one who got us all to be friends in the first place." "I can't believe his happened." Aliana said, and that was the last thing that I heard before I was thrown back into my body. When I flew in my body, I forced my eyes opened, and I started coughing and gasping for breath, making everyone stare at me with wide, astonished eyes. I looked down and saw that I was all healed up and that the magnet things still around my wrists.
  8. "Jason, get these stupid things off me!" I yelled at him sounding irritated, as I tried to pull my arms away from each other. "The freakin' things are stuck together. And stop staring at me like that guys, I was only dead for like a minute." "Yeah, but you were still dead." Jason said as he bent down and picked up a fallen key, then walked over and unlocked the magnets, making them fall to the ground. "How did you come back?" Percy asked. "Well it's a long story and part of it is really making me hate your dad a little, Percy." I replied to him. "What did my dad do to you?" He asked, defensively.  "Well let's see. He's the reason why I died, he's the reason why monsters keep on coming after me, and he's the reason why I'm cursed." I told him.  "How does any of that add up to Poseidon cursing you? For all you know it might've not been him." Percy said.
  9. "But it was him! And now thanks to him I'm freaking attracting monsters like there's no tomorrow!" I yelled at him and a tree burst into flames. "I was injured and I couldn't walk because my ankle was broken!"  "Well maybe if your dad, Apollo, didn't blow up one of Poseidon's water tanks, then you wouldn't be cursed!" Percy yelled back and the lake behind him exploded the water, like someone did a huge cannonball. "He didn't! Hermes did!" I told him and I saw the color drain from his face as he looked behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw a black mist hovering right behind me. It flew straight at me, going through my body and it felt like a little part of it was inside me, trying to take over my actions and what I say. "Haha little demigods. Feel my wrath that I shall unleash upon you." I said but it wasn't my voice. I felt my arms raise up, but I wasn't controlling them. Fire exploded around me into a huge circle. "Megan, listen to me." I heard Jake say, but his voice was distant. "Fight it, make yourself light inside." I started thinking of everything that I loved, and I felt like there was a ball of fire, slowly spreading inside me. "Noooo." It said. "Not again!" It flew out of me and I instantly started throwing fire at it until there was nothing left. "Gosh dammit." I said turning around. "What the hell was that?" "That was a demon, Megan." Annabeth said. "And a very strong one too. I'm surprised you got it out of you, let alone 2min." "Well that felt really weird." I said, disgusted. "So do u guys have any idea of how to get us back to camp?" "Why not take a plane?" Percy suggested. "That's what I said but Jason didn't want to." I replied while giving Jason an annoyed look. "I was just being careful because I didn't know if my dad would get mad." Jason said. "Well she would be with you and I don't think your dad would want to kill you." Annabeth said matter-of-factly. "Oh well there is just one problem." Jason said. "We don't have any money to get plane tickets." "Then go find somewhere where there are lots of people and have Megan sing." Aliana said. "You know I don't like to sing in public, Aliana." I told her, complaining. "But you're really good at it." Jake said. "Yeah and you always know the right dance moves to go with the song you're singing." Dakota added. "So you'll have enough money in less than three hours." "You better hope I do." I said as Jason waved his hand threw the mist, making the image disappear. "So where's a busy street in Kansas and do you have a hat that we could use to collect the money?" "Does I look like I have a hat?" Jason said. "And I don't know, let's just start walking around somewhere till we get to a town."
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Stay tuned for part 13!!

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