Premonitions (part 10)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. Sorry it took me awhile to get this out. I temporarily had writer's block. But it's gone now :D (I hope). Please tell me what you thought of this chapter. Thanks. ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! ange: aww, thank you :). That really means a lot to me. Mistyheart13: I wish you would've asked sooner because I actually have a wattpad account, and I put my stories on there too. Sorry :\. SoccerTomboy13: well, fooey. I need to start making things less obvious then.... Hahaha I just now thought of it >:D.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. Kaylee: I fell past the jagged rocks on the cliff. I was sure I was going to die until I hit a tree. Its branches broke my fall, and I landed on the ground with a thud. I sat up and examined myself. My whole body stung and I had scratches all over it and my left leg was bleeding. On the bright side, where I got shot, I was healed. 'Definitely gonna be sore in the morning.' I thought and then looked up. There was fog above me, so I couldn't see anything. I stood up and leaned against a tree for support. A scream from above made me snap my head up. "No! Let her go!" Someone screamed, and I waited to hear more, but nothing happened. A minute later, a thud sounded next to me. I looked down and saw a guy laying there. A pool of blood surrounded his head and I backed up in shock. I quickly turned away and started running back into the forest.
  2. A flash of green flew out in front of me, and I almost screamed in surprise. I got a better look and saw that Jason was standing there, out of breath. His green shirt had some mud on it. "Go away, Jason!" I demanded. "Kaylee, listen to me. Kelly's been taken." Jason panted and took a step towards me. "You're lying. Kelly's back at the house." I said. "I'm not lying. I just saw her. She kicked a guy off of the cliff. Speaking of that, how did you survive that fall?" Jason asked. "I don't know. I just did." I replied. "Anyways. We gotta get her, Skye, Rose, and Felix soon. Or else Kelly's gonna turn." I didn't know who Skye, Rose, and Felix were. "What do you mean?" I asked. "The Shades are gonna take the good part of her soul away." Jason explained. "How do you know that?" I asked. "Because I was once a Shade. They took the good part of my soul away, but I got it back when Skye broke the bottle. Unfortunately, I killed his mom a couple of seconds before I got my soul back." He replied.
  3. "Where did they take them?" I asked, changing the subject. "Probably their castle about a couple hours away." He said. "How do I get there?" I asked. "We walk." Jason simply said. "We? There is no 'we'. You're not going." I strictly said. "Kaylee, I have to go with you. You don't know how to get there." He pointed out. "No, she doesn't. But we do." A voice from my right said. I snapped my head in that direction and saw a Shade standing there. I turned to flee, but more Shades came out from behind the trees. "And don't worry, you'll get there." With a snap of his fingers, two Shades came forward. They tied my arms behind my back, and then did the same to Jason. They put us next to each other against a tree. "Nice to see you again, Jason." A Shade said. "Can't say the same to you, Kyle." Jason replied and someone came up to him and put a wide black bracelet on his wrist. "Get them back to the cars." Kyle commanded and then we were walked around some trees.
  4. We reached a field that had black cars and people wearing black clothes. Two cars drove past us, and out onto the road. "Put them in that car." Kyle commanded and Jason and I were walked over to a car. We were thrown in and the door shut behind me. We drove on in silence until I couldn't take it anymore, and I had to ask the questions that were bothering me. "Why did you kill Skye's mom? And how did you guys meet? Also, why did you turn?" I asked Jason and he chuckled.
  5. "I should've known you were going to ask that, so let me just start from the beginning." He said. "When I was about six, I discovered that I could tell people what to do, and they would do it. I could get anyone to say, feel, or do whatever I wanted them to. That was also around the time when I met Skye. We became friends, and soon enough, he told me about his abilities. I confessed about mine too, and he told me that I was a Manipulator and he was an Elemental. "A couple years later, when I was ten, Skye told me what his family does, and about how they kill people like us when they try to save someone else, creating an unbalance in the world. That was also when Skye told me that his parents got a divorce because of it, and his mom was taking him to Tennessee to rebel against his dad. "Four years later, I went looking for him after his dad's side, The Shades, tried to kill me after I saved some girl from drowning. I found him and his mom deep in a forest. They had other people too. It wasn't a lot, but it was still something. They welcomed me in and a couple weeks later, we were invaded by The Shades. All of the people there were killed, and Skye, his mom, and I were taken as prisoners. We were taken to their castle, which is where we are heading now. Skye's dad gave me a choice: to turn to his side or to not turn to his side and watch him kill his son and ex-wife. I chose to turn. Skye and his mom escaped a month after I turned. I was on The Shades side for two years. "In the last day of me being on their side, Skye's dad told me that they figured out where their location was, and he wanted me to go there to kill his ex-wife. I went with Kyle. Kyle was already on his way there, so he got there first. When I got there, Kyle had Skye's mom tied up to a chair in the kitchen. There was no one in sight. Skye's mom looked awful. She was as white as a ghost, and she was sweating really badly. I didn't even hesitate to stab her in the heart with my knife. And as soon as I did that, I got my soul back. I immediately regretted what I did, and I started to fight Kyle. We went outside, and I threw him against a tree. I thought I killed him, but I didn't. He got up and ran off into the woods. I walked about to the house and sat on the steps, waiting for Skye to return. He did, and I immediately started saying that I was sorry for what I did. He told me that it wasn't my fault that I turned, and I said that that wasn't why I was saying sorry. He saw my hand covered in his mom's blood, and he ran inside. He made this awful scream, and I made the decision to get out of there as fast as I could. I've been hiding from both him and The Shades. It was going pretty well until a couple days ago when they found me on that road. If it wasn't for you and Kelly, I'd be dead." Jason finished and I just nodded my head.
  6. The car sped over a speed bump, and I flew into the air. I landed on my feet, but was then knocked back onto the ground when it turned a corner, and I rolled into Jason, who also got knocked down. We both sat up without saying anything. "We should get some sleep. We're gonna need it." Jason said after a little while. "Yeah." I agreed, and laid down on my side. I quickly fell asleep. I was awoken when someone opened up the back door and pulled me out. They did the same to Jason, and we were walked up to the castle. We went around a series of twists and turns until we reached a throne room. There was a guy sitting on a chair at the far end of the wall. Jason and I were forced onto our knees in front of the man. "Hello, Jason. Welcome back. I never got to say good job on killing my ex-wife. Good job." The man said. "And welcome, Kaylee. Don't worry, you're about to join your friend in a moment. Just thought I'd tell you that Kelly is going to turn." "What?" I automatically said. "I think you heard me correctly. She's going to turn." The man said again.
  7. "Who'd you threaten to kill?" Jason asked. "I didn't threaten anybody. Someone else did that." He replied and then flicked his hand. Two Shades came and lifted Jason and me to our feet. They led us up stairs and around corners until we reached a large wooden door. A guy unlocked the door and opened it. They untied our hands and shoved us forward. They walked us past rows of cells that were filled with people, and they smelled like death. We came to the last cell in the corner, and we were shoved inside. I turned around and saw Kelly and some guy, which I assumed was Skye, sleeping against the wall. The noise of the jail cell door closing woke them up. "Kaylee!" Kelly said happily and got up to give me a hug. "Nice to see you too." I hugged her back. I could feel the tension rising as Skye stood up and Jason and him stared at each other. "Skye." Jason nodded. "Jason." Skye's voice was full of hate. Silence came.
  8. "Why did you say that you would turn?" I asked Kelly, breaking the silence. "They threatened to kill Rose, and the only way to make them not kill her was if I turned. So I said that I would, but then I kicked the guy off of the cliff." Kelly explained. "If you kicked him off the cliff a couple of inches to the left, he would've fell on me." I told her. "You were at the bottom of the cliff?" Kelly asked. "Yep. The trees broke my fall, which is why I have these scratches on me." I said. "Have you had any dreams of what's going to happen?" She asked. "Nope. Nothing. I haven't even had a dream." I replied. "Same here." Kelly confessed. "It's because you're near the Controllers. Even though you don't have them on, it still affects you if you're near them." Skye explained. "Now get some sleep. Especially you, Kelly." "Why? What's going to happen?" I asked. "They're going to take the good part of her soul in the morning." Skye answered and then sat back down on the floor. I didn't say anything else as I laid on the floor and closed my eyes, quickly falling asleep.
  9. I opened my eyes and saw that I was back in the throne room. Kelly, Jason, and Skye were there too. Kelly was standing in front of us, and the rest of us were kneeling. Someone holding a large gun walked up to Kelly and pulled the trigger. Kelly fell down screaming. It changed and I was floating in darkness. A voice echoed around me. "You can stop this. They are at your command." It said. "They? Who's they?" I called out. "You will soon see." A hand came out and touched my forehead. A painful bright light erupted behind my eyes, and I woke up screaming.
  10. I was sitting up when I finally stopped screaming. I heard everyone asking me if I was alright, but their voices sounded like they were underwater. My hearing cleared up. "Kaylee, can you hear me?" Kelly asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." I replied and looked up at their worried faces. A black shadow passed behind them, and my eyes followed it to out of the cell. I gasped when I saw more figures shaped like people wondering around the aisle. "What is it?" Jason asked, making me look back at them. "Do you not see them?" I asked and pointed at the figures. "See what?" He asked. "Them." I stood up, walked towards the cell door, and pointed at the figures again. "There's nothing there." Kelly said, giving me a look of confusion. "But they're everywhere." I persisted. "Who's they?" Kelly asked, and I remembered my dream and how I asked that same question. "Hey, how do you get those Controllers off?" I asked. "Each Shade has a key to them, why?" Skye asked. "I have a plan." I answered.
  11. Cliffhanger!! Please tell me what you thought, and thanks for reading this :). ~Meg.

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