Apollo's Curse (part 19)

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Anywho, this is part 19 (obviously) and part 18 was out a couple hours ago so if you don't remember, then go back and take it. If this does t show up on the new quizzes list, then I'm gonna be pretty frickin mad.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. "What do you want with me?" I asked him angrily.  "Aww, don't act like that doll face." Rusty said as he walked over to me, "Darrel said he wanted me to find out what you're doin' all the way in China. So, what are ya doin' all the way in China?" He asked me.  "I ran away from home." I lied.  "Now ya can take her to Darrel." Rusty told Wesley and Dagger, "But watch out, she knows how to punch." He said and then he walked away, into the shadows.  Wesley and Dagger came over to me and they were about to touch me when I said, "Touch me, and I will burn your hand."  "Honey, you're hot but not that hot." Dagger chuckle and then he touched my arm and I burned his hand, making him pull back in surprise.  "Why'd you pull back?" Wesley asked. "She burned my hand." Dagger said. 
  2. "I told you to not touch me or I will burn your hand." I told them and then I got up. As soon as I stood up, Darrel appeared in the shadows.  "Now where are you going?" He asked me.  "Away from you." I told him.  "You think you can get away that easily?" He asked me in a disbelieving voice.  "Umm.... Yeah, pretty much." I replied.  "Well guess again. You're not dealing with a school bully, you're dealing with a gang." He said and then snapped his fingers. Ten guys came out of the shadows and blocked my escape path.  "Look, I don't wanna hurt you, but I will if I have to." I told them as I turned around, my back towards Darrel. Then, Darrel came up behind me, put a chain around my waist, and locked it. "Why did you do that?" I asked him. "I saw some guy by this building that I though was a weapon shop and I needed to buy a gun. He asked me why so I told him because I needed to shoot someone. He asked me who and I told him what you looked like. He told me that a gun wouldn't have that much affect on you, but these chains would. He also gave me this lock to make sure that you didn't pull off the chains." Darrel explained to me.  I examined the chains more closely and I realized that they were the chains that drew my powers away. The only good thing about them was that it healed me. I could now put my weight on my right leg and I could move my left arm more than I could when it had bullet holes in it. 
  3. "I'm guessing you don't like this chain from the look of horror on your face." Darrel told me with happiness filling his voice.  I quickly turned around and tried to make a run for it but those guys blocked my path.  "Why are you leaving so early?" Darrel asked me, joy creeping into his voice as he saw me starting to panic a little.  When he said that, it made me mad, and I quickly punched one guy blocking my way and kicked another on the side of his head. They fell to the ground and I made a run for it.  "Don't let her escape!" Darrel called out as I ran into a forest, the end of the chain hitting my leg.  I heard a bunch of people run into the forest behind me. Just then, a guy came out of the bushes, blocking my way. I veered to the right and climbed a tree.  I was a little over half way up the tree when the end of the chain got stuck on a branch, forcing me to stop climbing. 
  4. "Where did she go?" I heard some guy say. "I don't know. Let's split up. It might be better if we climb a tree to get to higher ground." Another one said.  "Shadow, you're the best at climbing. Go climb that tree and shout down if you see her running." I heard Darrel say.  I felt the tree that I was on sway a little, I looked down and saw a guy climbing the tree that I was on.  'Stop climbing. Stop climbing.' I thought to myself.  Fortunately, he stopped climbing. Unfortunately, he looked up and saw me.  "I don't see her running!" Shadow shouted down. "What do you see her doing then?" Darrel asked. "I see her stuck in this tree." Shadow replied. "Bring her down." Darrel commanded. 
  5. Shadow quickly reached up and grabbed my left wrist. I struck him with my right hand and he dropped my left wrist.  "You little brat!" Shadow growled at me and then he grabbed the chain and yanked it free. I turned around to climb higher but he grabbed my right foot and pulled me down. I turned back around and attempted to punch him in the face but he grabbed my right arm and twisted it behind my back.  "Just throw her down! We found a net!" Darrel called up, then Shadow threw me off the tree, and I landed in the net, getting tangled up in it.  "Megan!" I heard Dylan calling my name.  "Dylan, help!" I called back.  "I'm coming, Megan!" Dylan shouted. "Quick, go hide in the bushes. Bring her with you." Darrel commanded and then four guys came over and lifted me up. They threw me behind a bunch of bushes, one put his hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming, and there was a gap in the bushes so I could see what was going on by Darrel.  Dylan came running through the bushes and stopped once he saw Darrel. He had a sword in his hand.
  6. "Where is she?" Dylan demanded. "Where's who?" Darrel asked. "Don't play games with me. Now tell me where she is." Dylan demanded.  "Let's just say that my gang is, how you say, torturing her." Darrel replied with an evil grin. Then, right on cue, someone drove a knife into my right leg, making me scream as soon as the guy let go of my mouth. He quickly covered it back up though.  "What are you doing to her?" Dylan asked, his eyes blazing with fury.  "They are probably stabbing her with a knife." Darrel said and then another knife came and stabbed me in the same leg, but in my calf this time. I screamed again and then my mouth was quickly covered up again. I looked down at the ground and saw that some guy dropped his pocket knife. I quickly grabbed it and started cutting open the net. "Why are you doing this to her?" Dylan asked. "Because she punched me in the face and made my nose bleed. She also burned someone's hand." Darrel answered and then someone took their knife and stabbed me in my right shoulder, twice.  I screamed, "s---, dude! That hurts! How would you like it if someone stabbed you?!" They quickly covered my mouth before I could say anything else.
  7. "Just let her go!" Dylan said and then took a threatening step forward.  I was finally able to cut through the net and I quickly got out of it and rolled through the bushes so they could see me. Dylan quickly ran over to me and said, in a hushed tone so only I could hear him, "Why didn't you just make a fire around yourself?"  I tapped the chain around my waist in response and Dylan grabbed it and pulled it so the lock would break. He threw the chain off of me, but when he did that, I got the four gunshot wounds back because the chain wasn't on me long enough to completely heal me.  "Gods, your bleeding everywhere, Megan." Dylan told me.  "Really? I didn't notice." I said sarcastically.  "There, we let her go. Happy now?" Darrel sneered.  "Hey, Darrel. Looky hear what I found." Rusty said as he walked out of the bushes, carrying the memory loss gun. 
  8. "What is it?" Darrel asked.  "Some sorta gun. Maybe we otta test it out." Rust replied.  's---.' I told Dylan telepathically.  'Thought the words right out of my head.' Dylan thought back.  "Where did you find it?" Darrel demanded as Rusty handed the gun to him. "Wherever they were stayin'." Rusty replied and pointed at me and Dylan. "Alright, let's test it out." Darrel agreed and then snapped his fingers. About 5 guys came out of the bushes and pulled Dylan away from me. I tried to get up but strong hands came, picked me up, and held me where I was. Dylan and I continued to struggle until Darrel spoke.  "No one can stop me from shooting who I want, this time." He said.  "Unless if you miss." I spat at him.  "I really don't like you." He growled at me.  "Get it line." I said sarcastically.  "Aww, don't be like that." Darrel told me sweetly and then touched my cheek. I quickly burned his hand and he yelled in surprise and took a step back.
  9. "Touch me again, and I'll burn your whole hand off." I threatened, "That goes for you too." I told the guys that were holding my arms. They quickly let go of my arms and I glared at the three guys that were holding Dylan back. They quickly let go of him and backed away.  'You know, you can be really scary at times.' Dylan thought. 'I know, but ya gotta love me.' I smiled and then ran up to him for a hug, ignoring the pain exploding inside of me.  'I do.' He thought and then came forward to meet my hug.  "I hate to ruin this little love fest, but we have a gun to test." Darrel said. Dylan and I quickly turned around Darrel shot the gun, right at me. I screamed and the bullet thing disappeared.  "Woah, your eyes turned gold when you screamed." Dylan told me.  "Well, they're about to turn gold again." I told him.  "Why?" Dylan asked. "I think you know why." I told him.  "Wait, why?" Darrel asked.  "Your about to find out." I growled at him (literally) as I began to change into my wolf form.  The gang backed away slowly as they saw me change into a wolf. Fortunately, they ran away. Unfortunately, I was still injured, even in my wolf form. I changed back into a human and would've fell if Dylan didn't catch me.  "Where the hell are the other guys?" I asked, "I think we made enough noise for them to know where we are." I said sarcastically. Dylan chuckled a little bit, "They're around here somewhere." Dylan replied.  Something flew out of the bushes and hit me in the back of my neck. My hand instantly went towards the spot on my neck and I pulled out a bullet dart thing. My eyes got really big and Dylan said, "Oh you have got to be s---tin' me."  The bullet/dart was one of the memory loss bullets. I didn't pass out this time, which was weird. I could see all of my memories fading away, like a storage in the back of my mind. Every couple of seconds, Dylan would ask me what my name is and what his name is. I would say the correct answer until I could no longer remember anything.  "What's my name?" Some guy with light brown hair and deep blue eyes asked me.  "How should I know? I don't even know you, now can you please get away from me before I hit you?" I told him.  He sighed before saying, "Alright, let me try to explain this. My name is Dylan, your name is Megan. You were shot at and that made you loose all of your memories. Your 15 years old. You are also wounded and can't walk at this moment. And your bleeding everywhere in case you didn't know."  All of this information was making me confused, but I could tell that he wasn't lying.  "Well, you ain't dead. So I don't know what this gun does." Some guy with jet black hair and blood on his nose said as he stepped out of the bushes.  "What happened to your nose?" I asked him, my curiosity getting the better of me.  "Don't act like that! You did this to me!" He yelled while giving me the death stare.  "I did that?" I asked Dylan. He nodded his head and helped me stand up.  "Can I have that gun?" Dylan asked the guy.  "Ya know what? No, you cannot have this gun." That guy said and jerked the gun behind him.  "Why do you need that gun?" I asked Dylan.  "I just need it, Megan." Dylan said, his eyes were sympathetic. I didn't know what was happening, but this was all getting a little too weird for me. I slowly got up as Dylan walked towards that guy in a threatening manner. Just then, someone hit me over the head and made me get knocked out.
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