My first shout out quiz!!!

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This is just a little thing Ive wanted to do for a while. I mean, others have so why not, right? So...yeah... I tried to fit as many people as I know into this, so....

Alright! If you wanted to be in this, than you have to do a couple things! 1) We have to be friends. Not like bffs that compliment each other's every move, but friends thats talk. 2) We have to talk. As explained above.

Created by: Ender

  1. First up! Kwright/Calico/Nero/Kiandra! Im kinda...lost with your current account. But never mind that! K, you are the best thing to ever happen to me, but why you love me as much as you do, I have no clue. But know that I love you with all my heart. X3
  2. Next is Tiye! (Dannylover) Tiye, you are one of my best friends ever! Not just online but...well....out of anyone!
  3. Eva! Or UnLoving! Eva, you are one of the few people that...gets me, you know? You're always there and youre my best friend! Thank you!
  4. Next is sonic_x! Dude, you are my best friend up here! And being my only guy friend, you should feel special. X3
  5. Now for McQueen! You are a great friend. Seriously. We may not talk much but...that doesnt change anything.
  6. Dark! (I...forgot the numbers you have at the end there...) Dark, you are truly an amazing friend. Thank you.
  7. Wolfheart! Jesus, Wolfy you are truly an amazing friend! And a crazy one at that!
  8. Meepthefirst! Meep, you are not only my friend, but you're my daughter. And, while that was a surprise at first, I regret nothing.
  9. Welp! This is the end of my first shout out quiz thingie!
  10. Bye, people!

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