Apollo's Curse (part 22)

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!!!! I got 8th place in laser tagging at summer gym today. :D and when they put on the black lights, you could see the little dust spots on my black shirt and they were white. And I didn't know what they were, so I kept on hitting my shirt, trying to get them off.

And then my crush comes over and says, "What are you doing, Megan?" So, I said, "There are these things on my shirt." So then he starts hitting y shoulders, trying to get them off and then he says, "Oh, I think it's just dust." And then we both start laughing cause we probably looked really dumb.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. I woke up to someone gently tapping my shoulder.  "We're here." Blake told me.  My head still hurt like crazy and I was afraid to open up my eyes, or talk, in fear that my head would hurt even more.  "We have to cross a river to get to the camp." Blake told me. He gently picked me up, out of the car, and started walking.  "Is she okay?" Dalila asked for about the 4th time.  "She's awake. I wouldn't say she's okay though." Blake replied.  I heard some splashing and I knew that we were in the river.  "Who's there?" Some person called out. Their voice seemed like it was on the other side of the river.  "It's us, Carson." Darke called back, his voice right next to me.  "Oh, Darke, Blake, and Dalila. You're back already?" Carson called back and then I heard more splashing, coming in our direction.  "Yeah. We found her quicker than we expected." Blake replied.  "What happened to her?" Carson asked, his voice now right in front of me, "She looks terrible and that's so much blood." 
  2. "She is awake." I snapped at him, my head hurting a little bit more when I talked.  "Well, shouldn't you be unconscious or something?" Carson asked.  "She probably should. And she should really stop talking to make sure her head doesn't hurt anymore." Blake told him sternly.  "Okay, Doc." Carson said.  We splashed on in silence until I felt Blake go uphill, which probably meant that we were now on dry land.  "Carson! I'm here to tell you that your shift is over!" A voice called out.  "Here, take Megan. I'll go inform Deni." Blake said. He handed me over to Carson.  "He's a little busy right now, Deni." Blake called and then I heard his footsteps running away.  "Great. Now who's gonna answer my question when I ask if Megan's okay?" Dalila complained.  I felt my arm rings getting hotter again.  "Why are her arm rings getting brighter?" Carson asked.  "We don't exactly know, but that happened before and she seemed to get a little better." Darke said. 
  3. Warmth washed over me and I instantly felt about 10% better. I let out a breath of relief as I could finally open my eyes again without my head feeling like it was on fire.  Carson walked through a large gate and then Blake came up to us. Carson handed me over to him.  "Oh great. You got blood all over me." Carson said, completely disgusted.  "Suck it up. It's just blood." I told him.  Before he could reply, some girl with long black hair and dark eyes stepped towards us. She took one look at me.  "You should be dead." She told me.  "I have a feeling you're not the first person to say that to me." I told her.  "We've heard many stories about you, Megan." The girl said.  "Well, I must've been pretty famous if everyone knows what has happened to me, better than I do." I said.  The girl gave me a puzzled look.  "She can't remember what happened, Reyna. All she can remember is what has happened the last 2 days." Blake said.  "Is it because of her head?" Reyna asked.  "No, she was awake the whole time while this happened to her head." Blake said.  "What happened?" Reyna asked.  Blake filled her in. When he was done, Reyna gave me an approving nod. 
  4. "Thank you for saving Dalila." She told me.  "Yep, no problem." I said.  "Get her to the infirmary." Reyna told Blake.  Blake started walking towards a large white building. When he walked in, he was greeted by some other people.  "Hey, what up my brother? How was the trip?" A guy asked Blake, he apparently didn't see me.  "Well, we found her, if that's what you mean." Blake said.  "Uh-oh. What happened? Is she okay? Where is she?" The guy asked.  "I'm right here." I told him.  "Oh, what up my sister? How's it- oh. What happened to your head?" He asked me.  "I decided to throw a brick against my head multiple times." I replied sarcastically before Blake could say anything.  "Some guy banged her head against a cement floor multiple times, Kevin." Blake explained.  "Well, let's get her fixed up." Kevin said.  Blake walked over to a hospital bed and gently placed me on it. He then grabbed something behind me and put it over my nose and mouth.  "What's this?" I asked, getting a little drowsy.  "Anesthesia." He replied.  "What does it do?" I asked.  "It makes you go to sleep so you won't feel anything when we work on healing you." Blake replied.  I nodded slightly and then I was pulled into darkness. 
  5. ********DREAM********  I saw a blue car pull up to a gas station that Darke, Blake, Dalila, and I was at. The cops were still there. Percy, Dylan, and Jason got out of the car. There were still three people left in the car though.  "What happened here, officer." Jason asked one cop.  "I'm sorry, but you're going to have to leave. This area is blocked off." The cop said.  "Sorry, but we were just wondering what happened here. It could help us find someone. It's a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has arm rings on her. Sound familiar? Have you seen her?" Dylan asked.  "As a matter of fact, yes. She was involved with what happened here." The cop said.  "What happened?" Jason asked.  "Come with me. We have what happened on the security cameras. We haven't looked at it yet." The cop said and then walked in the store, follow by Jason, Dylan, and Percy.  They walked into a room in the back and then the cop started playing what happened.  I saw Dalila and myself walk into the store, hesitate for a little while when we saw the guys and when they talked, and then we walked down an isle. I saw Smoke go up behind the officer and knock him out with a beer bottle and then tied him up. Then they trapped Dalila and me. Smoke motioned for another guy to block the door so Blake and Darke couldn't get in. I could hear us talking too. 
  6. "What are we gonna do with them now, Smoke?" Fog asked.  "I don't know, Fog." Smoke answered as he studied us.  "The one with the brown hair looks like she has 'I'm nice and scared, but don't mess with me' written all over her body while the blonde, has 'I'm tough and I really wanna break your guy's necks right now'." Fog said.  I saw Dylan smile a little when Fog said that about me.  Blake and Darke started walking up to the door as Smoke said, "Yeah, let's just get them both."  Blake and Darke started pounding on the door as the guys started advancing on Dalila and me.  "Looks like you guys ain't gonna get saved." Smoke smirked at me.  "We don't need saving." I told him, my voice sounded staticy on the video. I already knew what I did to them, so I watched what happened to Dalila.  One of the guys swung at her. She ducked and kicked him in the gut. She seemed to forget about Fog and he swung her to the ground and then pinned her. This was where I came and helped her.  I reached down to help Dalila up, when Smoke came up behind me, and pinned my arms behind my back.  The other guy grabbed my feet. Fog slapped Dalila across the face which dazed her and then they did the same thing. They walked us out of the isle, in better view of the camera.  Dalila managed to kick the guy holding her legs and he almost dropped them.  "We got ourselves some feisty ones!" That guy hooted.  "Let's just hurry up and get them drugged. It's fun to see people drugged." The guy holding my legs said and then he stroked my cheek.  I saw Dylan clench his hands in tight fists. 
  7. I then spat in that guy's eyes. Smoke dropped me and my head slammed against the floor. The guy holding my legs dropped them. I heard myself groan as I reached my hand behind my head.  Dustin and Smoke yelled at each other about how it didn't knock me out and then Dustin came over and slammed head against the floor multiple times. My blood was everywhere and I didn't realize how bad it was.  Dylan had his jaw clenched and he looked like he was about ready to beat someone up.  All of the guys had Dalila pinned to the ground and were trying to shove some drugs down her throat. I made the fire and the guys ran out the window.  The cop paused the tape.  "Is that who you're looking for?" He asked as he pointed to me.  "Yeah, that's her." Percy said.  "I saw their license plate on their car. They live in California. Does that help?" The cop asked.  "Actually, yes. It does." Jason said.  "Well then let's make a deal. I won't question you as to how you know her or why you're here if, you help us find those guys." The cop said.  "Alright, we'll help you. But first, we need to get her." Dylan said. 
  8. "Why?" The cop asked.  "Because she's the best one of us at finding trouble." Dylan said.  I don't know what happened next because I woke up.  "How do you feel?" I heard Blake ask me when I opened my eyes.  "Better. My head doesn't hurt as much." I told him and my hand instantly went up to my necklace. I touched the sun and my arm rings and circuit sank into my skin.  "How did you do that?" Blame asked.  "I don't know." I confessed.  "Well, now that that circuit is out of the way, I can finally bandage your head properly." He said and then pulled the bandage off of my head. It was soaked with my blood.  Blake put a new gauze on my cuts and then wrapped a bandage around my head.  "There, that should last for about an hour or so." He said.  "Now can you please tell me what's going on?" I asked him.  Blake sighed and then sat down at the edge of my bed and said, "Well, there are Roman and Greek gods and goddesses. They are the same people/gods, just different aspects of them. And when they have children with mortals, then their children have some of their powers. These children are called demigods. You, Megan, are a demigod. And so are everyone else in this camp. This is the Roman camp. The Greek camp is somewhere in New York. You are the most powerful demigod in the world so far. Normally, they would think that it would be a child of the Big Three: Jupiter or Zeus, Neptune or Poseidon, and Pluto or Hades. But, your father is Apollo. The reason why you are so powerful, is because he was cursed by Neptune and Mercury."  "Who's Mercury?" I asked.  "Hermes." He replied, "Sorry, I forgot that you're use to Greek names. Well, anyways, Mercury- I mean Hermes- played a prank on Poseidon. He framed Apollo and then both him and Poseidon cursed Apollo's next born child. Everyone thought it was me, but it was you."  Before he could say anything else, Kevin barged into the infirmary. 
  9. "Reyna wants us to help set up tonights game." He said.  "What is it?" Blake asked.  "War games." Kevin replied and then ran back out of the infirmary.  "What's that?" I asked.  "It's like capture-the-flag." Blake explained.  Before I could say anything, I heard some commotion coming outside of the infirmary. Blake ran out to go see what it was and I staggered to my feet and walked over to the door. I stood in the doorway and saw Percy, Jason, Dylan, Alaina, Jake, and Dakota standing there.  "Why have you Greeks invaded my camp?" Reyna demanded, saying Greek like an insult.  "Umm, actually, I'm Roman." Jason said.  "But you're with the Greeks. So I'm considering you a Greek at this moment." She said.  "Whatever, Reyna." Jason said.  "So what are you doing here?" Reyna asked again.  "You know why we're here. We've come to get Megan." Percy said. 
  10. "Why do you want her?" Reyna demanded.  "To bring her home." Dylan said.  "This is her home now." Reyna said, her voice getting angrier.  "She's Greek not Roman." Percy said.  "If you want her, then you'll have to fight for her in tonights war games." Reyna said.  "Fine." Jason said.  "I'm not gonna be fought over like a trophy or a prize." I said, making everyone look at me.  "Too bad. It's the only way." Reyna told me.  "I don't care! I'm not gonna be fought over!" I snapped at her.  I whirled around and went back into the infirmary before anyone could say anything else. I started pacing back and forth, thinking. No one else was in the infirmary, so I wouldn't be disturbing anyone.  I looked out the door and say Reyna angrily walking towards me. I made a fire at the doorway and she abruptly stopped.  "Megan! Put this fire out, now!" She demanded.  "Who's gonna make me, you?" I sarcastically replied.  She said some Latin words that were no doubt curse words.  Dylan then ran up next to Reyna.  "Megan, just put the fire out, come outside, and we can talk about this." Dylan told me, his voice gentle.  "No." I said, "You guys are yelling at each other because of me. My head has been banged up against a floor and I can't even remember who any of you are, let alone who I am." I said, my eyes beginning to tear up.  "Well, I can tell you that you've been through worse." Dylan told me.  "How?" I asked, not believing that it can be true.  "Well, you've died twice. The first time, you died for 2min and then when you woke up, you became possessed. The second time, you were dead for 2 months after you saved my sister and me. Before that, you were shot over 6 times. You were also captured by monsters and they whipped you over 100 times when you stood up for Jason. You have also been poisoned. After you died the second time, you made your way to the Greek camp. There, you were attacked by two guys. They captured you and then some monsters took you over to China. There, you were temporarily paralyzed. And then you lost your memory. You ran into some trouble with a gang in China and they shot you twice. One bullet in your left shoulder, the other in your right leg. Luckily, Jason, Percy, Zach, and I found you and you swung yourself onto a roof. After Jason made your memory come back, you saved my life by pushing me out of the way when one of the gang members tried to kill me with his gun. They shot you instead, barely missing your heart. And then less than an hour later, some more people from the gang kidnapped you and put a chain around your waist so you couldn't use your powers. Then, they stabbed you in the shoulder and leg. When you finally got away from them, I think their leader shot you with the memory loss gun. You lost your memory again and then I saw you get knocked out and taken away from me." Dylan explained.  "And then I woke up in a basement." I whispered the last part and a tear ran down my face as I looked at my hands. I didn't know much about myself, but I was pretty sure that I don't usually cry. I continued to let the fire blaze.  Dylan sighed and then walked right through the flames. They didn't even seem to hurt him and I didn't even ask why. This crazy demigod stuff was already confusing me enough.  He came over to me and then pulled me in to a tight hug. I didn't object and I hugged him back.  "Something tells me that the forgotten part of me wasn't like this." I told him.  "You're right, she wasn't. She was tough, really sarcastic, a bit harsh at times, and she would do anything to save someone's life." Dylan told me.  "I wish I never forgot." I said.  "Me too, Megan. Me too." Dylan whispered.  "Hey! When you guys are done hugging, we're gonna be fighting to see who gets her, okay?" Reyna said and then walked away.  "No, it's not okay!" Both Dylan and I yelled at her.  "Why does she want me so bad?" I asked.  "Probably because you're the most powerful demigod in the world and whoever gets you, the Greeks or the Romans, will pretty much have an advantage over the other side." Dylan replied.  "And why do you guys want me?" I asked.  "Because you were born as a Greek demigod so your home is in the Greek camp." Dylan replied.  "What's the camp called?" I asked.  "Camp Half-Blood." He answered. 
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Stay tuned for part 23!!!! I'm gonna tell you guys this story about this guy and laser tagging.
  12. So, today in summer gym, I went passer tagging and this guy that I kinda like was in the group with me and like 32 other people. (There's over 100 in my summer gym, so they split us up into 3 groups). And when we were playing, I saw this flashing light run in front of me, so I screamed a little and shot at it, and it was him. So he was "dead" for 5 seconds. And he threw his arms up in the air and said, "Wow, Megan. You just killed me." And I said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know who it was." And once when he was "alive" again, he shot me. (I ended up "killing" him like 8 times and got 80 points.) There's more to it, but I don't feel like typing out the while story XD.

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