Apollo's Curse (part 9)

Just because I'm blonde doesn't mean I'm dumb, it just means I have better hair than you. Please take my other quizzes. The Lightning Girl and Solstice. To get to them just hit the blue name that say DaughterOfApollo and if that doesn't work then type in the tittle but put gotoquiz after it.

Megan~Blonde, hair blue eyes, about 5'4" and is crazy, random, super funny, athletic, animal lover, sarcastic, and can sometimes forget things. Dakota~ Brown hair, hazel eyes, about 5'2" so she's the shortest. She's crazy, random, funny, and her and Megan are kinda like twins at some times. Alaina~ short blonde hair that goes to her shoulders, gray eyes, and is super smart.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. I woke up on a hard, cold floor. I realized that I had on different cloths. I was now wearing a white shirt that left my whole back bare and tight, black pants.  I looked around and couldn't remember anything that happened or why I was here. I saw a bunch of monsters, outside of this jail cell thing, and one of them had a whip in its hand. Right in the middle of the floor I saw a guy, who had blonde hair and he was kinda muscular. He was suspended in the air from long chains on his wrists that were attached to the ceiling and long chains that were attached to his ankles to the floor. He kind of wearing the same cloths I was but his shirt was on the ground, so he wasn't wearing one. He was also wearing black shorts instead of pants.
  2. I couldn't remember who he was but he seemed really familiar. He looked like he was in pain and I realized why. He had whip lashes on his back and his face was beaded with sweat. He must have had at least 30 lashes and his back was covered in blood. The monster with the whip raised his arm to whip him again. Then I did something pretty stupid, but I didn't care. "Stop!" I yelled at the monster.  The monsters looked at me with surprise. "What did you say?" The one with the whip asked.
  3. "Don't hurt him any more," I replied. "Fine, I won't. On one condition." "What?" I asked him. "I'll stop if you take his place," he said while smiling evilly. "Deal," I said after a moments hesitation. Two monsters came and picked me up by my arms and carried me to the center of the room. They got the guy unchained and threw him on the floor next to me. "You shouldn't have done that," he said in-between gasps of pain.
  4. "No, I shouldn't have," I replied calmly, "but I did." "Then whatever you do, don't scream," he said, "try to be as relaxed as possible. Those chains take away your energy the more you're tensed up." "Okay, thanks." I said. The monsters put me in the chains, tied that guy up with some chains and threw him in the jail cell.  I could slowly feel my energy and my power being drawn out of me. I tried to get as relaxed as possible but then with no warning, I felt the whip slice my back and I could feel my blood slowly coming out of my injury. I had to bite the bottom of my lip to keep a scream from escaping my mouth. 
  5. Time flew by as I lost track of how many lashes I had. My back was so numb that I couldn't even feel the whip hitting me anymore. I knew that my back must be dripping with blood and it was hard not to cry out. The stupid monster even missed my back and the whip came and sliced me just above my right eye brow. That one hurt a lot.  I could now see the monster raising his whip from the reflection in the wall. He came to hit me once more and it hit in the exact same place as one of my other lashes, making it deeper. I couldn't bite back my scream. It was an earsplitting scream that sent a sonic wave into the monsters and they quickly disintegrated. The bars to the jail cell also melted away and that guy was free, even his chains melted. 
  6. When he got up to walk out of the cell, I noticed that his back was all healed up and he was looking as good as new. I was guessing that my scream probably healed him too. "Megan, are you okay?" he asked me. I had no idea how he knew my name but I didn't really care at the moment. "Oh yeah I'm fine," I said sarcastically, "I just got whipped probably over a hundred times and my back is soaked with blood but no worries, it doesn't hurt." I gave him a well-of-course-I'm-not-okay look.
  7. "Okay, I'll get you down. Just hold on," he said as he grabbed a key from a monster and started unchaining me.  It took about five minutes before he got me down. "On a scale of one to ten, how bloody is my back?" I asked him. "Do you want the truth or a lie?" he said. "The truth," I said. "I say about a hundred."  "Great," I said sarcastically.
  8. "Come on, let's get out of here and back to Camp Half-Blood." he said. "Woah, wait a minute." I said while holding up my index finger, "I don't even know you or what this camp is." "You don't remember it?" he asked me, while having a serious expression on his face. "No, I can't remember anything that happened today," I told him. "Okay, well my name is Jason," he said. "All righ-," I was cut off as my vision turned into a blinding white light.
  9. I saw Aliana, Dakota, and Jake talking to this guy with black hair and eyes like the ocean, I could just make out what they were saying. "Wait, so Megan and that guy,Jason, walked right into a trap?" Dakota asked the guy. "It appears like it. But don't worry, Jason is an experienced demigod," he said while trying to calm my friends down. "I say it's better that she's gone," a girl, who was Asian, said, "because that's one less enemy who is gone."
  10. Dakota punched that girl right in the eye and said, "Shut up, Drew."  Drew touched her eye gently and winced when she touched it. When she drew her hand back I could already tell that she's going to have a black eye. "I cannot believe you did that!" Drew yelled at Dakota, "this is going to cost me a lot of cover up." "Oh wa, wa," Dakota said, "suck it up you big baby!" "We have to go and get Megan and Jason, right, Percy?" Aliana asked. "We don't even know where they are guys," Percy replied. "And besides, it's better if that slut, Megan, was gone," Drew snickered, "I mean did you see what she was wearing when she came here? Showing off her abs and stuff." Dakota punched her right in the exact same spot. "I said shut up! You don't even know her. You're just assuming crap that isn't even true!"  "Ow!" Drew yelled.  "Jake, you've been very quiet." Aliana pointed out, "Are you okay?" "No I'm not okay," Jake said, "Megan could be dead and we aren't even doing anything about it!" "Aww sweet heart, it's okay you don't need her anyway. After all just look around you, you'll find someone better and not like her, but like me," Drew said, trying to flirt with Jake. "Okay that's it!" Dakota yelled, "You're dead!" Dakota pinned Drew to the ground and started punching her in the face until she started to bleed. It took both Jake and Percy to pull Dakota off Drew. Dakota was still fighting to get out of their grasps to punch Drew some more. Just then, a muscular girl came over to stand in front of Dakota.  "I know who her God parent is," she said. "Who?" Percy asked. "It has to be Ares," she said, "just look at the way she is fighting. "Oh, well that makes sense then," Percy said. "So are we going to go look for Megan and Jason?" Aliana asked the obvious question. "No it's to dangerous," Percy replied, sounding stern, "you must stay here."

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