The Wolf Challenge

Wolves are amazing, smart, swift mammals full of mystery and adventure! These elusive animals dot the Alaskan range and thrive in Yellowstone. Many people believe that wolves' are scary, terrifying monsters but I don't agrre with that misleading myth. Instead my view of this skilled canid is in a good light- and my love for them has showed through my whole life!

Do you like wolves? More importantly, what do you know about them? Sure, many know that wolves live in packs and have an Alpha and Omega but I'm covering more complex questions. Don't you worry, we won't be asking questions like order, classification and health problems or anything to complicated like that, only simple, yet challenging questions. Ready? Let's go! (Be sure to check parting words for recommendation about an amazing wolf game!!!)

Created by: Animal Expert
  1. Stage one: Easy! How do wolves communicate from far distances?
  2. What do wolves eat?
  3. How many teeth does an Adult wolf have?
  4. How do wolves communicate up close?
  5. How many pups do wolves usually have?
  6. Stage two: Medium! What two places do wolves sweat?
  7. How many times is a wolves sense of smell better than humans?
  8. How do adult wolves feed their pups?
  9. When were wolves domesticated by humans?
  10. How do wolves mark there territory?
  11. Stage three: Hard! What are the three most common prey of wolves?
  12. When a wolf shows it's teeth but doesn't raise his hackles, growl, etc., what is he saying?
  13. Where does the red wolf live? (All directions are inside USA)
  14. What was the largest wolf pack in Yellowstone National Park?
  15. True or false: Are wolves the most common cause of the death of Sheep, cattle, etc.?

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