How well do you know wolves?

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Forget cute kittens and puppies, and go,wild with flesh ripping, blood dripping, ear splitting wolves! They hunt and thrive in the harshest of weathers, and always stay together.

Are you a wolf expert? Wolves are very clever animals you know. This isn't some bad grammar, stupid quiz, this is a true wolf quiz to see if you are a determind wolf genius!

Created by: NosyPony

  1. A formation or a group of wolves is known as?
  2. The latin name for a wolf is?
  3. What idiosyncratic additive helps wolves smell their prey?
  4. The wolf's smell is how many times greater than a human's?
  5. What is the average weight of a female wolf?
  6. How old can wild wolves live up to?
  7. What eye facility helps wolves see in the dark?
  8. What is the distance of the range a wolf can hear?
  9. Pick one True reason wolves howl.
  10. True or False: The highest ranking wolf is an Omega.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know wolves?