Wings of Fire: Jade Mountain Adventure(girls only): Part 1

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Okay, so I’ve made quite a few Warrior Cats love story quizzes. And now I’m making one for another one of my favorite books series: Wings Of Fire!! <: please appreciate this it almost took a week!! 😖 I was so busy and stressed so it was super hard….

This is another love story. You are a NightWing named Starflower who was hatched under 1 moon, so you have the power of fore-sight! You are in the Jade Winglet. You will meet two friends that are girls and five boys. And you get to choose from those five. There is a Part 2. Enjoy!

Created by: WarriorsLover66
  1. You are a female NightWing named Starflower and it’s your first day of school at Jade Mountain Academy!
  2. “Welcome to Jade Mountain Academy!!” a voice says as you enter the great hall. You look up and see a friendly looking NightWing. “I’m Fatespeaker,” she says. “What’s your name?”
  3. “Starflower… Starflower….Oh, here you are! You are in the Jade Winglet and your sleeping cave is in the 6th cave to the right. You are going to love your classmates! Here is your welcome scroll and your scroll for your classes. Have a good day!”
  4. As you walk into the cave you see a purple and orange RainWing drawing a picture. “Hi,” she says as she looks up. “I’m Firefly.” You say…
  5. “So you’re Starflight and Fatespeaker’s kid, right?” Firefly asks.
  6. “Well, I’m Queen Glory and Deathbringer’s kid.”
  7. It’s time to meet your Winglet! You and Firefly walk into a room where you see a friendly looking SandWing. “Hi, Firefly, hi, Starflower. I’m Sunny! The rest of your Winglet should be here soon.” Then an IceWing and SandWing walk in. “Hi, Shard,” Sunny says to the IceWing. “Hello…” says Shard. Then a SandWing and a NightWing walk in. The NightWing looks around nervously and the SandWing fidgets with his talons. Then a SkyWing walks in and sits next to the SandWing. Lastly, a SeaWing and a MudWing comes in and Sunny says, “Hi, Splash! Hi Bark!” Splash comes and sits next to you. Who are your first thoughts about? (Btw not everyone here is a result)
  8. After you eat with Firefly in a corner you head off for fighting class with Tsunami. You find your winglet all practicing in the arena. You walk in and find a quiet place in the corner to study battle techniques. Tsunami entered and told the boys to pick a partner. Bark instantly got up and went for Splash. Dune got Shard. Firefly and Cloud where also paired. You were given the ok and you launched for Darkfire’s neck. But he dodged and tripped you as he jumped and pinned you and stepped on your barbed tail and held your mouth closed. You squirmed and snarled angrily, you couldn’t move and it was very frustrating. You somehow squirmed out and clawed his tail. Darkfire yelped as he was yanked down and landed on his back. You put a foot on each of his wings, another on his stomach, and another on his kneel like you were going to snap it. You stepped off with a smile of triumph. Darkfire smiled in return as he went off and sat in the shade. That night Firefly whispers, “He likes you.” But you fall asleep too fast. Dreaming about?
  9. You wake up and your dorm mates are gone. Then you remember your winglet, Jade Winglet was going to be meeting at the underground lake. As you enter the huge cavern you see Firefly, Dune, Darkfire, Bark, Cloud, and Splash. No one notices as you slip into the water and swim peacefully. Your tail propels you and your wings help you glide as you cut through the water like a sword. “Nice swimming.” Splash says as he swims up beside you. “Thanks! Wanna race?” You ask as you flip like a dolphin. “Oh it’s on!” Splash laughs as he gets exactly even with you, “three, two ONE!” He calls as the two of you launch off with a splash as you spot Darkfire and he slips in while Oak burst out in laughter, “You can’t beat a SeaWing, you NightWing!” He calls after you. But your already ahead of Splash, “Now back! Last one there is a rotting squid!” You call as you dive under. Splash catches up but you keep the lead holding your breath. You pop out of the water startling everyone including Splash, causing Darkfire to slip in again. Everyone burst out laughing as Darkfire pulls himself out with a small smile as he splashes Firefly and you. You climb out of the water and find a nice warm rock…
  10. Suddenly, another SkyWing leaps out of the water and introduces himself as Griffin. As you head back to your dorm Griffin walks past you with a weird look on his face. Cloud pushes past you, “He’s mine.” She growls with a glare. You know she’s talking about Griffin as you go to your bed, who are you dreaming about?:
  11. *moons later* You wake up lazily and see other dragonets rushing past as class is starting. Your winglet is meeting AGAIN! This time it’s outside the entry way. You get outside and your winglet is already there. Your winglet then heads for the beach. You can’t hide your excitement and joy as you watch Splash flip through the air at the thought of the ocean. When you arrive you get as high up as you can fly and tuck in your wings sending you spiraling towards the water. With a massive splash as you crash into the ocean sending Darkfire under and Splash thrashing in surprise. You leap out like a dolphin and reappear laughing like crazy as Griffin sits in the shallows while Shard is poking the sand in disgust. Meanwhile, Firefly is building a sand castle in the sun and mouths, “Go play with Darkfire!” As you race Splash helps Darkfire practice his swimming, and you feel comfortable around your winglet for the first time ever. As you paddle off on your own something snags your leg downwards and you yelp loudly as your yanked under. The water and bubbles appear on the surface as you’re taken under and see a massive NightWing tail wrapped around your leg as your pulled even farther…
  12. After you get back, Tsunami dismisses you at tells you to go back to your dorms. “Shard left you this note,” Firefly says. You open it. It says, “Don’t trust anyone but me. Especially Splash. He has a secret. And let’s just say he could take over Jade Mountain right now if he wanted to. Meet me tomorrow night and I will tell you my plan.“
  13. Regardless of what you answered, the next night, you sneak out and see Shard. “Hi,” he says. “I know Splash has a secret, I just don’t know what. But it could ruin my plan. So I need you to do something for me. And you know what I can do if you don’t. I need you to kill Splash.”
  14. Sooo that was the end of part one! Part two will be out soon! The results for this one are which character would be your friend. Basically, you are going to get a friend/ love interest as a result. There is no friend this time, but for the next quiz, I will do which one will be your friend, Firefly and Cloud included.

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