A Hogwarts Love Story Part 4 (New Version)

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Ok so this was my favorite one yet! I really like it and I hope it's good too you guys! Hehe lots of romance in this on!!!!!!!!!!e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also if your wondering about who this James is trust me darling you'll find out in just a half a year. Ya! I've planned ahead! Woot woot! I'm cool :D!

Created by: Mirimichelle
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  1. Ok so I couldn't wait so here it is! I just had so many ideas so lets get this party started!
  2. You took a deep breath as you walked toward a disgruntled looking Harry who was sitting silently in an abandoned hallway, watching the snow drift softly past the windowpane. When you were close enough to him he finally noticed you and gave you a sensitive smile. "Hi ________." He said softly. It seemed he was a bit pained. Maybe he thought you couldn't trust him the other day but that is defiantly not the case. But now you were ready. Hopefully he wouldn't be to shocked. "Harry i'm ready to tell you." you said gently as you pushed some of his messy hair over, off of his glasses. He nodded and quickly looked to you. "It all started when I was six. My mother sang me her lullaby, like she always did when I was scared. This night I was scared of the darkness. Right when she was about to leave the room the wall came crashing down. I was out the way but my mother was squashed under all of the debree. I heard curses being shouted and soon my whole neighbor hood was lit in shady black smoke as flames shot from rooftops and houses. My father ran up and refused to leave my mother. My mother beckoned to him that there was no time. She told him to take me and protect me. I began screaming for him to save her as he dragged me off with a tight grip on his hand. When he looked at me there was something different in his eye...something....I had never seen before. Insane anger. He screamed at me but when we heard the screams of my neighbors, it woke him up. My neighbors were the Hunter's. The Hunter's had a son named James who was my best friend in childhood. When we got to there house, it was on fire. James's father had been hit with the death curse. His mother Roset was crying and my father was worried for her so he screamed at her to take James and run. James was crying and trying to reach for me but we went our separate ways. The fire burnt down the town. The person who killed my friends and family and started the fire on my town was Voldemort. I was scared that my boggart would be my mother." You said. There was a silence for a moment. Tears streaked down your face as you remembered. Suddenly something warm and soft touched your lips.
  3. Soon it parted and you were left with a softly smiling Harry before you. "I really shouldn't be complaining." you whisper. "You've been through much worse." I commented. "Well I can't remember it." he made a point. Harry still had a faint blush on his cheeks and you were probably a tomato. "You may want to talk to Ron. He's sorry about the Oliver thing but is still a bit angry." Harry said with a smile. You nodded quickly then jumped to your feet and ran to go find your red-headed friend, hoping he wouldn't be too mad since you planned to tell him about why you were scared of the boggart also. As you searched for Ron you recalled the kiss from Harry. Right now you really didn't know how you felt about it but right now you were focused on Ron.
  4. Once you found him alone in the common room you smiled and shocked him by sitting at his side. "_______." he whispered as he began to flush in his cheeks. "I'm really sorry about what happened. I guess it wasn't the nicest thing to do." he said. You rolled your eyes at his under exaggeration. "It's fine." you giggled as you playfully punched him in the shoulder. When it came to telling him your secret you wimped out so you decided your cover story would be that you felt very sick. He seemed to get the explanation and nodded nonchalantly. "So. Were friend now right?" you asked. "As long as you don't go out with Oliver." He muttered. "And who said we were going out!" you asked defensibly. "Well you did go on a date with him! And he was about to kiss you!" he said backing up his story. "Ronald, I don't know what I feel for Oliver. I just don't want to get to attached to him. It's almost Christmas and he'll be gone soon. Even if I did like him he's not going to be here much longer." you said. Ron nodded and soon he went to his dorm room.
  5. Not tired and having nothing to do you decided to take a walk to take your mind of things. Soon you found your self walking in the snow. The white wisps danced with your hair and you smiled at the flying leaves tickled your noes. You have always been fascinated with the winter season. It's beautiful white layer and just the calm atmosphere made you want to dance. You would have...but your not very great at dancing. Suddenly a warm hand span you around and you were face to face with Oliver. He smiled at you warmly and you smiled back. "Sorry about the other day." you said, pushing a loose strand of hair our of your face. "It's fine, but can we just finish what we started." he asked with a wink. You got what he was aiming toward and shyly nodded. Soon enough his hand were at your waist, bringing your faces closer together. Then he softly closed the gap between you, his lips pressing onto yours. His scent of peppermint lingered in your nose and you couldn't help but smile and blush when you pulled apart. "I'm going to miss you so much." you whispered as you looked down. He held your chin gently and lifted it up so you were eye to eye. "We still have a bit longer than half a year. We can always make it count." he whispered into your ear. You blushed bright red and smiled gently at him. He let his hand drop to his side then he waved his hand goodbye before walking off.
  6. It was getting dark out and you didn't want to get caught after hours so you quickly ran to your common room, swiftly running past patrolling teachers. Do these people ever sleep? Once you got into the common room you were greeted by a reading Hermione. "Were is everyone?" you ask. "Asleep." she said simply. You laughed. "So why were you out so late?" she asked with a suggestive wink. "Well....I was with Oliver." you said with a blush. "Sit! Sit! Tell me all about it!" Hermione said dropping her book. "It was really nothing..." you muttered. "Oh was it?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. "Fine. We may have kissed bu-" she cut you off with a scream. "Finally!" she screamed. You covered her mouth with your hand and she began to hug you over and over. "It's not a big deal." you whined. "Um yes it is!" she screamed. "Well, we'll tell Ginny tomorrow. Come on it's late and were going to Hogsmede tomorrow. You nodded as you quickly walked to your dorm room.
  7. Ok so did you like it? I know I did! I know I got this all in on one night but I was just so exited! I'm hoping to have a few more parts done by the end of the week! EEEEEEP!
  8. Ok also comment with you favorite moment so far. I want to see what boy moment I did best. We have had a Draco crying moment, a Neville comforting moment (which was pretty lame sorry bout that) a Harry confession and kiss moment, a Ron apolagizing moment and an Oliver kissing moment. I 'm not a huge fan of Oliver but I found his and Draco's moment to be incredibly sweet! So comment that!
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