Is he a perfect match?

Do you want to find out is he a perfect lover? Take this quiz and see does he love you and do you fit perfectly to each other!!!

And don't worry about the results - I don't know everything so I couldn't know does he love you etc. but you can take this quiz only for fun!!! :)

Created by: Suzuran

  1. Do you meet each other a lot?
  2. He is _____ and you are _____
  3. Do you share the same interests?
  4. Has he ever said that he likes you?
  5. Where do you usually meet?
  6. Do you think if you need help he would come and help you?
  7. Has he ever hugged/grabbed your hand/kissed you?
  8. Has he ever said that you're attractive?
  9. Are you friends?
  10. Ok, the last question - did you enjoyed the quiz?

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