How Empathic is Your Relationship?

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Recent studies show that empathy is the cement that binds every healthy romantic relationship. Some people are naturally empathic, but empathy can be learned, though it takes practice!

Are you empathic? If so, have you ever wondered how empathic your partner is? Well, this quiz will give you a clue. So, how empathic is your partner? Take the quiz and out in just one minute!

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  1. My partner always notices changes in my appearance, mood and behavior.
  2. When we are together we like trying new things.
  3. My partner easily understands what makes me happy.
  4. When I'm in pain or sad my partner feels the same.
  5. We enjoy conversations by being open and listening to each other.
  6. My partner enjoys giving me little presents that I love.
  7. We tend to emulate each other's expressions, gestures or tone of voice.
  8. When we do things together we are coordinated and synchronized.
  9. We love being creative together.
  10. I know his/her little secrets and my partner knows mine.

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Quiz topic: How Empathic is my Relationship?