What is your relationship with your crush like? (girls)

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A lot of people have crushes. That is completely normal. But some people really wonder about there relationship with there crushes. If you have a good relationship you could ask them out, if not you wouldn't want to do that.

This quiz isn't to find out if your crush really likes you, its just to find out your equal relationship. Like, are you friends? Do you wanna know? Well, then take this quiz to find out!

Created by: whitestar
  1. You see your crush walking by, what do you do?
  2. You get assigned seats in science class, your teacher picks you and... Surprise... Your crush to be science partners, you:
  3. You tell your crush that you like him. Would you do something like this.
  4. Your walking to a class with some of your friends when your crush strolls up to you and asks you out, you:
  5. You are in P.E, playing dodgeball and you trip over his leg and fall on him, what would be most likely to happen?
  6. Do you have your crushes number?
  7. Does your crush have a great personality?
  8. Would your crush ask you for help about something he doesn't know about?
  9. On a normal basis, how many times do you talk to your crush in one day?
  10. Does he compliment you?

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Quiz topic: What is my relationship with my crush like? (girls)