Does Your Relationship Need Servicing?

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Is your relationship in trouble? Do you feel that you are at a place in your relationship where you need some help but you're not quite sure. Trouble in relationships can be a hard reality to deal with but you don't have to do it alone. Take this quiz and find out where your relationship stands!

Is your relationship in trouble? Do you need to seek help to restore your relationship to what it once was. Well thanks to this great quiz in just a few minutes you will know what you should do!

Created by: Denika Carothers
  1. I trust my partner
  2. I feel heard when I communicate to my partner.
  3. I feel that my partner supports me
  4. I feel that my partner belittles me and puts me down
  5. I feel comfortable sharing my feelings.
  6. My partner often says "I Love You"
  7. I feel appreciated
  8. I feel bored in my relationship
  9. Our sex life is satisfying
  10. My partner does not like to share their feelings
  11. There is rage expressed in the relationship
  12. My partner is harsh in their criticism
  13. Apologies rarely happen
  14. I imagine myself divorced
  15. My partner takes more than gives
  16. Sometimes I just want to hurt my partner
  17. My relationship needs help
  18. I would rather lie to my partner than deal with an issue
  19. We have become roommates
  20. My partner compares me to others
  21. My partner still finds me desirable
  22. We seem to want different things
  23. We seem to have outgrown one another

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Quiz topic: Does my Relationship Need Servicing?