In a relationship but love your ex?

What would you do if you were in a relationship and had feelings for your ex? Would you leave your partner and run away with your ex? or would you stay in a committed relationship and work things out?

We will determine on what you may feel and what should happen, however don't go with our choices as we do not want to take any part of decisions you make as we are only advising.

Created by: James
  1. Do you think about your ex and having a future?
  2. How long have you known your ex?
  3. Do you still talk to your ex?
  4. Do you love your ex more than the current partner?
  5. Would you rather have sexual intercourse with your current partner or your ex?
  6. Do you find your partner physically attractive than your ex?
  7. Will this be a problematic choice if you hooked up with your ex?
  8. If your ex was besides you, would you be able to trust yourself alone?
  9. Is your ex willing to give it another go?
  10. Who makes you smile more?

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Quiz topic: In a relationship but love my ex?