The empathy test

Empathy is the ability to understand emotions, and relate to emotions. People with empathy are understanding of other people, and may be considered by some as the, "warm and cozy," type of people. This quiz will tell you how much empathy you have.

This quiz will measure your empathy level by asking several types of questions. You will be asked about your behavior, your beliefs, and what you would do in imaginary situations. I hope this quiz is accurate.

Created by: cutestuffx333
  1. I enjoy helping people with their problems:
  2. I believe that everyone has a reason for living:
  3. Imagine that you are a teacher, and someone does really bad on a test. The day after the test, they are not in school. They attribute their bad grade to feeling extremely sick, and they say they couldn't concentrate. What do you do?
  4. Your mood changes with the mood of other people around you:
  5. Everyone should follow the exact same rules, no matter their circumstances.
  6. Criminals deserve to live in the worst possible environment:
  7. People with emotional problems and trauma can benefit from psychotherapy.
  8. Imagine again that you are a teacher. Someone doesn't complete their homework on time, and they come into the classroom crying and asking for an extra day to do it. Do you give them the extra time?
  9. I find myself imagining other people's situations, and how they are feeling:
  10. Imagine yet again, that you are a teacher. There is a student who really tried hard in your clas, but they failed, one point away from passing. What do you do?
  11. Respect for other people's emotions is important:
  12. I find myself feeling the same emotions as characters in books, movies, or other forms of stories:
  13. There are exceptions to the rules:
  14. I take talk of suicide and depression seriously:
  15. People who have serious money problems:
  16. Emotions:

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