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  • I got 93%...

    I've taken 10 quizzes online and counting and they all give the same results... I'm not sure how accurate these quizzes are but I've been struggling with depression and anxiety a lot lately maybe this could be the reason. I also started a new job last year in the travel industry and I come in contact with up 800 people a day... And now my anxiety is starting to make sense to me. If I'm an empath, then being around that many people can be so exhausting and overwhelming more so than the average person. I also wondered why I feel very deep random connections with certain people. I just look at them and feel warmth, or sadness, helplessness, or feel this intense need to give a random person a hug. And 100% of the time I don't give them a hug beacuse that's probably weird but I'll have this ache or tingling feeling in my chest that won't go away. Lastly, after a few days of work I return home and I always have this insatiable need to be outside, to see the sky, touch the ground and feel the wind. I get extremely frustrated if I can't access the outdoors....

    Anywhooooo... Don't know if I'm an empath but if I am it makes a lot of sense!

  • Your empathy level is 75%. 75%

    You are pretty empathetic. You may find that you relate to some characters in books, movies, or other forms of story. You probably believe that there are exceptions to rules, and you probably believe that everyone has a reason for being alive. You do have a place where your empathy ends, which is a good thing; if you didn't, people may be able to "take advantage of your kindness."

  • Honestly I don't really care for emotions, sympathy, or drama. ok don't care how some people feel they can just build a bridge and get over it. it can't be that bad. Life is hard sometimes you just have to deal with it and get over it and either not be super emotional or become emotionless. That is what airline would do become emotionless

  • Soooo... 89%
    Rip or Cool, idk.

    Am I crazy for thinking that if I dislike something, it makes sense that the other person will too? Is that empathy or commen, evolutionary, sense. I help you, your help me, and we fill in for each other in parts where we need it.


  • Your empathy level is 44%. 44%

    According to your responses, you are on the low side of being empathetic. You may believe in a slight importance of emotions, but you do not go around trying to understand everyone.

    facts. it is what it is. i got my own problems. sometimes people have to learn how to help THEMSELVES bc people arent always going to be there for you, and thats just how it is.

  • Your empathy level is 55%.

    According to your responses, you definitely have some empathy. You try to be understanding when you can, but there is a place where you draw a line and say, "This situation is not one for understanding."

    Really? I didn't know I was empathetic.

  • Your empathy level is 48%.

    According to your responses, you are on the low side of being empathetic. You may believe in a slight importance of emotions, but you do not go around trying to understand everyone.

    cool quiz, 10/10

  • Apparently my dog died so others in my class should feel some empathy. My dogs are still alive and adorable.

    i got 68%

  • Awesome quiz! I really liked it!!

    Twenty One
  • Shoot I meant that is what I would do. I would either be less emotional or I would become emotionless.

  • I don't understand your concern about percentage in this quiz at all I got a 6%

  • Your empathy level is 14%.

    According to your responses, you are not empathetic. You seem to be rigid, and very difficult to persuade. You do not ever consider the feelings of other people, and you probably consider emotions to be unnecessary.

  • I need to have others be happy so I can be happy

  • 37%.I really don't give a ht for feelings,nor do I have any myself.

  • Aw,it censored my comment

  • I got 69%

    Apparently I am empathic but not too empathic to the point where I maybe taken advantage of.

    Good to know,

  • 69% I stuck with the ##2 & 5 choices. Not bad!

  • it was great

  • 93% wow I’m like mantis or something

  • 87% yay I'm kind and all that s---


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